Selling the Iraq War

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The Iraq war was without a doubt Dick Cheney’s war. It was the war he wanted from the get-go and with the help of fellow neocons like Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz, it is the war he got by way of lies and deception. There were no WMDs and Cheney knew it from the beginning.

The Iraq war was responsible for the death of 4,486 U.S. soldiers and well over 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilians…and it’s a war for which Dick Cheney has never apologized.

You might want to tune in to Rachel Maddow’s show tonight at 9 PM. She’s hosting a documentary special based on the 2007 book Hubris: Selling the Iraq War. The book by Michael Isikoff and David Corn is a great read and a revealing behind the scenes look at how a group of determined lying chickenhawk bastards conned a nation to go to war.


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10 thoughts on “Selling the Iraq War

  1. Obama will never convict them. So its useless time, energy, and money. Do not think the attorney general will convict.

  2. I have been watching almost an hour. Some of this stuff I already knew, but other stuff I am just now hearing about. How that administration avoids prison is un-American. It slams our nation’s ideals back in everyone’s faces and makes them lies.

  3. I agree, Cheryl. I just finished watching the documentary and I could feel the anger well up inside me for the entire time. It strikes me as incredulous that even after all we now know, Mitt Romney had many of these same neo-cons as advisers for his presidential run. There was even talk that Paul Wolfowitz had a shot at becoming Romney’s Secretary of State. Could you imagine?

  4. I’m starting to worry that government contractors are listening to every peep of the citizenry from their secret post under BLM real estate somewhere in Utah. Numerous quantum-stance super computers all awhirr! Wonder where those came from.

    We all knew down deep in our bones that the announcement wouldn’t come from any of the world’s governments. Who would believe them? No, it would have to come from the churches. And of course Benedict had to go; he wouldn’t get with the program! Eisenhower playing golf with Nordic-type aliens back in the fifties? Absurd! Grays and reptilians duking it out in inter-dimensional combat for the last five decades! A multiverse in which Jesus was nearly a dozen personages? (Eleven, actually). All too much for a man closer to ninety than eighty.

    He had to go, God love him. Maybe a new identity and a comfortable condo up in the hills above Phoenix.


  5. Mario,

    When I think of that little despicable old man, my skin crawls with anger.

    George W. Bush was such a weak individual that he could be led down any road those closest to him wanted to lead him. Dick Cheney and his cohort, former Defense Secretary Donal Rumsfeld, saw Bush’s weakness in wanting to go after Saddam Hussein for personal reasons. It was easy to make someone with Bush’s brain, believe anything.

    I didn’t know any of the facts at the time but I knew that the Iraq war was made up by the White House and the information that Colin Powell gave to the U.N. was cherry-picked. Of course, I didn’t learn until much later that Dick Cheney was the actual mastermind of “Selling the Iraq War”. There you have a very evil little man who should have the sense to just go away in hiding, since he actually should be in prison serving a life sentence for his part in the lead up to the Iraq War and the false intelligence he used to convince Congress and the American people – most of them that is – to go to war in Iraq.

    I have a lot of respect for Colin Powell and still do but he has shown himself to be less than bright when it came to being led to sell that war himself. I realize he now knows he made a mistake but it will forever be a blight on his record.

  6. I saw the show “Hubris” on Maddow’s segment last night. As someone mentioned, most Americans already knew this was an unnecessary war.

    What struck me and perhaps others was the magnitude of falsehoods from the Bush administration on most every level involved, from manipulated Defense agency’s reports, lying to Congress, to misleading the media and finally being so terribly untruthful to the American people and the absolute evil that must have existed within them by knowingly sending our troops over to kill and be killed for no reason.

    The result , a near decade long war, costing up to this point and rising 3 trillion dollars, thousands upon thousands of needless death’s and wounded, not to mention over 15 million of Iraq’s people being displaced.

    What is still not clear is the main motive for this GOP run treachery. 9/11 was used as cover but the truth is that plans for this war were drawn up well before that tragedy. One can only assume that that administration took advantage of the American crisis simply for war profiteering – I’m sure studies would show a lot of defense contractors and their investors and supporters made untold millions from the blood they were responsible for shedding.

    We all know Cheney became rich(er) when he created a contract vehicle for and gave contracts to Halliburton that resulted in millions of dollars of revenue. After leaving the administration Cheney served as CEO of Halliburton from 1995 to 2000. Then he became Vice President and Halliburton was awarded hundreds of millions of dollars of non-competitive contracts as part of the Gulf War in 2003.

    I’m certain these type of war profiteers are behind Republicans like Lindsay and McCain making
    a case for war with almost every unstable country out there.

    Many in the Bush administration should be behind bars for this and countless other types of misgovernment that resulted in the Corporate takeover of our government.and a badly ruined Global economy.

    Those that support Republicans must be totally blind or horribly ignorant not to see how badly they have been screwed by the Party they are so gullible in supporting.

  7. @Golden. I’m sure there’s enough ignorance in Republican circles to float an ocean liner, but there’s another factor at work here. For the most part, these people honestly believe the garbage they spew. They’ve been fed lies and distortions for so long now that they don’t know any better. It doesn’t matter what facts you present them, they believe that Obama is a socialist who raised their taxes, panders to heads of state, hates Israel, wants all their guns and only wants immigration reform to garner more votes for Dems. In their messed up little minds, Bush did good.

    Years of Fox News and right-wing hate talk radio has done a real number on these unfortunate souls.

  8. Post-Hubris: I also found few surprises and found myself wondering at the “purpose” of pursuing this at this late date…what is the preferred “fallout” from preaching this information again to the choir?

    Congress had doubts and a few members expressed some…WHY DID THEY VOTE “AYE” IN SUCH LARGE NUMBERS???
    I find it unconscionable that ALL members of Congress may not have read the declaration for war…didn’t stop and voice their resistance to some blatantly contrived facts…didn’t step on the brakes with more enthusiasm, spine. I’m sure I need not remind us that this vote was an issue in the ’08 election…

    Then there’s the idea that Neocons believe that a President can only be “GREAT” if there’s a major conflict (like a good war) that he rises to meet during his term. Other Presidents have uttered the same in different words.

    During his recent interview with Charlie Rose, Cheney insisted “water-boarding is not torture”, assuming a dismissive attitude…I ran that portion over a couple of times…and found myself disgusted at the weak rationalization for easing up on the process when it became a hotly contested public issue.

    He belongs in the outfit Mario has designed for him, along with many others…but will it ever happen?

  9. Sorry about my off-topic post to which I reverted when atttempting to write something like the following when my electronic stylus was somehow “taken over”. Anyway, here’s another try:

    Manifest Destiny! For Gen. Custer and his brave troopers! Remember the Maine! To make the world safe for democracy! A police action! Sailors in the waters of the Gulf of Tonkin! WMD! The war on terror. And on and on.

    Think torture is gone? Think again. Enhanced interrogation is a permanent LEGAL tool of our chief executive who now legally can deploy our military to arrest citizens without right oft habeas corpus.

    Think Rumy, Cheny, Wolfowitz, John Hoo, Doug Feith (Squat? What color, boss?), the Texas frat boy with the big Oedipus hang-up all should be charged with war crimes? How about George Tenet on whose watch a preventable 9/11 took place and who served up cherry-picked intelligence and the likes of drug-addled “Curveball” to fabricate a phony Al Qada/Saddam connection…George Tenet who got the Presidential Medal of Freedom from his “bud”, George II.

    Listen, citizens. That was just the last chapter; the current chapter is much more disturbing.

  10. I agree that the main motive was for profit to armament manufacturers and defense contractors. Since we are getting out of Afghanistan which was again profitable,we understand why the NRA is pushing for more guns in the USA as the USA will not go to war unless it is very necessary. You see it will change soon with Syria where armaments are considered for the rebels but no foot soldier.

    Wars are about profit from grenades,automatic weapons,tanks,ships and the whole shootin caboodle. We send kids ( not politician kids ) who have lost their ways,blabber how great it is to die for America,give them extra pay to be in misery and send military personnel to the home when they don’t come back. All for the sake of profit.

    Money is not the root of all evil but rather the LOVE of money is the base for greed. Cheney and his minions are guilty as sin and if they don’t go to prison,darkness will follow them for eternity.

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