16 thoughts on “Freedom Tower and The Mosque – A Battle of Titans

  1. wow, that Islamic Center is really oppressive being in the shadow of the yet to be built Tower…

    so much fuss; seems like the Repubs energies good be better focused say on jobs or the economy..

  2. “…the Repubs energies good be better focused say on jobs or the economy..”

    But that would mean that the Republicans would have to actually care about non-rich people.

  3. E.A. you got that right. Every time some moron makes a statement against the Islamic Center, I’m reminded that Timothy McVey claimed to be Christian, now doesn’t that mean (if we use these bigots philosophy) that there shouldn’t be any Christian churches anywhere near the Oklahoma bombing site? Man, I’m not sure there should be any Christian churches near Ground Zero either!!!!

  4. McVeigh was also an army vet. No VA offices or facilities nearby, either.

    Here’s another interesting item about McVeigh that a lot of people have forgotten: he was pulled over by an Oklahoma state trooper for driving with missing license plates, but, where he might have just gotten a ticket, he was arrested and taken in for carrying a concealed handgun. Had McVeigh had a proper concealed carry permit, he might be at large even today.

  5. E.A., my apologies for the misspelling of McVeigh’s name, but then again, who gives a sh_ _? Help me out, was kstreet67 referring to me?

  6. No apology necessary – it’s just that I used to work with a guy named Tim McVey, and after the OKC incident he switched to using his middle name instead.

  7. kstreet67, thanks for responding and the reassurance. I love Mario’s site and enjoy everyone’s input, it’s always so insightful and seems to be the only place to find the facts and honesty.

  8. Janet, aftwer looking over the item you linked to and other parts of that site, I have reason to suspect that “The American View” is a tad biased.

  9. E.A.Blair. Perhaps so, I just picked that link out of several because it pointed out some of the media of past stories that are helping to keep the lie that Tim McVeigh was a Christian. It’s easy to find information. Wiki links had more information. I was trying to remember if on Maddow’s program when she had aired two days of Tim McVeigh tapes if that was a question that came up or not. I could have searched there but it’s several hours of video time.

  10. McVeigh is dead, so he can’t answer any more questions. I do know that there are a lot of people out there who skip out of church on Sundays but still claim to be Christian, and that a lot of people in the military claim “no religious affiliation” when they enlist just to avoid being bugged by chaplains. “The American View” is dedicated to a vision of a Christian America, and they base part of their mission statement on the writings of Robert L. Dabney, who was one of the leading chaplains of the Confederate army and continued to defend slavery and segregation after the Civil War ended – until, in fact, he died in 1898. The views expressed on various parts of the T.A.V. web site (and I spent some time rooting around there) are clearly Reconstructionist and Dominionist; they also pay a lot of tribute to Rousas J. Rushdoony, the man who favored replacing the constitution with the Old Testament to the point of instituting the death penalty for adultery (watch it, Newt!). In his book, “The Institutes of Biblical Law”, Rushdoony laid out his concept of a reconstituted theocratic America: “Under such a system, the list of civil crimes which carried a death sentence would include homosexuality, adultery, incest, lying about one’s virginity, bestiality, witchcraft, idolatry or apostasy, public blasphemy, false prophesying, kidnapping, rape, and bearing false witness in a capital case.”

    I get the feeling that the reason T.A.V. wants to insist so strongly that McVeigh wasn’t a Christian is because it would be too tacky to claim him as a martyr.

  11. Thanks for the education on Rousas J. Rushdoony, for I have never heard of the person until today.
    Beginning to feel sorry I picked that link now. I don’t read that site. I came by it in my search and found the links to the media sources on how the lie continues, to be informative. It goes no further then that for me. Did I not say that there were many other links and they were easy to find?
    Look, I have read over and over that Tim McVeigh was born into a Catholic family, raised Catholic and attended church with his family, but he changed over time. Just like a few people who have commented on this site many times have said for themselves of the Catholic church. Are you going to tell them they are still Catholic’s because they once belong to that faith? We don’t have to ask the question anymore of Tim McVeigh, he answered that question before he was killed. He called himself Agnostic. Which means he believed there was a higher power, just not one he could identify. I know Agnostic’s, and some are Native American, and practice traditional spiritualism, some just say they can’t deny there is no higher power, but they won’t say that higher power is a God or Christ, for they don’t believe in them.

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