Scary Stupid In Arizona

Is Arizona a f***ed-up disaster?  If so, you might want to blame Arizonians who vote for politicians of the caliber of Republican State Senator Sylvia Allen.

Allen, who retained her seat in an election that fall, has since gained minor notoriety after calling for more uranium mining, saying in a speech that “this earth has been here 6,000 years, long before anybody had environmental laws, and somehow it hasn’t been done away with.” She also has complained that trees are “stealing Arizona’s water supply” and sponsored a new law that allows carriers of concealed weapons to forego safety training and the indignity of background checks.

I have no words to describe the utter ignorance of Sen. Allen.  None.




10 thoughts on “Scary Stupid In Arizona

  1. You said, “I have no words to describe the utter ignorance of Sen. Allen.”
    How about “typical”?
    We are a nation of ignorant rabble.

  2. this representitive is no different from many U.S. representitives. are you going to keep saying how stupid arizonans are?

    I was involved with the arizona republican delegation trying to vote out representitives who were corrupt and far off in never never land about their stances in political topics. Many of the delegates who wanted to vote out senator mccain and many other bad politicians were unable to change the seats because there is a mafia like iron grip over the voting itself. Mccain in example had a list of delegates who should be elected by their peers in the party to vote …because Mccains team knew who would vote for a different represenitive. thing is for sure, local party politics are dictated .

  3. Sarah Palin should have just killed that little nine year old girl with her own hands. She would have loved the “kick” .

  4. All that hairspray for her 50’s ‘do caused a bit of brain damage.

    Really? Only 6,000 years old? Alrighty then.

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