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Run Tagg Run

Tagg Romney  -

This sounds like it could be interesting.

Tagg Romney is considering a run in the special Senate election now that Scott Brown has opted out, the Truth Squad has learned.

Calls for Romney, 42, to join in the short campaign to replace Secretary of State John F. Kerry have increased since the Herald first reported heavyweight Republicans are urging both Romney and his mother, Ann, to get in.

The eldest son of former governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney already has statewide name recognition and could quickly ramp up the campaign infrastructure for a short, five-month race.

Did the Romneys not get the message the first time around or is the need for revenge for daddy’s loss so strong that Tagg Romney would actually consider a run? I hope so. Tagg has given every indication that he is as self-serving as his father ever was and nothing would please me more than having another heartless Romney soundly defeated.



ABC reports that Tagg won’t run. Let’s hope they’re wrong.


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Undoing The Damage Of Judicial Activism


E.J. Dionne discusses repairing some of the damage done by last January’s Supreme Court decision on campaign financing.

Now imagine a member of Congress telling a lobbyist from Consolidated Megacorp Inc. that she would do all she could to block an extra $2 billion in an appropriations bill to purchase the company’s flawed widgets for the federal government. A week later, television advertisements start appearing in the representative’s district portraying her as corrupt, out of touch and in league with lobbyists.

It turns out they are being paid for by Consolidated Megacorp through contributions to a front group called Americans for Clean Government. Shouldn’t the voters be able to know who is behind the ads?

This hypothetical tale is not fantasyland, thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court’s hideous decision this year in the Citizens United case. But with Congress coming back this week, there’s a chance to limit the damage the court has caused — if three moderate Senate Republicans are willing to act.


Sponsors want to bring back a Senate bill that would let voters in on the game by requiring corporations and unions to disclose their political spending, even if it is laundered through third-party groups.

A disclosure bill has already passed the House and the Senate version, sponsored by Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) got 58 votes, with 60 needed for passage. They key to its defeat were three Republican senators — Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine, and Scott Brown of Massachusetts — who say they support reform and disclosure in principle but objected to particular aspects of the bill.

Here’s the dilemma facing Snowe, Collins and Brown.

If Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has a central cause, it is the principle that money should slosh around freely in our political system. If the members of the threesome vote for disclosure, they will infuriate McConnell. But if they side with McConnell, they’ll be tossing away their reformist credentials.

All three Senators have been willing to vote with Dems in the past but Republicans have not been kind to moderates.  We shall see.


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Mr. Crist Goes To Washington


Charlie Crist is no Mr. Smith but he might be going to Washington nonetheless.

Charlie Crist’s declaration of independence is paying off — so far.

The governor narrowly leads Florida’s topsy-turvy U.S. Senate race, despite nearly half of the voters saying he made a “purely political” decision to bolt the GOP and run as an independent candidate in the Nov. 2 general election, a new St. Petersburg Times/Miami Herald/Bay News 9 poll finds.

Of the registered voters surveyed, 30 percent were for Crist, 27 percent for Republican Marco Rubio and 15 percent for Democratic front-runner Kendrick Meek.

I’d put my money on Crist to win this thing.  The key to his victory is his ability to garnish votes from all political factions except hardcore conservatives and liberals which belong to Rubio and Meek respectively.  If it’s still close come November, it is not hard to imagine a number of Meek supporters throwing their vote Crist’s way in a anyone-but-a-teabagger effort to keep Rubio out of the Senate.

A true moderate conservative sitting as an independent in the U.S. Senate, one who has been repudiated by the Republican party, could have a positive effect in the divisive world of D.C. politics.

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