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Ratigan vs. Beck = Logic vs. Stupidity

This battle between Dylan Ratigan and Glenn Beck over climate change is a no-contest affair.



Beck comes off as a dimwitted fool showing absolutely no knowledge of science nor any willingness to understand.  Of course this suits his audience of twits perfectly. Understanding takes effort. Stupidity takes absolutely none. It is much easier to approach science (and life, for that matter) from the perspective that what can be explained to you in twelve words or less is right and what cannot is wrong.  Why take the time and effort to learn when you can have a Glenn Beck explain climate change science to you as easily as drawing a thermometer on a chalkboard. After all, is there anything more convincing than Beck rolling his eyes and giving you that, ‘come on people, this is so basic it has to be right’ look he has mastered?

Bill Nye makes an excellent point when he says that many (if not most) climate change deniers believe what they do not because of any true understanding of the underlying science but because the people who are concerned about global warming are left of center.  In a wingnut’s minuscule brain, if Al Gore, Barack Obama and most liberals believe that global warming is endangering the planet, then it must be wrong.

I’m running out of adjectives to describe the sheer idiocy of these people so let me just say it in words I know they’ll understand. Hey, deniers…you are all so f***ing stupid, it’s frightening.


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