Romney Loses and a Nation Wins

Mitt Romney - egg on face   :

Post election thoughts.

a.  Mathematics is a beautiful thing. Nate Silver won big last night. Actually, Silver won as big with his computer algorithms which showed President Obama winning 300+ electoral votes as Rasmussen and conservative media lost big. If I was a conservative, I’d be thoroughly pissed at how my own media lied to me throughout the campaign.

Led by Rove and the other con artists at Fox (as well as the rest of right-wing media), conservatives were led to believe that Romney was going to win the election and anyone who dared say anything to the contrary were labeled as liars and liberal hacks. Well, the true liars and hacks have been exposed…again.


Go ahead, conservatives…go on listening to loons like Morris, Hannity and Limbaugh and you’re guaranteed to never win another presidential election

b. Is 332 electoral college votes and 51 percent of the popular vote enough for conservatives to acknowledge that President Obama has earned a mandate?

Probably not. I doubt that any number of votes could ever satisfy Republicans into accepting Barack Obama as their legitimate president. And don’t bother reminding them that they had no problem accepting Bush’s 271  and 286 electoral votes as sufficient enough to grant him no-questions-asked mandates back in 2000 and 2004 respectively. Logic and facts have no effect on these people.

So let the excuses for last night’s big loss begin.

  • Romney wasn’t conservative enough
  • Hurricane Sandy
  • Chris Christie
  • a biased mainstream media that favored the black guy
  • voter fraud on the part of Dems
  • black people
  • hispanics
  • gays
  • single women


c. In reality, there are three factors that led to Republican’s defeat.

  1. A terrible, soulless, flip-flopping, lying, empty candidate who was unable or unwilling to deal with the wingers in his party. They led him to adopt positions that were so far to the right of common sense, that Romney became unelectable. Thank you, Tea Party, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain and the rest of the nutjobs who worked tirelessly, and unknowingly, on behalf of Democrats.
  2. A Republican social and economic agenda that belongs to a bygone era. Vaginal probes and a return to Bush era economics isn’t cutting it for thinking Americans.
  3. Demographics. This is the killer that Republicans better come to grips with soon or they are doomed as a political entity. Ben Smith and Zeke Miller explain.

The groups on whom Obama depended are the ones that are growing; white men, the core Republican constituency, are a shrinking minority. For the first time In 2011, minority births surpassed white births in the United States, and the longer demographic trend places white Americans in the minority by 2041. The Republican party will spend much needed time in the wilderness after this election, even as the open race for unofficially 2016 kicks off today. The future of the Grand Old Party will be determined by how well it adapts to the brand new Liberal America — indeed the Obama America — that is now here to stay.

Frum issues a warning to his fellow Republicans.

Starting today, you’ll hear a lot of Republican leaders and consultants arguing that the GOP needs to rethink its stance on immigration. I heard my CNN colleague Alex Castellanos saying so last night; apparently Jeb Bush has a book to that effect publishing soon.

So let’s be very clear:

Any idea that the immigration issue – and the immigration issue alone – would enable Republicans to staple a good chunk of the Latino vote to the conservative coalition – without changing anything else – is a dangerous self-deception.

It’s necessary of course to refrain from insulting Latinos, or, for that matter, anybody. But the crying need in the GOP is for a more middle-class orientation to politics, one that addresses concerns like healthcare as well as debts and deficits. But the ideas that dominated the past four years won’t become more attractive if all conservatives do is translate them into Spanish.

d. A couple of lunatic baggers got booted out of Congress. Allen West and Joe Walsh are history. Sweet justice.

e. Tammy Baldwin wins in Wisconsin and becomes the first openly gay senator. Maryland and Main voted in favor of marriage equality. Tell me that Republicans aren’t on the wrong side of the entire gay issue.

f. ObamaCare is safe and will have the time to become the foundation for comprehensive health care reform.

g. Big money failed to buy this election

and…the United States, and the world, is in good hands for the next four years.


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16 thoughts on “Romney Loses and a Nation Wins

  1. Oh my, the republicans have just perfected their best bullshit propaganda aimed at rightwing loony tunes, and NOW they are going have to come up with NEW bullshit they can feed Latinos, African Americans and woman while trying to keep their rightwing nutjobs happy? Impossible.

  2. I don’t care about being noble and gracious in victory. Today it’s gloat, gloat!, Gloat!!. WIngnuts, if you want a place where there is minimal government, no taxes and a do-what-you will atttitude, I’m sure there are still travel opportunities for destination: Somalia. You can really fight for your freedom there.

  3. and…the United States, and the world, is in good hands for the next four years.

    Amen and a huge sigh of relief!

  4. Thank you, Mario, for your indefatigable commentary during this election.
    Your charming and cogent illustrations and solid observations were bedrock.

    Now for the real work ahead for each of us.
    But first, may we rest and enjoy the victory for a day or two.
    And, Mario, you have earned it.

  5. and a smack down to corporate monies trying to buy an election and the Supremes…. in your face, Koch brothers, Adelson, the Rove superpac and the mysterious ones who purchased voter supression billboards and put them up in poor neighborhoods…let this be a lesson to you

  6. It has started – someone told me (I can’t bear to listen to him myself) that Rush was ranting that it was the fault of loose women wanting free birth control.

    What I think is funny is that all of those old rich men that invested in Super Pacs, in order to buy the election, and got nothing for all that money. Since they obviously have a lot of money they can throw away – let’s tax the bastards a lot more.

  7. The Blogger Says: “… If I was a conservative, I’d be thoroughly pissed at how my own media lied to me throughout the campaign…”

    John Liming Replies: “One of the characteristics of being a – – Conservative – – in today’s political climate in America is this: If you claim the conservative badge but you are not wealthy, then you soon discover that your conservative political icons care no more for you than they do for a Liberal, a Democrat or a Progressive and, given the opportunity, they will “Eat” (Consume, destroy, exploit) their own kind without a backward glance or any hesitation whatsoever if they deem it expedient to do so. Claiming to be a Conservative in America today is no assurance of being accepted in that particular personna by the “Haves.”

    That, in my opinion, is how common, ordinary, non-wealthy “Conservatives” are led to vote against their own interests and afterwards will go into (and remain in) total denial about their betrayal.

  8. This is why they are able to keep their poorer conservatives in line:

    Mark Twain Quote: It Is Easier To Fool People Than To Convince People That They Have Been Fooled.”

  9. The RWNJs are still on the loose. Today’s post on the Daily Beast

    A Racially Polarized Election Augurs Ill for Barack Obama’s Second Term

    But—despite his poetic, inclusive victory speech—this alliance of people of color could create a potential tragedy for our democracy. This is not because of the final result, but because it suggests that, unless there is some massive change in GOP politics, we may see a re-hardening of politics along racial lines.

    The election showed the efficacy of the new racial politics. Appeals to Latinos paid off massively, even though it may have cost the president some white votes. If Latinos remain solidly Democratic, the new racial outcasts will increasingly be middle- and working-class whites.

    The Democrats will continue to press race, as some Republicans did in the past (remember Willie Horton?), because it works. The president’s race-conscious campaigning this year was assisted in part because the media did not stress his ties to abrasive reverends like Al Sharpton and Joseph Lowery. He also did well with his Latino gambit since, once again, the media, including many conservatives, were sympathetic to amnesty.

    More racially charged tribal politics – funded by the Koch Brothers on whose payroll this guy feasts.

    My response to his idiot post is there. These people make me ill.

  10. What is so amusing is all the money rich guys invested in this election to buy the presidency and our government. Now they’re surely having buyer’s remorse and God knows how attached they are to their money.

    I also love to the idea that all of Karl (The Mastermind) Rove’s fiendish ideas and all the money his two organizations didn’t work. He’s a has-been that might as well find another line of business to get into.

    As long as Republicans keep listening to the Tea Party and keep allowing their party to be taken over by extremist, they will continue to lose until they no longer are a viable political party.

    I hold no hope that the GOP will change, they’ll just keep looking for new ways to screw up our elections and steal democracy from us all.

  11. I’m starting to believe the Republican party is a milder version of a terorrist organization. Their policies put us into depressions,run up deficits,get us into unneccessary wars,try to block needed reforms,and scandals like Watergate and Iran-Contra and lying about WMD’s. It’s GOP terror.

  12. To the Daily Beast, what a load of old bollocks.
    To the rest of the nation, The World breathes a huge sigh of relief.
    To Mario, thanks for keeping everyone’s spirits up.
    And finally to your lovely Granddaughter live well and stay free!

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