Romney Hood

One of our readers sent me an email with an idea for an illustration – Mitt Romney as Romney Hood. I thought it was brilliant and came up with the above composition. Thank you, Sean.

If asked to assign a tagline to the Republican party of the last 30 years, here’s what I would use: ‘they take from the poor and middle class to give to the rich‘ – a tradition which is being adhered to religiously by each of the Republicans running in the GOP primary.

Romney Hood indeed – a Robin Hood for the rich.


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19 thoughts on “Romney Hood

  1. Obama was elected by people who agreed with his values, and ignored his lack of qualifications to do the job.

    For a while, it looked like the GOP was going to do the same thing. At the very least, Romney is qualified to do the job.

  2. Well, for a guy who lacked qualification, he’s accomplished a hell of a lot.

    He took the worst economy of the last 80 years and kept it afloat and on the way to recovery with 3 million private sector jobs created in the last 22 months.

    He saved tens of thousands of jobs in the manufacturing industry with the bailout of GM.

    Under the Affordable Care Act, millions more of Americans are or will be covered by health insurance and no one can be refused coverage for pre-existing conditions.

    The Iraq war is over.

    Osama bin Laden is dead.

    Your taxes are lower than they were three years ago.

    And…all of this was done without a single change to your sacred freedoms and liberties.

    I know it’s fashionable for conservatives and libertarians to knock this President, but in the face of facts and truth, your criticism (as you present it) only resounds with the misinformed.

  3. On the last Real TIme with Bill Maher, the host made the following observation:

    The Republicans are running against a fictional Obama, a radical and socialist political figure who has no basis in actual policy or even personal association, as the Alinsky charges demonstrate: Alinsky died when Obama was ten.

    To which I will add “Libertarians, too”. You can see an item with a clip from Maher’s show here.

  4. My point isn’t partisan. Democrats elected him because of his values, not because he was qualified for the job. Their first criteria was, “Does he think like we do?”. “Is he liberal?” “Does he believe in the idea of the collective having more value than the individual?”

    Republicans do the same thing. “Is he pro-life?” “Is he Christian?” “Does he believe gay marriage is bad?”

    From my viewpoint, I don’t see the difference between the two. Both are trying to change society to fit their own visions of what it should look like. I just want both sides to leave us alone.

  5. Didn’t Robin Hood rob the rich to give to the poor. In this case to perpetuate entitlement programs based on those who work or “have” in order to pay for the 47% who do not? Allow more immigrants to feed in the frenzy w/o going through existing laws? Hello, subservience! This is a numbing proletariate mandate, a true mark of the socialist/communist ideal (Marxist Theory) and it certainly feeds well into already existing usurpation of the existing laws of this land. Shar’a law – – well in order. Blacks, even if Muslim, don’t fit into a Sunni Muslim paradigm under Shar’a. . Remember that Turkey, the sunni example if secular democracy and seat of the Muslim Bro, still enacts genocide over the less elite Kurdish people and incarcerates any including thousands of journalists, authors, law makers, public officials, military, and yes students and children who speak out! Also remember that as the USA helps to rebuild the neo-elite Ottoman empire in the Arab world that slavery was ugly under the Turkish empire and leaves American slavery looking pretty rosy in comparison. an english Turkish news source. You think slavery was bad in the US? – just wait! Obama is a puppet, he may be intelligent, but when it’s time for heads to roll, his may very well be first. When Sunnis are done with you- behind that cloak of embracing diversity lies the lion in Sherpa clothing. Caveat emptor. Just a note gleaned from the masters research done in Turkey and with Muslim fundamentalist university professors. Yep, guard your children, higher Ed is a joke, too!

  6. To @Robi3304 More from the Uninformed Right!

    Perhaps you might want to stop watching Fox News and listening to that Babel Fish Rush Limpballs… Maybe then you can strike up a meaningful conversation versus you regurgitating the Right’s Nazi Propaganda Lies. But then again it is the weak minded who believes the right propaganda so I rather doubt we could have any sort of meaningful conversation.

    Sure is funny how the Right are under the delusion that it is perfectly fine to give the rich a free ride under the guise of that pathetic idea of “Trickle Down Economics” that has consistently never worked other than shipping US jobs overseas, but heaven forbid if a President is trying to get those freeloaders to belly up to the bar and pay their fair share of the tax burden and that is viewed as “Socialism.”

    Isn’t it funny how the Right is always playing this pathetic “Socialism” card because they don’t have a mind to rationally and objectively deal with the facts and it’s easier to follow the leader and spew FOX News Lies. Isn’t it also funny how the very same people who play the “Socialism” card are the very ones taking the advantage of the handouts from none other than the Democrats

    By the By… as far as “Entitlements,” don’t use big words you don’t understand as your GOP Political Representatives try using that big word to hide the fact that you Islamaphob fear mongers borrowed huge amounts of money from Social Security to fund George W. Bush’s WMD debacle and grow the military which is larger than the next 15 countries combined

    Oh and just a little tidbit for your weak mind, although I know it’s hard for you all to stomach facts as truth and facts are the mortal enemy of the Right Nazi Propaganda Machine. But when you Fear and War Mongers stop being afraid of your own shadows and take that 66% of the Federal Budget tagged for your pathetic saber rattling around the world and reduce it to 25% and you all pay back the loan that Social Security gave You for GWB’s WMD Iraq debacle then we can talk about “Entitlements.”

    Have a nice day

  7. Robi3304 Jesus, man…. what are you smoking? LOL oh, wait, I know… it’s the FOXnews tobacco… and you most obviously, forgot you were not supposed to inhale…. bad for your health!

    1. President Obama is NOT a Muslim.
    2. He was born in Hawaii of a white woman and an African man.
    3. He only saw his father for a couple of months when he was about 10 years old. He resented him as you might expect.
    4. He did live in Indonesia with his mother and her second husband when he was about 8 years old.
    5. Shortly thereafter, his mother sent him to live with his grandparents in Hawaii who raised him and saw to his education. They were white!

    Now where you are getting this other garbage one can only guess. But you are sadly disillusioned.

    Another set of facts:
    1. Geo. Bush, jr. was the President walking hand in hand literally with the Saudi Prince in our news after 9/11.
    2. Bush’s first act upon returning to D.C. after the bombing was to see to it that all the Saudi’s in this country were flown back home immediately after the plane crashes!

    President Obama is the one that killed Osama bin Laden…. NOT Geo. W. Bush! And on and on in that vein… I won’t list them all because you should know them. They have been in the “real news media”…. !

    These facts are not something I just pulled out of my head, they are right there for anyone to check and verify… where as yours are pure conjecture! Stop falling for the FOX/GOP/TeaParty propaganda… think for yourself, man!
    Nut cases like you are giving me a headache!

  8. Geez! Name calling? I am a liberal educated individual. I di not follow FOX, Rush or any other conservative. I guess my point regarding my personal research was invalidated by this rant of yours. I also suppose you dint read any foreign press. Gee I even gave you a link to Bianet. Talk about delusional! Facts are found in ALL any any foreign news you choose- but certainly NOT American mainstream media. Poor argument – great name calling! In fact I never mentioned benefiting wealthy, did I? I only mentioned robbing- totally not my argument- totally your assumption. And of course – you know what assuming does.

  9. Yes, Jesus is a good start; however, name calling? Seriously, you guys must watch the GOP debates for new tactics. They diss professionally as if any liberal politically correct individual could ever need help to argue without chastising or name calling; this would be a first. As a matter of fact that pretty much sums up the entire dysfunctional political process. Perhaps, that is going to far to expect articulation on that subject.

  10. Obama? seriously? Seal Team 6 remember? They killed him or did they? Or is the fact that bin Laden died much earlier in this fight too much out of the question? Or, that Seal Team 6 perished because they “knew” that they hadn’t killed him but some lowly Pakistani in a mansion shack. You think I rely on FOX? For Pete’s sake, what responsible citizen relies on any MSM. They are all paid to say what they do say. Try Foreign Affairs or Stratfor published in the US. DC and Austin these are global/international publications written by international phd’s. Doesn’t get more liberal than those two cities, DC & Austin. You may be surprised to read what the Arab writers have been saying. Take a break, read an educational phd dissertation or global political periodical.

  11. @ Tommy Pane on January 29 .A fair personal assessment but grounded in the fictional. The president has stepped up on the defense side of his job and he has doe a good job working to bring this economy back to where it was before the great crash.

    Exhibit A.
    Exhibit B.
    Exhibit C

    Those are but a few indicators. Pls note I have avoided the business of A DIJA that is 50% higher than when Obama took office. (Fluctuating but still up over 45%) And there is a very recent graph that shows the US is leading the World recovery. GM is now the number 1 auto-producer across the globe…Romney said let them go bankrupt. (1,000,000 total jobs across the entire auto manufacturing and sales spectrum). If you look rally close and not allow guidance for the ‘fiction mongerers’, you will notice that unemployment rate (Is still very her) but it is not markedly higher then the day President Obama took office.

    Romney is a fraud. when he lost to McCain in 2008, he sold many of this 9 palaces around the nation. Last year he apparently closed a Swedish bank account on the basis, “….it did not look good.” Well, no but what mindset took the money overseas. And you know something else, He comes across as a tickle me and I will say anything kind of a guy…and that is often required as the CEO of major corporations. Romney is the epitome of the nation’s 1% and growing oligarchy.

    But, again not taking exception to your personal perspective, but certainly not agreeing with the RIGHT-Wing talking points of Obama has not done anything…

  12. In its entirety…… (first not disrespecting your point of view, just disagreeing and I hope with some level of data to back my points)

    “Obama was elected by people who agreed with his values, and ignored his lack of qualifications to do the job.

    For a while, it looked like the GOP was going to do the same thing. At the very least, Romney is qualified to do the job.”

    Especially the part related to Romney being qualified. My opine…no one steps into the White House ‘qualified”. Even the most successful presidents did not hit the ground running (as Obama has) and some never got up to
    the job. Kennedy, Johnson, Reagan (IF YOU WILL ), IKE, all worked to levels of competency (various levels of competency , I will add) .Maybe Truman had the grit for early effective competency. He also had a major War II that force quick assimilation and decision-making. The Presidency is not even a position for which one can fully assess the job until the post election transition period. That is when the ‘deer-in-the-headlights facts hit hard. Can you or anyone imagine learning how Bush had hidden war budgets? Now, imagine taking office with an auto industry about to shutter-up, like electronics, steel and other industries while carrying 1,000,000 jobs to foreign owner or worse, COMPLETE R.I.P.

    I really should have been more specific. Two points in the comment I consider fictional: lack of qualifications and Romney’s “qualified”.

    If the links provided above do not help to dispel “EVENTUAL’ job performance of a young president, I do not think we have common points for discussion. The links do not include talking points.

    A final question, do you feel Reagan or Bush, I and II were qualified? Before you answer think about the point in time when our national debt took off; then think about president who have added most to the problem Think about presidents cutting taxes only to raise them back over time. And, then think about a president who waged two wars while going against any sane economic theory and cutting taxes.

    Can you provide me, a Left-Wing talking point? That may provide a platform for good discussion. There is way too much factual data to continue to pursue ‘qualified or lack there of”, when we look at the current presidents accomplishments.

    Again, no disrespect Tommy.

  13. “I’m confident all of Obama’s accomplishments can be fixed.”

    Yeah, life was better under Bush/Cheney…and Cayman Islands Romney and ‘spewing fire Newt’ seem as just the people to “FIX” Obama’s accomplishments. If you only knew how much of that statement above is a reflects a Freudian mindset.

  14. “If you only knew how much of that statement above is a reflects a Freudian mindset.”

    Basically, if you can look at the president’s accomplishments and feel those accomplishments need a FIX, you may be exhibiting a deep mental mindset which may live in the realm of hoping the worse for the nation. I do not know about other commenters here, but today I labored to locate but a few links and post a few examples of how this nation is vastly improved over the last administration. And, damned well better off than a McCain/Palin Administration. If you have to ask about a mental slippage (FREUDIAN) which seems to imply the president’s accomplishments need a fix are not good for the nation, that is a telling state of mind, dude.

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