What Prospects Await America?

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John Liming has a few questions concerning an America led by Mitt Romney.


I am not sure whether or not the U.S. has cultivated a new culture of idiots but that is really beside the point.

What I really find myself concerned about is what a major take over of the government by the right wing in November might really look like and what it could portend for America’s future.

Would it really mean the eventual end of social security, medicare, medicaid, food stamps, aid to dependent children, WIC, housing assistance, student college loans and all the rest of the things that have evolved to help people who need the help the most?

Would it mean institution and empowering of a radical new kind of Supreme Court that could potentially virtually or actually replace the Congress as the main governing authority?

If the Right takes the reins of government again in November should we all prepare ourselves for new and bigger and longer and more expensive (and possibly even dangerous) wars in some of the developing global hotspots?

Is Military Service going to actually become the primary job generator for America’s future?

There are, of course (In my opinion) plenty of nightmares that we could dredge up to worry about if the ideologies of the far right political devotees prevail in November.

But I found a really interesting article on “Alter Net” that talks about all this in what I consider to be really interesting detail.

Needless to say I am playing it safe!

I voted for Obama and The Democrats. 


John publishes Blue Heart Chronicles.

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7 thoughts on “What Prospects Await America?

  1. John….you and I share the same concerns. I believe that the speed at which they will dismantle our government and social programs will be stunning. Romneys campaign spokesman already said that they would see a Romney win as a mandate to implement their rightwing agenda. The America that we know will be gone.
    They only represent the 1%, and when you think about it, they don’t need a government. So everything that a 1%er doesn’t need, they will take away from the rest of us. To tell you the truth, I am really afraid. Really afraid.

  2. “I am not sure whether or not the U.S. has cultivated a new culture of idiots”

    I’m sure. They’re known as baggers and idiots don’t get dumber than this.

  3. I believe that the time has come where neither party can afford an uncooperative Congress. The one thing Congress needs to do is show the world that americans need to sacrifice to deal with debt reduction and every opportunity sought to deal with the fiscal cliff. Obama can deal with that and I am confident America will back him up. If Ohio doesn’t thank him for his support,it meant the coal lobby helped the Romney cause.We need to deal with the job issue but environmental concerns such as climate change need a priority status.

    Getting rid of all entitlements will awaken the Republican voters for 2016 and the governing party and President will feel the pain for the next 20 years.I know Romney knows that and he will have to moderate the right wing factions.

    Obama Biden for 2012

  4. Dear Sydney – – -(“John….you and I share the same concerns.”)

    Have faith! It is said by them of old times, “God’s eye is over the poor and the suffering and their cries always ascend to Him.”

    Even if the Right Wing were to rend our souls – – in the end all will be well.

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