The Terribly Delusional Paul Ryan

Obama American Tour   :

Paul Ryan on the real reason Obama won the election.

Well, he got turnout. The president should get credit for achieving record-breaking turnout numbers from urban areas for the most part, and that did win the election for him.

Well, yes. People in “urban areas” voted, and unfortunate as it may be for Ryan, more of them voted for President Obama than they did for Romney. This is why Ryan and his GOP buddies are on the losing side of the ledger. Simple.

But there’s more here than Ryan simply stating the obvious. People in “urban areas” is right-wing code for lazy, shiftless liberals who want free stuff and things. “Urban areas”, in Ryan-speak, is the place where blacks, Latinos and other non-white minority groups live. “Urban areas” is also the place where Republican state governments tried their best to suppress the vote.

And though Ryan would never admit it, “urban places” is where folks came out to repudiate the Republican agenda by casting a vote for President Obama. They did this because they understood long before Louisiana’s┬áRepublican governor and chief hypocrite, Bobby Jindal, ever did, that the GOP was the “stupid party”, and they wanted no part of it.

But that’s fine. Let Ryan and his fellow Republicans go on believing that this election was nothing more than a matter of who was more successful at getting out the vote. Let them go on believing that it had nothing to do with Republican’s narrow-minded, bigoted, greedy agenda that looked to favor the wealthy at the expense of the poor and middle class.

Let them keep on believing it and take comfort in knowing that for as long as they do, they’ll never win another presidential election.

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7 thoughts on “The Terribly Delusional Paul Ryan

  1. I’d like to hear their take on losing Wisconsin, Michigan, and Massachusetts. There was a message there!

  2. Obama got the vote out not only because he had the base to do it but because his message resounded clearly in people’s minds. They went to vote to save Obamacare,the right to choose,reduce the deficit, tax the rich,new immigration bill ….etc.

    They really didn’t get it. Americans know liars lying through their teeth ( Fox,Hannity,O’Reilly and their ilk). Mitt Bonzo and Paulo Bozo will have new careers entertaining the circus crowds because no one else will listen.

  3. I believe that some of the republicans do realize that they are doomed to extinction after this election if they don’t change their ideology. But Paul Ryan, well he just finished the 2012 American tour of the crazies. He has been surrounded by them! They applauded the stupid shit he said! They took his picture! They shook his hand! They loved him!

    The poor man just has to shake it off. If he can.

  4. There is nothing new here as far as I am concerned!

    They have always been delusional and if they don’t get their heads out of their (expletives deleted) they probably always will be.

    But their psychological problems worked out pretty well for the rest of us during this election didn’t it?


  5. I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but it’s the kind of thing that bears repeating. People like Ryan and his fellow wingnuts act as if they haven’t yet heard of them there newfangled devices like “audio recording” and “video recording” and “the internets”. They don’t seem to grasp that what they say gets recorded, posted, tweeted and YouTubed and once it’s out there it never goes away – and there’s Jon Stewart to highlight the absurdity of the situation and give those words the ridicule they rightly deserve.

    Ryan cannot extol Ayn Rand in a public speech in 2005*, brag about how much of an influence she has been in his life and is required reading for his staff, and expect us to accept his repudiation of her in 2012 when it becomes politically convenient to do so. Seamus the dog will live on, as will George Allen’s Macaca moment, Christine O’Donnell will forever be a witch (or not a witch), and Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, Tom Smith, Steve King and, yes, Ryan himself, all members of the Republican Rape Squad, said things that will never be forgotten and for which some of them have already paid a price.

    Dog whistles are losing their utility as well. When a Republican refers to “urban” people and “urban” voters, we all know that the words they really want to use are words that are no longer acceptable, but, again, thanks to all that newfangled gadgetry, the people they hold in contempt are no longer going to give those words a pass.

  6. I live in a state (Tennessee) that is heavily populated by redneck bubbas* who thought the democrats were conspiring to, among other heinous plans, take their guns away from them and force them to have healthcare which of course they didn’t want. The two main enclaves of blueness in an otherwise red state were Memphis and Nashville. I will agree that Memphis probably leaned toward liberalism in the election because of the large black population of Shelby County.

    I like to think that Nashville did so because of intelligence. We have a great number of institutes of higher learning in Nashville, we are called the Athens of the south, some of which have garnered international respect (Vanderbilt University). Could it be that educated people are abler to see through smokescreens?

    *”By God They”ll get my guns when they pries em frum mah cold dead fingers! You can bet yore terbacky stained teeth on thet Billy Bob.”

  7. Of course Ryan has a great deal of company here: O’Reilly, Hannity, Ingram and Limbaugh to name the worst of the lot. Let them show their racist, bigoted, xenophobic worldview – as ugly as it is. They are showing their true nature and it only crystallizes the public perception that they veil their intentions when trying to look moderate during an election. Go for it, kids.

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