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I don’t usually watch awards ceremonies but movie buff that I am, I do watch the Academy Awards.  My thoughts on last night’s ceremony.

1. Lose the Jaws music they used to cut off anyone going over their allotted time for acceptance speeches. Dumb.

2. If Argo was the best film of the year, than it was a less than stellar year for movies. Argo is the type of film you watch once, enjoy and then forget about…certainly not in the class of The Godfather, Schindler’s List or, my all-time favorite, Casablanca.

3. Seth MacFarlane can be funny and witty. Last night he wasn’t. His “joke” about John Wilkes Booth being the actor who “really got inside Lincoln’s head” was tasteless and humorless. And that entire opening bit with William Shatner was a dud from beginning to end.

4. Michelle Obama at the Academy Awards? Really? Does every damn thing have to be politicized these days?

Yes, she didn’t say anything that could be deemed political but there was no good reason to have her there. Liberals might want to consider what they’d be thinking if six years ago Laura Bush presented an award at the Oscars ceremony. They’d be bitching and howling about Republicans needlessly politicizing the ceremony…and they’d be right. The same could be said here about the decision to have Michelle Obama up on a giant screen presenting the Best Picture award from the White House. It was unnecessary and smacked of Dems shoving the Hollywood/liberal connection in conservative’s faces.

Americans are subjected to politics on a daily basis and there are few places where the divisive face of politics does not show up. Whether Michelle’s presence last night had political intent or not, the fact remains that there are enough reasons for one to believe there could have been…and for that reason alone, it was a bad decision.

With that said, let’s introduce a bit more politics into the Oscars…this one a little funnier.


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8 thoughts on “Oscars and Politics

  1. I think the awards are always a dud the movies choosen aren’t any good theres alot more out there thats better, Mrs.Obama being on there meant nothing to me i didn’t take it like it was to politicize anything because she’s no politician and she made no speechs.
    Years ago we wouldn’t have said anything about Mrs. Bush being on the awards because we want these people to seem human. just be themselves and act like human beings, she was pretty and had a style of her own i never faulted her for what her husband did, we can’t make that connection because we all answer for what we do as individuals not as partners in crime. Mrs.Obama shes the presidents wife not a political figure, she has her own life and why should she be seen and not heard. people constantly want Mrs.Obama to stay in her place stand behind her man and shut up but thats not what shes about and that sure isn’t what he’s about and neither would want that type of life for the other. they both have to much going for themselves to just lock themselves away as if they’ve got something to hide.. No one else does it so why should they.

    The thing with politics is everybody thinks they should act a certain way this is what we did back in the 1800’s or early 1900’s but this is what we do today, we live we shouldn’t have to put on false faces or actions for anybody.

    The awards i think should become alot more lively instead of scripted that makes it all boring., most of them are all painted up and looking ghostly thin as a rail, thats not what they should be like why not come natural and wear whatever makes them comfortable instead of designers clothes that make them look stupid most of the time. hollywood women don’t look normal they look ghaslty make doesn’t always cover up everything.

    No one complained about the politicians coming on saturday night live or talk shows so whats the problem with Mrs.Obama briefly coming on the awards show? and for christ sake at the awards they all need to stop acting so old, and telling stale flopping jokes. People really need to be themselves see life as a wonderful thing see themselves as wonderful people, if you let stuffy arrogant egomanics take that from you them whats the point of living huh.

  2. Although I am full of apprehension over the sequester issue and the wish of success for Democrats,I agree that the Academy awards should be unblemished from politics although some films were about politics somewhat. Just like government doesn’t belong in people’s bedrooms,politics shouldn’t sneak into people’s awards.

  3. Agree on all your points. I love the Oscars, but afraid whoever are the new producers of it these past few years are ruining the experience. MacFarlane wasn’t funny except maybe to 10 year old boys–I’ve seen her boobs –omg I should have turned it off then. Way too many musical numbers (yes, I know Seth MacFarlane thinks he’s Sinatra) that did not warrant a tribute–Dream Girls, Chicago? Seriously?

    And if you are going to have a tribute to musicals, it helps to have the orchestra onsite and not crammed in a studio across town. And to have Michelle Obama introduce Best Picture? What the hell was that besides letting all of any momentum up to the moment fizzle out of the show. Don’t we need an escape from DC once in a while?

    Ugh. Horrible. Only one worse was with James Franco.

  4. Michelle Obama’s appearance seemed out of place, as movies are all about a little escapism, and we all need a lot of that in these trying times. As far as Seth McFarlane, I thought many of his “jokes” were in poor taste, but especially the one about John Wilkes Booth — that was a real groaner. I agree, too, that I could have done without the Dream Girls and Chicago productions — they didn’t add anything in my opinion but length to the program which was already long enough. I did enjoy Shirley Bassey singing Goldfinger — her performance was nostalgic and iconic for me.

    The closing ditty “Here’s To The Losers” sung by McFarlane and some gal was also in poor taste. I felt like it was rubbing salt in the losers’ wounds. All of those that were nominated put their hearts, souls, and a pound of flesh in their performances, and the last thing they need is a musical parody making a joke about their loss.

    The Academy Awards has lost its class!!

  5. I didn’t have a problem with Michelle’s appearance. She’s done so much to fight childhood obesity,and she’s earned the honor. I understand if you didn’t like it,but I thought it was fine.

  6. I was a little surprised to see the Mrs. On the show, but my first through was “Limbaugh will rip her apart for her harmless appearance” And sure enough, he did.

  7. I saw that cartoon in USA Today – very funny!

    I didn’t watch the Oscars as I am usually sleeping at the time they play; I’m a night auditor at a hotel and I sleep afternoons into the evening hours. I miss most prime time TV except what I can see On Demand, which is how I watch things like American Idol and other shows that I like. I probably should have prerecorded it but I didn’t think about it until it was too late.

    I would have loved seeing Shirley Bassey and Barbra Streisand sing. Perhaps it’s On Demand somewhere, I’ll have to look.

    I agree, they need to keep the politics out of the Academy Awards but this year did have some political movie nominations, Argo being the big winner of the night, which may have stirred the pot some. I have yet to see Argo or the Lincoln movie but I will soon.

  8. I’m not a fan of movies OR awards shows but I agree with “Demi”.

    I think in a “normal” world, people would not have seen the First Lady’s appearance as anything controversial, it has been common to have “special guest” appearances of all types in the past.

    Nowadays I’m afraid, due to the division between our leaders in Washington and the media, we all now look at and judge everything through a political lens.

    In any case, it is surprisingly bad what passes for entertainment, “Housewives” cat-fighting, Youngsters from “Jersey” or other places displaying their misbehavior, “Dance moms” manipulating and exploiting their children and Honey Boo Boo types doing I don’t know what on TV.

    Somewhere along the line this country has taken a wrong turn and I expect it’s something we’ll have to accept and live with for years to come.

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