Politics – Illustrated Series no. 33

I had not done one of these in a while, so here we go; a video compilation of my latest illustrations put to music. This one is in HD, so go fullscreen. Enjoy.


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9 thoughts on “Politics – Illustrated Series no. 33

  1. The music choice made this video into an almost religious experience… I actually cried at the beauty of it and I don’t do that very often. Mag-friggin’-nificent! is all I can say!

  2. We don’t need drugs to get the truth out. You’re the medecine we need to calm us down in the frightful array that is before us.

  3. I have breaking news for the GOP, The Grand Old Party as “they” like to be referred to, is in a sequestered location attempting to change their attitudes, beliefs, positions, points of views what have you ! With misery, contradiction, screaming and general upheaval, the Grand Old Party simply cannot…..CHANGE ! Truth be told, all of them have been branded at birth with the image of a elephant stuck in a tar pit! With that in mind, I am reminded of an ageless riddle that I believe defines the Republican party of yesterday, today and the future. The ridddle is this: Picture the entire GOP population in one gigantic room. In this room there are NO DOOR KNOBS, NO WINDOWS. All they have is one huge MIRROR and a TABLE. There mission…..HOW do they get out of the room? So there, they are all in, the problem is they have been in this room for so long, they do not have a clue! Which reflects their attitudes in our society. The good news is, everyone who is not a member of the GOP or is not stuck in the room has accepted change and knows issues like the climate must be dealt with. So, I am going on record to say the republicans can stay stuck in their old ways, keep on rejecting change, keep on attacking our President, because…..guess what…..I believe President Obama will find a way to run for a third term and a fourth term! What better way to “bitch slap” the opposing party into a present day reality check than to say…..I like it here at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave & I’m not leaving! Imagine that ! .

  4. May, I borrow it? (Even though I have you BLOGROLLED) Don’t know how I will Intro it but Love it!!!!! This is the third one of these I have seen this week (Others were cartoon caricatures). You electronic artist are somehow in sync….

  5. @Pardu.
    If you’re referring to my slideshow, go right ahead. Feel free to share.

    Do you have links to the other “one of these” you’ve seen? I’d like to view them. Thanks.

  6. Yes, the slideshow only. I will find the links if I can. I know I can locate one of them fairly easily. Tks, man ..as you know I look for ward to your work everyday!!!!!!!! Here’s one. from a cartoonist who has a page on my webpage and two links on my webpage. . Do not like the HIP-HOP Music as it is far from my cup of tea, but it seems he used respectful artist with a respectful message (uncommon for the genre). Ye asks and ye receives…..http://youtu.be/J_fXt7JKjH8

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