Conservative’s Three Part Tragedy

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I don’t believe conservatives and Republicans quite understand what led to the trashing of Mitt Romney and the Republican agenda. Mary Matalin lays it out in a piece titled Mendacity and Malice Won.

Her villain…

What happened? A political narcissistic sociopath leveraged fear and ignorance with a campaign marked by mendacity and malice rather than a mandate for resurgence and reform. Instead of using his high office to articulate a vision for our future, Obama used it as a vehicle for character assassination, replete with unrelenting and destructive distortion, derision, and division.

and hero…

Mitt Romney distinguished himself and conservatism with a grounded, courageous, forward-thinking problem-solving reform agenda for a nation ready to renew and starved for leadership and maturity. He is a man of integrity and character, as is his whole family. And unlike in the 1996 and 2008 Republican campaigns, which — though led by men of great personal integrity — were marked by dead-end policy prescriptions, Romney/Ryan laid a durable philosophical and policy foundation for the next generation of conservative leadership.

…and tragic end.

Unfortunately and unfortuitously, forces of nature bookended the general election: Our convention was compromised by one weather disaster and our momentum stalled by another. Two human hurricanes also radically altered the political atmosphere: Bill Clinton’s unique windbaggery constituted a campaign updraft, while Chris Christie’s deplorable and gratuitous gas-baggery infused the campaign with a toxic political pollution.

They’re hopelessly delusional but let them keep on believing this crap as their party slowly drifts into irrelevance. Despite Matalin’s misguided rant (projection, anyone?), the political narcissistic sociopath she so despises is currently the president of the United States…and will be for the next four years. That makes me smile.


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23 thoughts on “Conservative’s Three Part Tragedy

  1. How can this woman be married to James Carville? They must not be able to talk about anything other than trivia at dinner.

  2. Matalin : He is a man of integrity and character,

    A man with integrity would not have allowed half-truthed commercials spew incorrect information about policy or events and persistent lies along the way. A man of character would not have exploited the death of Ambassador Stevens for political gain.

    We must reverse her title of narcissistic sociopath to Romney’s door and must maintain that God punished him for it. He needs to confess his sins because no one could have been more guilty of sinful endeavours than devilish Mitt.

    We can hear a lot of excuses but Republicans and their ilk need to look at themselves instead of others. If they don’t,the vacuum created will create a third or replacement party which is on the sideline already.

  3. Do they really believe this shit or are they so wrapped up in their bullshit lies that they are second nature to them?
    It will be a constant fight to keep their levels under 50% of the voting population.

  4. James Carville has the brains in the family. I just hope the kids know that. I’ve always despised Mary.

  5. “A political narcissistic sociopath leveraged fear and ignorance with a campaign marked by mendacity and malice”

    The perfect description of MITT ROMNEY — a man of integrity and character?? Remind me to send James Carville a sympathy card.

  6. Okey now! I’m just sick and tired of this Matalin, Trumpet, repugnant ranting and stupid meaness that still remains in the media and websites …SICK OF IT!! We have won and can now move out of the spector of the fifty’s and towards a healthy future without having to be exposed to anymore hate and bull. We do not need to read this crap on this site. Give it a rest. Rich

  7. Not sure if Mr. Berryman is pissed at Matalin and “Trumpet” for continuing to spew their hatred for the newly re-elected President and thereby pursuing their agenda of De-legitimizing his presidency, or if he’s mad at Mario for bringing it to our attention.

    He’s right about one thing, we all wish the promoting of fear, hate and lies about our President would stop, only then can our Nation begin to heal and unity begin.

    Unfortunately, I for one know that the GOP will never stop pursuing their goal of total power and attempting to force their repeatedly rejected mistaken ideological and fanatical religious agenda on everyone.

    Even now, what they’re pundits are basically saying is that they lost because they didn’t have more Hispanics on their side.

    What they don’t understand is the reason they don’t have more people on their side is because the sum total of their belief system has been historically proven to be damaging to the Nation and it’s citizens and is repugnant to the present American electorate.

    As long as their sole source of information is Fox Noise and Rush and their ilk, they will continue to live in that delusional bubble and separated from reality.

    Meanwhile, my question is, it’s been a day or two since the results of the election proved President Obama the winner, have the GOP had their “conspiracy” meeting yet drawing out the details on how to stymy the President’s agenda on his second term?

  8. I didn’t know who Mitt Romney was until the GOP election process – All I heard was he was a flip flopper,,, And the more I researched about him, the more I found out that he was more then a flip flopper, he was also an arrogant out of touch bully who’s only business skill was destroying American companies – by the end of the election Romney had turned into a pathetic lying chameleon.

  9. Mary is oxygen deprived from time in the bubble.

    A political narcissistic sociopath

    Does she know what those words mean or is she playing with her Thesaurus? A sociopath is a person who has no empathy or connection with other human beings. One who can cause pain in others without emotional remorse. Maybe all politicians have a certain degree of political narcissism, but sociopath?? How can they call O a “bleeding heart liberal?” It’s one way or the other.

    This is just bile spewed from a woman with sour grapes.

    Why did Romney lose?

    His positions changed with the wind.
    He hid his tax returns from the public he was asking to serve.
    The primaries pushed him so far right that he looked unsuited for the middle of the road electorate.
    A video came out showing his contempt for 47% of Americans who he deemed unwilling to take responsibility.
    He chose a running mate who only amplified his weaknesses with the electorate rather than filling in his deficiencies.

    That is just a fair start of what she and other Repubs should be looking at for future success.

    Vilifying the winner is just immature and pedestrian. It accomplishes nothing more than retributional masturbation. Make yourself feel better by stimulating your angry pleasure center.

    Real productive, Mary.

    I wonder why her kind lost so badly????

  10. The RWNJ will not change. They don’t know how. Already they are comming up with their lies and bullshit and excuses about the election. I think this a good thing and they will soon go extinct. They are stuck in their own little time warp.

  11. Robert Hyndman is so RIGHT ON clear and simple. I love this website, Mario, and especially Leena. Rich

  12. “Poor Republicans. Even the weather is out to get them.”

    Yes — the climate change they don’t believe in.

  13. To borrow a phrase from a classic film of our time…..”STUPID IS STUPID DOES!” ….one can only imagine what Ms. Matalin adds to her bowl of STUPID in the morning! Perhaps, there is enough left over that she incorporates it into her lunch! For this ranting and evidently eccentric or reckless loon, I suspect she has a variety of jackets to wear as the weather gets colder…..straight one’s! The only thing missing, would be to put a clamp on her tongue and force her to listen to President Obama’s victory speech!

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