Allen West v. Reality

Tea Party - up in smoke     :

No one has painted an uglier picture of Republican obstructionism, partisanship and insanity over the last two years than Tea Party favorite, Allen West. Well, except maybe for Michele Bachmann. So, forgive me if I take some pleasure in watching West desperately flail about in Rovian election night fashion as he reluctantly watches his political career come to an abrupt end in Florida.

U.S. Rep. Allen West was poised for a legal fight in his closely watched race Wednesday even as Democratic opponent Patrick Murphy declared a razor-thin victory.

The conservative congressman has refused to concede, but Murphy seized on the projections of several news organizations, declaring himself the victor after a long and often vicious campaign. It was unclear what effect West’s actions could have on Murphy’s 2,456-vote lead in the unofficial count, but the Republican’s hopes appeared to be¬†fading.

No doubt, West will do well for himself in his new post-political career. There’s always room for another Palin kook on Fox or on the conservative radio clown circuit. Whatever. All that matters is that in the battle of teabagger vs. reality, chalk up another victory for reality.


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10 thoughts on “Allen West v. Reality

  1. Hopefully West will do something so stupid and bizarre that he will be put in a padded room and given medication for life.

  2. This is the difference between the REPUGS and the DEMS,They don’t give in they fight passed rationality.If Gore and Kerry had half their gumption this country might have had a better life.

  3. Alan West is not giving up. Like so many of the teapublicans, he is loaded with money and he lawyered up and is forcing a recount. He had the voting machines seized and impounded and is going full speed ahead looking for more votes. I will be very suspicious if he happens to find “uncounted ballets” because this dude was the cherry on top of the teabag shit cake.

  4. He is a complete nut case….but typical of some of thee military ‘dweebettes’ who suck-up to people for personal gain and who are very dangerous to the greater society. Thanks for this one Mario.. building a piece on some whoa re now gone… Glad to have him as my start character for the piece.

  5. Daily Kos reports:

    “No winner officially has been declared yet, however, and West has filed an injunction against Palm Beach and St. Lucie counties supervisor of elections to impound their voting machines and paper ballots. West also is demanding a hand recount in St. Lucie County.”

  6. Anyone who lives in any of these states where they have gerrymandered the Districts needs to start now to get something on the ballot to get them fairly redistricted. We aren’t going to get these moron out of Congress until they no longer have safe Districts to run in.

  7. I must admit, I had pleasure in seeing him and Rep. Joe Walsh lose their seats. These are guys who will never compromise with Democrats and will always poison the waters of problem-solving. We do not need their types in Washington. If all Republicans were like them, things really would be hopeless.

  8. Update: a palm beach county judge denied him a recount, but he is not giving up, he still has a court date in the other county that he represented…..and he is still not done, he intends to keep going like a bulldog. This asshat just loved getting media attention. He is addicted and doesn’t want the party to end. Let’s hope, for him, the party will be over soon.

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