The Swing-States of America

Map - Swing States   :

Every four years, the same handful of states get to determine who sits in the Oval Office. In the next two weeks, tens of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of volunteers will pour into these states (notably, Ohio and Iowa) in a frantic race to the finish.

Every four years, the fate of the United States of America gets determined by the United Swing-States of America. Strange.

Latest swing-state numbers here.


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10 thoughts on “The Swing-States of America

  1. I’d feel better about living in a swing state if it was the same kind of “swing” as in swinging sixties.

  2. via Facebook

    I’m anxious for this to be over…as an Ohioan…it’s great because you definitely get to see your candidate…every other but this am…the commercials are relentless UGH!! The mailers..UGH!! The phone calls UGH!!

  3. Imagine Bush and Cheney are coming in the act. They must be worried that Romney is slipping.

    Early voting was advantageous to Democrats especially in Ohio and I hope America will go with a President they can trust.

    N.B. There should be a concerted effort to have a national standard policy for voting national representatives. Florida has always had problems there with voting and a national standard policy being used all states would make voting less complicated

  4. Since I am lucky (?) enough to live in one of swing states (Iowa) let me say the continuous onslaught of TV ads, phone calls and door knockers makes me disappointed we have come to whatever it is we have come to.

    It is madness. I’ve always been kind of a political junkie and enjoyed the process and bickering and getting to see the candidates up close and personal but it has gotten completely out of control. Not any fun anymore. Maybe I’m just getting too old for the nonsense but the whole thing is beyond sanity.

    I’ll truly be very grateful when it all comes to an end.

  5. As a Floridian, I am just about ready to toss my TV into the lake behind my house. Everyday I get at least one polling phone call. It is hard to keep your sanity if you live in a swing state.

  6. Mario:

    Why all the negativity? Surely you don’t believe that all Republicans are “wing nuts” as you call them. Or do you? Aren’t you fostering the exact kind of extremism you claim to detest on the other side?

    Stop being a hypocrite.

  7. I do know it’s discouraging to live in a state like Oklahoma – which I do – and know that even though I will do my duty and vote this election, it will not even matter in the least, because the majority in my state will overwhelmingly vote for Mitt Romney. That could be the same for those who are conservative but live in some place like Connecticut.

    I do think we need to change it but Republicans know that they are losing the popular vote and will continue to do so as more enlightened young people take their place in the voting booth, and they will fight for that not to happen.

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