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  1. There’ more :

    1) Keep at war forever for the armament economy and death jobs

    2) Refuse everything on women issues

    3) Return to slavery. It was such a good time with cheap labor

    4) Don’t get them started on immigration. They’ll deport the whole lot

    5) Reduce minimum wage to 2$ an hour. More profit

    6) Repeal Obamacare

    I better stop. I am getting depressed……

  2. Does the question really need to be asked? I’d rather deal with the Chinese than Republicans any day. Whatever issues we might have with China, dealing with an adversary with severe delusional mental disorders is not one of them.

  3. The bigger danger is neither Republicans or China. It’s the partisan politicians of both parties who place more importance in the interests of their own party than that of the country. I’m a conservative and I’m willing to admit that Republicans are partly to blame for the economic problems we face as a nation. Liberals should own up and consider that Democrats are equally to blame.

  4. Here we go with the both sides do it argument. No one ever said that dems were perfect but if you think that there is no difference between them and republicans, than may I suggest that the wingnut attached to your brain might be screwed on a bit too tight. How many more crises do we need before you realize that the biggest problem facing this country is the republicans in congress. Every other problem we face is a direct result of this.

  5. Marcus,

    Republicans are going to get if not already getting calls from corporations that are ready to pay taxes through tax reform loopholes. They have benefited from too many tax deductions for at least ten years which allowed them to put their profits offshore. Our tax system encourages tax havens for crying out loud.

    The middle class and poor need a lousy break and they want the rich and corporations to pay their fair share. I have no tax deductions other than the basic exemptions. If our tax system was more fair,you would see the economy explode to prosperity.

    Americans want a balanced budget which means increase revenus through tax reform and address entitlements. Republicans don’t want to address additional revenus to offset cuts in spending. It is a Republican problem.

  6. @ Marcus
    We are beyond who is to blame.
    We are at a point on who wants to fix it… Obama has given in to the Grumpy Old Party more then he should have, and they still won’t budge an inch to help regular Americans.

  7. The cartoon is perfect, hilarious and spot on !
    I had to send it to may favorite Republican pal right away, lol !

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