Gun Sales To Suspected Terrorists Is OK With Republicans

If you had any doubts about how powerful the NRA’s influence is in Republican congressional circles, this might clear it up for you.

Republicans on the House Judiciary panel shot down a proposal Thursday to prevent weapon sales to suspected terrorists.

In a party-line vote of 21-11, the committee Republicans killed an amendment from Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) that would have blocked firearm purchases by those on the FBI’s terrorist watch list.

To put this in context, Republicans have no problem preventing anyone on the the terrorist watch list from boarding a commercial airplane and flying over U.S. airspace. Nor do they have issues with Americans civil rights being violated via the Patriot Act (e.g. wiretaps on Americans conducted without warrants).  Where they do draw the line though, is preventing anyone from obtaining a gun even if that person is on the FBI’s terrorist watch list.  Why is that?  Well according to Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas it’s because it would be unthinkable to deny Second Amendment rights to an individual who was mistakenly placed on the terrorist watch list.

What a pathetic joke of an argument. I wonder if Gohmert has the same concerns about an innocent person being sentenced to death in his state of Texas where 467 have been killed since 1982 (1218 since 1819). Here is a partial list of people executed in Texas where new evidence uncovered after their death gives reason to doubt their guilt.

Carlos DeLuna Texas Conviction: 1983, Executed: 1989
Ruben Cantu Texas Convicted: 1985, Executed: 1993
David Spence Texas Conviction: 1984, Executed: 1997
Gary Graham Texas Convicted: 1981, Executed: 2000,
Claude Jones Texas Convicted 1989, Executed 2000
Cameron Willingham Texas Convicted: 1992, Executed: 2004

Could the hypocrisy and shallowness of Gohmert and his Republican cohorts be any clearer?  Execute an innocent man or prevent someone from flying because his name shows up on a terrorist watch list and it’s fine with them.  But have peaceful Muslims attempt to build a mosque in the U.S. or try to deny a possible terrorist from purchasing a gun and the claws come out and the screeching begins.

Clearly, the only rights Republicans are trying to protect in this instance are those of the NRA – one of the GOP’s many puppet masters.  Any thinking American with a conscience and love of country should be terribly concerned about ever granting Republicans – the party controlled by idiots, charlatans and scoundrels – the reins of power.  This one should have been a no-brainer for a party which has staked its name on implementing strong national security measures.

Democrat Mike Quigley:

“We’re here today to try to resolve the question of how best to strike the proper balance between ensuring our national security and protecting our civil liberties.”

Well, Mr. Quigley, you surely know by now that you’re up against a political party that doesn’t give a damn about striking a balance between anything. Logic, consistency and honesty are not what the GOP do. But that’s quite understandable for a political entity whose only driving force is the word of lobbyists for special interest groups who own Republicans outright. When you understand that little fact, then every seemingly illogical, heartless and lame-brained act by Republicans makes perfect sense, including allowing suspected terrorists to purchase guns in the U.S.


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  1. This is the first that I have heard of this latest unbelievable move by the republican party. This should be on the front page of every newspaper and be the leading story on every news station. The Dems need to speak up, loud and clear, over and over, speaking the truth about the repubs and maybe, just maybe some of the truth about this party of liars might sink into the heads of some of these right wing loons.

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