Cartoon of the Day

You almost want to call their bluff.


Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune, Utah


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  1. Ron M. says:

    Call it and see if it is just a bluff! LOL

  2. Charlie Sommers says:

    I would cheer this approach if the elephant was only incinerating himself, unfortunately the other figure sitting in the pool of gasoline looks like me.

  3. Nivi says:

    Another gas and oil spill we have to clean up

  4. alwaysoccupy says:

    Another way to get fired up on this issue

  5. brian says:

    Great cartoon.

  6. fidlerten says:

    He he! He he!…. on that last one. I’m still laughing and probably will for at least for a few more minutes, and perhaps later when I think of it again. The symbolism is so on target too.