Ryan, Romney and The Insanely Idiotic Right

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If Paul Ryan is one of the leading intellectuals and “young guns” of the Republican Party, then the GOP is in bigger trouble than anyone imagined. Here’s the brains of the right talking about the President’s ‘horses and bayonets‘ putdown at the third debate.

To compare modern American battleships and Navy with bayonets, I just don’t understand that comparison.

Look, we have to have a strong Navy to keep peace and prosperity and sea lanes open. The president’s— all these defense cuts, if all these defense cuts go through, our Navy will be smaller than it was before World War I. That’s not acceptable. And, yes, the ocean hasn’t shrunk. You still have to have enough ships to have a footprint that you need to keep sea lanes open, to keep our strength abroad where it needs to be.

Damn, these people are clueless. It’s as if the entire GOP has undergone a 30 year long lobotomy and we have now reached the point where there is not a single functioning brain cell left in their little heads.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus addressed the point of a smaller fleet back in April.

We’ve all heard the quote that this is the smallest fleet we’ve had since 1917. But comparing our fleet today to the one in 1917 is like comparing the telegraph to the smart phone. It’s just not comparable. The technology we have today…is astoundingly different from what it was 100 years ago, but also from what it was 20 years ago.

How could that not be crystal clear to everyone? And yet the the right is trying to make the argument that Romney was right on this point and Obama is the fool. Allow me to quote a passage from the Adam Sandler movie Billy Madison.

Mr. Madison, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Replace the words ‘Mr. Madison’ with any of these –  ‘Mitt Romney’, ‘Paul Ryan’, ‘Newt Gingrich’, ‘Michele Bachmann’, ‘Rick Santorum’, ‘Rick Perry’, ‘George Bush’, ‘Herman Cain’, ‘Allan West’, ‘Rick Scott’, ‘John Boehner’, ‘Mitch McConnell’, ‘Sarah Palin’, ‘Rand Paul’, ‘Steve King’ or ‘Louis Gohmert’ – and that quote would still be 100 percent accurate. Actually you could use the name of almost every Republican member in Congress, every teabagging moron, 90 percent of the conservative media and that quote is just as accurate.

To think that these people have any political influence at all is a frightening thought. And yes, we all get a little dumber any time we subject ourselves to the insanely idiotic thoughts of any of the fools listed above.


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8 thoughts on “Ryan, Romney and The Insanely Idiotic Right

  1. I may be mistaken (intentionally facetious) but I think that if one of today’s aircraft carriers faced off with the entire American fleet of WW-1 the outcome would be obviously predictable. The main objective today should not be how to increase our death dealing capability but rather how to exist in harmony with all the others that occupy our planet!

  2. The republicans have become so twisted that they are unable to tell the truth, because their bullshit propaganda has worked so well for them they are unable to be honest.

  3. Romney is clueless to our naval capability but is rather capitalizing on votes from Virginia for their shipbuilding capabilities. Should he be elected President,he will come back and tell the voters that the financial situation is so bad that he will need to cancel his shipbuilding promises.

    Anybody surprised ?

  4. @occupyalways
    Or Tell them the ship building jobs are going to China because the steel is cheaper and the labor is almost free.

  5. If he were elected, worse case scenario, and the ship building jobs went to China then he might end up having to explain why ships were breaking in half and sinking. I have no doubt that the Chinese are capable of building good products but, would their hearts be in producing weapons that could be used against them? Kinda like what kind of security would foxes provide for the hen house?

  6. Charlie….a Romney presidency would be a Trojan horse for the neocons to complete their makeover of the middle east for the benefit of isreal. They want to put beaten down governments in place so that Bibi NEVER has to compromise with the palistine people. Bibi will call the shots. That is what they want even at the expense of American blood and money. 17 out of the 24 foreign advisors that Romney have directed Bush and the disaster that followed. And they are rubbing their hands in delight at the thought of directing Romney.

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