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Oscars and Politics

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I don’t usually watch awards ceremonies but movie buff that I am, I do watch the Academy Awards.  My thoughts on last night’s ceremony.

1. Lose the Jaws music they used to cut off anyone going over their allotted time for acceptance speeches. Dumb.

2. If Argo was the best film of the year, than it was a less than stellar year for movies. Argo is the type of film you watch once, enjoy and then forget about…certainly not in the class of The Godfather, Schindler’s List or, my all-time favorite, Casablanca.

3. Seth MacFarlane can be funny and witty. Last night he wasn’t. His “joke” about John Wilkes Booth being the actor who “really got inside Lincoln’s head” was tasteless and humorless. And that entire opening bit with William Shatner was a dud from beginning to end.

4. Michelle Obama at the Academy Awards? Really? Does every damn thing have to be politicized these days?

Yes, she didn’t say anything that could be deemed political but there was no good reason to have her there. Liberals might want to consider what they’d be thinking if six years ago Laura Bush presented an award at the Oscars ceremony. They’d be bitching and howling about Republicans needlessly politicizing the ceremony…and they’d be right. The same could be said here about the decision to have Michelle Obama up on a giant screen presenting the Best Picture award from the White House. It was unnecessary and smacked of Dems shoving the Hollywood/liberal connection in conservative’s faces.

Americans are subjected to politics on a daily basis and there are few places where the divisive face of politics does not show up. Whether Michelle’s presence last night had political intent or not, the fact remains that there are enough reasons for one to believe there could have been…and for that reason alone, it was a bad decision.

With that said, let’s introduce a bit more politics into the Oscars…this one a little funnier.


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