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Marco Romney : MarcoRubio / MittRomney

Daily Kos takes a look ahead to Marco Rubio’s Republican response to President Obama’s State of the Union address tonight.

Okay, so Marco Rubio will propose tax reform (just like Mitt Romney), more digging and drilling for oil and gas (just like Mitt Romney), and some sort of tax benefit for job training (just like Mitt Romney). He’ll also accuse President Obama of wanting nothing but big government and of opposing our enterprise system (just like Mitt Romney). And, finally, he’ll claim that by raising taxes on wealthy people, President Obama is trying to hurt middle-class families (just like Mitt Romney).

In other words, Mitt Romney is basically giving the Republican response to the State of the Union tonight, except this time, it’ll be translated into Spanish.

Correct. New face, same message. The Republican hope is that their current pretty-faced messenger will somehow be able to sway the masses in ways that their last one was unable to do. And to do it without changing the message much. Good luck with that.

It’s going to take a lot more than the words of a charismatic Latino to change around Republican fortunes.



Today, Rubio voted against reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. You can count on Dems bringing up that bit of information in 2016 should Rubio become the Republican nominee.


The Romney source photograph is a Creative Commons licensed image from photographer Gage Skidmore. The Rubio source photograph is a Creative Commons licensed image from Ann Marie Curling.

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6 thoughts on “Marco Romney

  1. It’s almost like the republicans think Americans are stupid. Well, some are but hopefully the majority will see that nothing new is being offered here.

  2. Marco Rubio flies high in Republican circles because Neocons think they can dupe non-whites that they are changing for America’s sake. But like any chameleon although they change their color,they still remain a reptile of the suborder of rodent. They have no choice on the immigration bill but from what we see,they are still attacking abortions,gun control,gay rights,the budget.

    America didn’t vote for the liars in 2012 and I am certain the American people will see the false stripes on this yellow Republican party that will not bring the truth to the table.

    I am eager to hear President Obama on the war path in both sense of the word. War against Republicans and War against hostile countries and Al Quaida.

  3. Mario,

    Great Photoshop work – looks flawless.

    Isn’t that same mantra – or talking points you might say – the basic agenda of the GOP, not just Romney and Rubio?
    Tax cuts, tax cuts and more tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, cut those nasty old entitlement programs, we just can’t afford them (Which by the way, is just another way to get what we all have been forced to pay through our payroll taxes with no say in the matter, distributed upwards to the wealthy). Then lets blame it all on Obama.

    Obama went into that State of the Union with a report from economist that the near future promises a faster growing economy and many more jobs. Now they can keep talking all they want about how Obama is hurting the economy while everyone else will be enjoying the economy.

  4. Well, one thing is for sure, even though the media is avoiding the subject like the plague. Having Rand (“I’m not a real eye doctor, I just pretend I am”) Paul deliver the Teabagger response to the GOP response to the Presidents SOTU address confirms that the Republican schism is official, and the Baggers are out of control.

  5. I ditto Mr. Fidlerten – great graphics Mario !

    I never realized how much Rubio and Romney resemble each other but I did notice how much their message is exactly the same.

    Marco “Rubiomney” will fail in disguising the “pig” that is the GOP no matter how much Spanish lipstick he puts on it.

    I did want to note that President Obama stated his desire to raise the minimum wage nationally. I recall one of my favorite posters on here, Ms Diana McGinness, had the same idea, great minds think alike, hmmm?

    I heard early reports that 77% of the people liked what the President had to say – hope that’s true and I hope that that 77% keeps the pressure on our Congress people to support and act on his ideas.

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