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A Special Kind of Stupid Coming Out of Texas

Texas Demographics  :

Is there a member of Congress from Texas more ridiculous than Ted Cruz? Louie Gohmert, you say? Possibly…but here’s another candidate for your consideration.

via Foolocracy:

Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold backed the government shutdown and the attempts to tie it to Obamacare. The shutdown riled up a lot of voters in Farenthold’s district. He was interviewed by a Corpus Christi television station, KRISTV, about the political fallout from the shutdown.

Farenthold responded to the reporter’s comment that many of Farenthold’s constituents will no longer support him. The reporter specifically mentioned how some disabled vets are upset that they faced losing their disability checks. In a particularly foolish misstep, Farenthold dismissed those disabled vets with this comment:

“I feel like my mandate when I was elected was to go reduce the size of government, lower taxes, and increase freedom, and freedom isn’t free, and sometimes you have to make a small sacrifice to move forward with what you’re after.”

Here’s a Congressman asking disabled vets, who have suffered life-threatening wounds and lost limbs defending this country, to make a “small sacrifice” for Farenthold’s political agenda.

[…] It takes a special type of political stupidity to dis disabled vets…further evidence that the reactionaries currently in control of the GOP in the House are in their own Bizarro political world.

Tbogg‘s take on Texas and Farenthold.

It is a well established fact that America only tolerates Texas because it has oil and Austin and probably something else of value that I can’t think of off the top of my head. Let’s see …. nope … I got nothin’. But there are times when Texas gets on our last nerve (to be fair, that is usually reserved for Florida) and we just shake our heads and start to wonder if maybe Mexico would be willing to take Texas back if we can find the receipt in a drawer somewhere , and even if we  have to pay a 15% restocking fee.

I know I’d chip in.

Which brings us to Texas’s own Blake Farenthold (R-Golden Corral), who barely squeaked into office in his first go-around, but then his district was redrawn (moar whitez, less brownz) and now he will hold his seat until the End Times, who is here to explain that America’s disabled vets need to suck it up and take one for the team and that they should rub some dirt on it and put whatever skin they didn’t leave behind on the battlefield into the game when it comes to “sacrifice”.

Having spent a fair amount of time in Texas, let me say that there are a number of things in that state worth saving besides Austin. San Antonio is one of them. Love that little city.

The real problem in Texas is the same one that plagues all red states. The Republican party. Get rid of the Perrys, Gohmerts and Farentholds and you’re three quarters of the way into restoring Texas’s reputation. Demographics is doing its part with an increase in the number of Hispanic voters. A couple more election cycles should do the trick…maybe even sooner with the help of Wendy Davis who has a real shot at replacing Perry in the governor’s mansion.


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Republicans Rewrite the Ransom Note…again

Republican Government Shutdown Ransom Note  :

Ezra Klein:

Two issues led to the shutdown. One was defunding or delaying Obamacare. The other, as Sen. Ted Cruz put it, was “making D.C. listen.”

What’s been remarkable — and largely unnoticed — is that Republicans have abandoned both those demands. But that hasn’t led them to reopen the government — much less swear off a debt-ceiling crisis. So the hostage remains even as the GOP rethinks and rewrites its ransom note.

Republicans have also abandoned their core policy demand. They’ve largely stopped talking about Obamacare. They’re begging simply for negotiations. Their latest plan, in fact, is for another budget commission:

Steve Benen:

More important, though, in the bigger picture, Republicans aren’t just flailing, they’re lost.

They shut the government down last week, and they’re prepared to destroy the full faith and credit of the United States next week. They freely admit they’re prepared to impose self-inflicted wounds on Americans, on purpose, unless their demands are met.

And what are those demands? Even now, after months of planning and fiascos of their own making, the party’s own leaders and members haven’t the foggiest idea.

Here’s a radical suggestion: maybe Republicans can reopen the government, agree to skip the sovereign debt crisis, get their act together, and get back to us?

Ultimately, it’s not about Obamacare or debt limits or government spending or entitlement programs. It’s about destroying the presidency of Barack Obama which is why nothing short of the impeachment of this president will appease these people.


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The Right’s Blind Hate

Republican depravity -

This is one of the hot stories of the day so you’ve probably come across it already. I’m posting it here in the event that I ever forget why I loathe the tea party and Republican politicians as much as I do. I’ll just come back to this story, read the first sentence below, and instantly know that every ounce of repulsion I feel for these people is justified.

A Tennessee tea party Republican congressman told a frightened little girl at a town hall meeting on Thursday in Murfreesboro, TN that laws are laws and that her undocumented father is going to have to be deported. According to, 11-year-old Josie Molina told Rep. Scott Desjarlais (R) that she has papers but her father does not.

During a question and answer session at the meeting, Molina stepped up to the microphone and, with a quavering voice, asked, “Mr. DesJarlais, I have papers, but I have a dad who’s undocumented. What can I do to have him stay with me?”

Rather than make any attempt to assuage the girl’s fears, Desjarlais said, “Thank you for being here and thank you for coming forward and speaking,” but “the answer still kind of remains the same, that we have laws and we need to follow those laws and that’s where we’re at.”

Disgusting, right? But what would you expect from a former doctor who had a number of adulterous affairs with female patients. Desjarlais had run on a strict anti-choice platform although he insisted that one of his mistresses have an abortion after discovering that she was pregnant with his child. That’s how it works with pigs like Desjarlais. In front of a microphone, they’re anti-choice conservatives preaching family values. Away from the stage, they’re screwing around like rabbits on Viagra and setting up abortions for their daughters and mistresses. And if they get caught, they know that simply informing the pea-brained baggers who will vote for them that God has forgiven them for their unfortunate act of indiscretion is all that is required to make the pain go away.

In case you think this story could not get any uglier, there’s this. After Desjarlais destroyed a little girl’s dream of keeping her family together – and doing so without a single word of compassion or concern for her impending and tragic loss – here’s what happened.

The tea party crowd whooped and applauded wildly as the little girl took her seat, head down. Progressive Populist reported that Josie Molina’s father is currently in the process of being deported and that the girl is seeing a child psychologist in order to cope with the stress and anxiety.

Is there any doubt that blind hate is at the core of tea party politics?


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Tea Time in Tennessee

TeaParty Congress  -

Tennessee’s Republican senator, Lamar Alexander, has been in the U.S. Senate since 2003 and that’s long enough says the Tea Party.

A coalition of bagger groups (20 of them, actually) have bandied together and sent notice to Sen. Alexander via an open letter that the senator must retire or face the consequence of being primaried in 2016. This is after being found guilty of the two crimes that baggers cannot and will not tolerate from any of their puppets politicians. Not now, not ever.

Compromising with the enemy and bipartisanship.

The letter (in part):

“You have served a long and marked career. … Unfortunately, our great nation can no longer afford compromise and bipartisanship, two traits for which you have become famous. America faces serious challenges and needs policymakers who will defend conservative values, not work with those who are actively undermining those values. Quite honestly, your voting record shows that you do not represent the conservative values that we hold dear and the votes you have cast as Senator are intolerable to us. Furthermore we have serious doubts about your ability to fix our problems since you have played such a significant role in creating them.

“…we urge you to conclude your long and notable career by retiring with dignity instead of fighting against a serious conservative primary challenger who would expose to all Tennessee voters the actual history of your voting record.”


Sevier County Tea Party
Tea Party of Lincoln County
Gibson County Patriots
Benton County Tea Party
Carroll County Tea Party
Jackson Madison County Tea Party
Dickson County Tea Party / 912 Project
Obion County Tea Party
Stewart County Tea Party
Tennesseans for Liberty (Madison County)
Volunteers for Freedom (Henry County)
We the People (Tipton County)
Rutherford County Tea Party
TN 9-12 Project
Caney Branch Tea Party
TN Republican Assembly
Smoky Mountain Tea Party Patriots (Blount Co)
McMinn County TEA Party
North Sumner Tea Party
Tennessee 8th District Tea Party Coalition

Politicians “can no longer afford compromise and bipartisanship.” Amazingly, someone actually believes that craziness enough that they were willing to write it out in open letter.

Do you ever get the idea that the last 5 years of Republican politics has all been one big Monty Python skit and someone neglected to inform the public of that little fact?

These people are nuts and whatever reason one might come up with to help explain the right’s bizarre behavior, I’m now convinced that it goes far beyond politics. There must be some deep screwed-up neurological wiring issue at play in conservatives which has somehow been triggered off by a catastrophic event.

What event, you say? I don’t know. Let’s see…what happened in 2008 that might have made a bunch of older, bigoted white folk lose their minds?

Tough one, isn’t it? Let me know if you come up with something.

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