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Can’t Afford a Gun? Sell Your Clothes.

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It just gets crazier and crazier and never more so as when a passion for guns and religion finds a home in the same sick mind.

Gordon Klingenschmitt is a former Navy chaplain and here’s what he had to say to his conservative internet audience.

“I think Jesus would favor the Second Amendment. This is my opinion, that the Holy Spirit would allow the citizens to protect themselves rather than delegating that to a government to go out arm themselves against the citizens in the name of protecting the citizens.”

“If you don’t have a gun, I’m telling you as a Christian chaplain, sell your clothes and buy a gun. It’s time. The government persecution will be coming against you and you need to arm yourselves and defend your family when that time comes.”

Question: If you sold your clothes to purchase a gun, how would you carry a concealed weapon?

Question 2: How insane does a person need to be to believe that any number of citizens, as well armed as they might be, could ever take on a government that just happens to be in possession of the most powerful army and weaponry the world has ever known? Really.

I have this image in my head of a 1000 naked hicks, guns blazing away in each hand, running across an open field and screaming “Jesus!” as they face off against a single M1 Abrams battle tank.

Good luck boys.


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The Crazy, The Scum and The Dead

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While gun nuts sink a little deeper into madness with each passing day, Seattle is turning guns into bricks.

The Seattle Police Department collected more than 700 guns during a buyback in January, and now city officials have a plan for what to do with them.

Mayor Mike McGinn is expected to announce Tuesday that they’ll be melted into bricks carrying messages of peace, and the bricks will be placed around the city.

The buyback program was announced a month after last December’s elementary school massacre in Newtown, Conn., by city leaders sick of hearing about gun violence.

Private sponsors including Amazon.com contributed tens of thousands of dollars so that people could anonymously turn in their weapons for shopping cards worth up to $200.

Some 716 guns were turned in. With support from the charitable foundation of famed glass artist Dale Chihuly, they’ll be turned into bricks.

One thing about the gun crazies, they’re well organized and quick to mobilize. Check out the comments section of the story above to see what I mean. The anti-gun law kooks are in mad frenzy mode regurgitating the crap they’ve heard on Fox and hate radio from NRA types.

“Only from the minds of Seattle’s leadership can you get an idea to turn a perfectly good weapon into a chunk of hippie scrap…”


“Only liberals, who want gov’t to control us, believe that gun laws work.  […]  As far as ‘Peace Bricks’,  MORE liberal garbage.  Our children need to be raised to be better people.”

After reading what these people have to say, I can only say – long live the Peace Brick!


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Guns ‘n Kids and NRA Loons

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Here’s the full quote from Charles P. Pierce.

If your “way of life” involves handing deadly weapons to five-year olds, your way of life is completely screwed up and you should change it immediately because it is stupid and wrong. (And, again, also, too: goddammit, “learning to use and respect a gun” means at least knowing that the fking thing is loaded when it’s sitting in the corner of the parlor like it’s a damn umbrella stand or something, and we should talk about that part, too.) It is not in any way “normal” to hand a kindergartner a firearm. If a mother from the inner-city of, say, Philadelphia did that, and the kid subsequently shot his sister to death, Fox News never would stop yelling about the crisis in African American communities and the Culture Of Death, and rap music, too. If your culture is telling you that children who have only recently emerged from toddlerhood should have their own guns, then your culture is deadly and dangerous and that should concern you, too. If your culture demands that, in the face of a general national outrage over the killing of other children, your politics work to loosen the gun laws you have, as they apparently did in Kentucky, then your culture is making your politics stupid and wrong and you should change them, too. I do not have to understand these people any more, and it is way too early in the day to be drinking this much.

And while we’re on the topic of guns, the criminally insane NRA have taken on a redneck from Alabama to be their new president. The clown’s name is Jim Porter and he takes pride in referring to the Civil War as the “War of Northern Aggression”. He also believes that Obama is a “fake president” whose “entire administration is anti-gun, anti-freedom, anti-Second Amendment.

Another sack of shit joins Wayne LaPierre on the NRA’s board of sociopaths.


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On Guns, Rancid Meat and Floor Lamps

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Over at Wonkette, they had a few choice words for Wayne LaPierre (“incoherent sack of rancid meat“) and David Gregory (“a dead floor lamp with a nice head of hair”) after LaPierre’s Meet The Press appearance last Sunday.

The other LaPierre comment that had us yelling at David Gregory’s blank-eyed visage on our laptop screen was his pooh-poohing of the way AR-15’s have become some sort of bogeyman. Why, the AR-15 shoots .223 bullets, which are so weak they are only good for target shooting! Hunters won’t use them to shoot deer, and are in fact banned from doing so in some states! Why David Gregory could not point out that .223 cartridges may not be great for bringing down a ten-point buck but sure did seem damaging enough to all those six-year-olds gunned down by Adam Lanza is beyond us.

The reason that so little progress has been made on the gun issue is directly related to douchebag “journalists” of the David Gregory variety who refuse to challenge drivel of the sort spewed by the rancid meats of the world.


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