Monday Morning Tea Party Madness

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The positive aspect of the Tea Party movement is that when you need a conspiracy-minded moron to illustrate exactly what’s wrong with American politics, you now know exactly where to look for one.

“Agenda 21 is an elusive enemy that floats in and chokes you gradually,” said Saul, of the Cedar Valley Tea Party in Cedar Falls, Iowa. “They want to destroy the middle-class way of life.”

“Agenda 21 aims to undermine your property rights and force you” to live in cities, Jake Robinson told Tea Party members at a meeting in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, in April.

For Joe Dugan, leader of the Myrtle Beach Tea Party in South Carolina, “Agenda 21 is nothing short of treason.”

If you don’t know what Agenda 21 is, you’re not alone – only about 15 percent of Americans do. It is a nonbinding U.N. resolution signed by more than 170 world leaders (including Republican U.S. President George H.W. Bush) at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro as a way to promote sustainable development in the face of a rapidly growing global population.

When history finally has a say in all of this, I suspect that it’ll tell us that the ultimate downfall of the the GOP was the day a bunch of Republican hucksters with deep pockets decided to create a ‘grassroots’ movement of misinformed loons they lovingly named the Tea Party. After winning back the House for Republicans in 2010, teabaggers soon became synonymous with intolerance, ignorance and obstructionism and has come to represent everything that is wrong with the Republican platform.

While every political party has a fringe element, few ever allow the crazies to actually dictate policy. Republicans have done exactly that. When buffoons like Allen West are viewed as heroes of the party, you know that the crazies have literally taken over the asylum.

The day Mitt Romney made the decision to cater to the Tea Party’s brand of radicalism, is the day he lost any hope of becoming president.

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24 thoughts on “Monday Morning Tea Party Madness

  1. For crying out loud, Agenda 21 is about urban planning! When bicycle paths and infrastructure planning are viewed as treasonous, you know you’re scraping the bottom of the stupid bin.

  2. via Facebook:

    If really angers me that Tea Party members prey on the fears and uncertainties of American citizens. It is more critical now than ever for Americans to stay on top of the issues and educate themselves. Ignorance is the Tea Party’s best friend.

  3. I’ve heard nutjobs mention this on rightwing radio which caused me to research it. These people are nuts, they can find a conspiracy under every rock they turn over.
    I am worried. If they are able to steal this election there will be no stopping them. The ideas that they have planned for this country just send shivers down my spine.

  4. The Tea Party,Super Pacs,Florida voter legislation and racism (recent Thompson statement ) are all directions that I sincerely worry about the future of America.When Obama is reelected,I worry about Republican stubbornness about nonpartisanship which can send America in real trouble with the fiscal cliff.

    I have seen many leap years and for the first time I really don’t know where americans want this country to go. I could sense it before but the craziness fogs my reality.

    Democrats need to get the vote out and squash every untruthful statement that is spewed out there

  5. Take heart Sydney…polls show we’re booting at least a few of them to the curb.
    At least part of America is wise to their game…enough voters to make a difference in at least a few races.

    My “worry” is about Mittens…I keep replaying Grover in my head…”all we need is a President with enough working digits to sign legislation…”
    I have no earthly idea where he’d take us…he seems so confused and untethered. Pity to get to my age, to the very day (yes, it’s true…Mitt and I share a birth date) and have no clue what you really believe…and so little idea of what the world is really about.

  6. occupy…I can get you set up to get involved with GOTV…just saying.
    If you want to help, just tell me where you live and I’ll get an OFA staff in touch with you….REALLY.
    I’m about to make my 100 calls for today…care to join me?

    you can email me at and I’ll take it from there.

  7. I often vote for the man when it comes to state candidates, but with all the nasty GOP political ads I have had to sit through this season from the conservatives trashing Obamacare, blaming the President for everything from the deficit to the stimulis, to the unemployment rate, to gas prices, to Benghazi, to the weather, etc. I just voted early and voted straight Democrat with a great deal of satisfaction!

  8. Karen…I so hope that becomes your new habit!
    I tell voters who aren’t happy with either candidate to look at the Party Platform and vote ISSUES and their expressed WISH LIST…then keep pushing them to follow through.
    Democracy doesn’t end with the last person voting on election day…it’s only the beginning.

    Thanks for your support.

  9. Carol — for anyone with half a brain, a little common sense, and ability to reason — the choice is clearer than ever!!

  10. “I often vote for the man when it comes to state candidates…”

    I used to vote the candidate, not the party, and almost every time I ended up voting for a Republican, I either came down with an acute case of voter’s remorse or changed my mind regarding the Democratic candidate I voted against.

    During the 2010 election, I answered a call that was identified as coming from my state’s Republican Party (I have no idea why I didn’t ignore it). The woman on the line asked for my mother by name. Not only was my mother unavailable, she never lived with me at my address or shared my phone line. In addition to all that, she had died in 2002. So I asked the woman why the Republican Party, which was so gung-ho for eradicating voter fraud, was calling to speak with someone who had been dead for eight years. She said she’d talk to me instead. I told her this: “If I went to vote and someone came up behind me as I was marking my ballot, put a gun to my head and told me to vote Republican or die, I’d tell him to pull the trigger.” Then I told her to fuck off.

    Mit Romney?


    Ohne Romney!

  11. Does anyone remember Dan Maes? He was the Teapublican looney ronning for governor of Colorado in 2010. He claimed that a Denver program to promote bicycling was a UN plot to take over American cities.

    Denver’s bicycle rental/sharing program was started as a part of Agenda 21 and was strongly supported by Denver mayor John Hickenlooper, Maes’ Democratic opponent in the 2010 election. Maes’ poor showing in the final election came within 1% of losing the Republican Party’s status as a major party in Colorado. Hickenlooper is the current governor of Colorado.

  12. I’m hear you E A…and yet I understand Karen’s point.
    I live in a place where a D after your name means very little of what I think it should…and candidates swim back and forth depending on the issue to get votes. Our “D” Senator’s latest ad is against the “OBAMA War on Coal”…and our R Representative is quite reasonable on surface owners rights re: fracking. The man is sometimes the most important part of the equation locally.

    That said, my personal feeling in national politics is that you either believe in the party philosophy and agenda or you don’t …so I hold my nose on particular candidates at times and push for the agenda. It’s what I’ve been urging voters to do who are concentrating exclusively on the Presidential candidates and ignoring the platforms.

    Yes…I remember Dan Maes….what a nut job.

    And Karen…problem is a good number of voters have just half a political brain, DON’T use their common sense and aren’t reasoning their way through the policy proposals…they’re VOTING with their emotional reactions to lying ads or the old saw of “if it ain’t working, time for a change”…and that “change” could be disastrous.
    Political framing is everything….and very powerful, as you saw in the last debate, with the tightening of polls to follow. George Lakoff would have boxed POTUS upside the head. People either don’t have the time, don’t make the time or don’t understand what they’re hearing…they grab onto one phrase or one “performance” and hold it tight til they get to the voting booth, convincing themselves they’ve done what’s “right”, then starting the whole sequence over again. I saved a great cartoon of the President up on a ladder painting a house and the couple inside arguing…the wife says “Four years ago he saved the house from burning down. How can you say things aren’t better?
    To which the husband replies, “He hasn’t re-shingled the porch roof yet.”

  13. Thanks, Carol, for explaining voting on the local level better than I could. I’m not a “convert” — I’ve been a staunch Democrat all of my adult life, but on the local level I used to take into consideration more than party affiliation in deciding where to cast my ballot. However, that was before the insanity of the right wing radical tea party conservative movement came into play which has totally turned me off to voting for any candidate with an (R) after their name.

    The political cartoon you describe about the President pretty much sums up the disenchantment of those who supported him four years ago but now want to throw him out of office. The others who want him to get an eviction notice never wanted him in the White House in the first place for reasons of race and his centrist mindset. As Bill Clinton said at the convention, no one could have turned around the economic disaster that befell our country in just four years. I do see positive signs of recovery every day now though, and with every report of improvement I always say to myself, “thank you, Barack Obama”, because he rarely gets any credit at all when his actions and policies have brought about change for the better. Blame is a different story, entirely — that is in infinite supply. We cannot afford to go back now to the policies that set the stage for this country’s freefall under eight years of a Republican administration. I hope and pray we have another four years of President Obama’s sound judgment in all matters foreign and domestic so our country can continue the healing process we so desperately need.

  14. It’s been a long and frustrating journey because of the things you mention. I have a word doc that’s about 6 pages long with links outlining all the accomplishments of this Administration,,,including that the DEFICIT IS LOWER BY A COUPLE TRILLION DOLLARS!!!
    I’m hopeful that tonight, we’ll hear our President enumerate at least some out of the long list…as he tears Mitt Romney a new one.

  15. Excuse my last sentence if anyone is offended…but WTF, that’s what I’m wishing for…too many voters are doing as I described previously for my piece of mind.

  16. I hope he tears Romney a new one also. But I have decided regardless of how the debate goes, that I’m going to take a page out if the GOP play book….here’s how…….Even if Obama collapses into a big heap onto the floor and begins babbling and drooling….IM GOING TO SAY HE DID GREAT! In none of my posts will I show ANY disappointment in our President.
    Whatever happens.
    Obama did GREAT.
    He kicked Romneys arse.
    Romney looked like a fool!

    What do you all think, anybody with me?

  17. Exactly, Carol — Chris was ready to throw him under the bus after the first debate. I’ll still be a believer even if he’s a lousy debater because he’s one helluva President! As I’ve said before — he’s not the Messiah or the Antichrist, but he’s brought stability, security, sound judgment, and a steady hand to the White House in the midst of chaos, economic doom, roadblocks from opposition, suspicion, innuendo, criticism, blame, and more blame, and still managed to make some amazing landmark achievements!

  18. If you don’t mind a few (dozen) WTF’s, read this. I’ll have to figure out how to post the link itself one of these days but right now, it’s DEBATE TIME.

    (New post on Extreme Liberal’s Blog)

    MUST READ Link of the Day – On The Liberal Freakout After Debate #1!!
    by ExtremeLiberal

    This is brilliant, go read it now before the debate….or after, whatever. But read it!

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