Wingnuts, Bigots and Idiots

Rick Santorum and smart people   -

This is a wonderful match.

Rick Santorum has joined WorldNetDaily, a conspiracy theory blog best known for its indefatigable work advancing the birther movement, as an exclusive columnist.

The former Pennsylvania senator, who was voted out of office in 2006, will use the perch to remain in the conservative consciousness as he eyes another presidential bid in 2016. His column will be featured on the site every Monday.

Santorum joins WorldNutDaily’s infamous cast of winguts, bigots, religious extremists and village idiots. Sharing space with the likes of Chuck Norris, Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan, Alan Keyes, Pat Boone and Pamela Geller, Ricky should be well prepared to take another stab at the Republican nomination in 2016. Looking forward to those debates.


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6 thoughts on “Wingnuts, Bigots and Idiots

  1. You would have thought that Rick got the message the first time around that his brand of religious fundamentalism has no place in mainstream America. But I don’t think he has. He probably will run again and get his ass kicked in again.

  2. Boy he really didn’t try hard to get a smart job. An incompoop can write articles on bigotry but it takes a wise man to lead the country forward in the future. That’s what all these people want. Fill the masses with lies and make money while they’re at it. When will the mass stop being so sheepish and spit those leaches out.

    I don’t see Santorum as a viable candidate for 2016

  3. This will certainly make a lot of Tennessee Hillbillies, including my sisters, happy. If Santorum had been the rethug nominee he would have carried Tennessee easily.

    I want to watch the old movie Journey To The Center Of The Earth but can’t stomach Pat Boone anymore. I have recently told my wife that if I ever see her watching Walker, Texas Ranger again she will be put out with the cat that night.

  4. Two degrees, one in the law, but I’m pretty certain the blah people still won’t vote for him, not matter how smart HE thinks HE is. Nor will the Latinos, nor will the smart people, nor will 70% of women. Sounds like he has the same problem as Mittens. Go ahead, Ricky, the media industry will love taking your money again.

    Saving money each month between now and 2015 so I can send Hillary some big bucks.

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