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The President treats a dozen Senate Republicans to a two hour lunch and now there’s optimism that a deal on the deficit can be struck. Republicans want to deal again. Lovely…but John Liming sounds a warning bell. He’s seen the right’s deceptive cons once too often to buy into any of this. If Republicans are happy about anything then something’s up and it isn’t good.

Here, John will tell you all about it.



To the best of my knowledge and belief, congressional republicans have been everything but optimistic about anything the president or the democrats have said or done since 2008 until the present time.

Pinch my left butt cheek if I am wrong and wake me up, but don’t I recall that the position of the Right and their Far Right counterparts has been to totally resist and obstruct and foil anything and everything “This President” has ever said, done or tried to do in his capacity as President?  Have I been dreaming all that obstructionism stuff or is there something I might have slept though during all this damnable mess in Washington?

Well, it is obvious to me that the old standard once voiced by The House Minority Leader ( I forgot his name for the moment) (Mitch something or other, wasn’t it?) – didn’t this historic figure once regally proclaim in a somewhat Olympian tone, something to the effect that the number one priority of The Republican Party was going to be to make sure that “This President”  – undoubtedly referring to President Obama ( In my humble opinion) was going to be only a one-term President?

It is pretty apparent even to someone as dumb as myself that particular “Number One Priority” kind of went to Hell in a hand basket when The American People voiced their total rejection of right wing crap-o-la and in fact did, indeed award President Obama his second term!  I remember the descriptions  being put forth by some media of a lot of right wingers after realizing they had lost the election they absolutely thought they had in the “Landslide Bag” – the media was saying things like, “They appear to have been “shell-shocked” by the news of their defeat at the polls.”  Heh! Heh! Heh!

From some of the things that I have been hearing some that group of righties saying lately, I am still not convinced they understand that they lost the election.  I think they simply are trying to ignore the fact and are trying to open up the same old bag of tricks again so they can run the clock until the mid-term elections of 2014 where I think they are hoping to get themselves re-energized and re-invigorated, but when people like me are hoping and praying that America will finish the job and cast their intransigent rear ends into the outer darkness of politics for eons to come.

One can hope!  One can hope for a little more change!

So today, I get on the Internet and I fall upon this article from “The Hill” where it seems to be talking about some Senate Republicans ( Note that it did not say “House” Republicans) are expressing some kind of optimism that they might be able to work with the President and the Administration and actually get something “positive” accomplished about all this sequester and deficit and budget crap that has kept me and a lot like me on the edge of our seats for a few months now.

Well this revelation might seem like really good news to some people but it strikes a chord of dread and foreboding in my breast because according to the way I see things, if Republicans are acting happy about something the President has done or might do or has said, then I can only surmise that all this sudden joy and brotherhood is because they must expect the President to give them a little more of what they have been after all along – more cuts to Social Security and Medicare for starters. (Of course without any further talk about “Revenues” being put on the table!  Of course!

And is there some kind of possibility that the President might actually give in to  some of their demands to make further cuts to the social safety net programs and cause the cuts to be called something else . . . something like “Trimming the fat but retaining the programs for future generations?”  What does that mean, I would like to know?  I think that if fat gets trimmed at all then somewhere along the way somebody is going to get a few screws put to them in the process and I am guessing that would be the potential beneficiaries of these programs.  Whadda ya wanna bet?

I have been hearing reports – but I don’t know how reliable they are – that maybe the President might have suggested he would be open to more “Trimming” (adjustment) of some of the “Entitlement” programs.  I sure as Hell hope this is not the case because that is not what I voted for.  But I have to ask myself, “If that is the case, what the Hell are you gonna do about it?”  As far as I can tell, if something like that were to happen, there isn’t much the average “Little Guy” like myself could do about it except to suck it up and do the best I can with whatever is left once Righties get through virtually drinking my lifeblood.


John Liming publishes American Liberal Times.

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15 thoughts on “The Devil In The Details…

  1. Yes John…it’s called chained-CPI…means testing…call it whatever you want, it amounts to the same thing…poorer Seniors like you and me.
    I fear this administration is taking too many cues from the Clinton years when Glass-Steagall finally hit the circular file and “welfare” was “reformed”.

    We’d better get something beefy from the cranks on the other side.

  2. OR…could we, in another world, be looking at a party that sees no alternative to remaining viable in national elections?

  3. Dear Carol:

    I am not so sure I want anything “Beefy” from the cranks on the other side. I think we all have been getting “The Beef” from these cranks for a long time now and that is why the voters decided to keep them in their cages for a few more years.

  4. We’ll have to wait and see but I think the Republicans need to protect themselves for 2014 and they will need to do something but not as extreme as John says because Barack Obama needs to look good also in this deal. He could never sell us out with the bathwater. He has a legacy to consider and cowardice is not one of them.

    If Republicans don’t deal and they are trying to open up the same old bag of tricks again so they can run the clock until the mid-term elections of 2014,well Obama can also wait and sock it to them at the polls.If the economy recedes again,Republicans will look bad and ,Democrats will look great for 2014.

  5. My spouse and I knocked on doors in N. Las Vegas in ’07 for Barack Obama where the most oft repeated reason for not voting for him was felony status… We were in the Rio ballroom with all the NV Democrats the night of the election and when his victory came over the Jumboscan I actually broke down and wept uncontrollably. An African-American president! Good God Almighty…we all are free at lastl And I am an old white guy.

    But following our President closely since 2008 -and I did vote again for him in ’12- I have become increasingly disenchanted with his tactics and strategy in responding to the No-Nothing, Know-Nothing Gopers who in my humble estimation are mostly a bunch of old white guys -many racist at heart- whose time is quickly passing and who cannot abide another moment of our Kenyan-Socialist usurper president residing in the White House.

    The litany of lost skirmishes by our president began with his first-term silence on the single-payer option -Medicaid for all- and has gone downhill since.

    But my complete uncoupling with the program of President Obama came with his signing into law the Levin-McCain NDAA of 2012 which has now completed the Demoplican-Republicrat creation of a police state…in which the president -ANY PRESIDENT- can label an American citizen a “belligerent”, arrest that “belligerent” by US military force, and detain that “belligerent” indeterminedly without right of counsel or the constitutional right of facing the “belligerent’s” accuser. Our right of Habeas Corpus goes all the way back in our legal tradition to the Magna Carta in 1215. GONE!!!

    This is certainly not the sort of tone usually expressed in Mario’s really great space, but I am now of the opinion that all these well-positioned smiling eighty-dollar haircuts in DC are not acting in my best interests or in the interests of my beloved country.

  6. I suppose you have forgotten how a previous “Cob-Servatiff” Administration brought us the Homeland Security Act with all the wiretapping and surveillance and a suspension of Habeus Corpus and how everyone was deathly afraid to speak a word against the unwarranted wars for fear of being branded un-American and all the rest of it. By the way, I think it would be well to do some fact checking about NDAA and ignore any of the anti-Obama propaganda associated with it that is flowing out of the lying mouth of the radical right. It is not half the nightmare that some people want to make it out to be. There are some propaganda artists in this world who can twist things until they are unrecognizable.

    Obama has done the best he can do in face of total obstructionism.

    He has accomplished a heck of a lot of good even in spite of obstructionism.

    Are you one of the 82 million Americans who are benefiting from the Affordable Health Care Act yet – – – especially on cost of medicines?

    There is a government website where the facts about “Obamacare” and what it does for people can be seen and I do not remember off hand but I think it is something like, “Healthcare.Gov.”

    By the way – – I would be interested in having you tell me the very minute that someone actually deprives you of one of your freedoms or liberties. I would like to know the minute it happens, who did it, how it was done and what the consequences were.

    As for me, when I went to bed last night, I was still free as a bird and as far as I could tell, there were no guards at my front door to make sure I stayed in the house and no one followed me around as I went through my daily routine.

    This “We are losing our freedoms” crap is, in my opinion, strictly the fantasy of some far right wing radical crap stirrers who have an abiding dislike for the president and for Liberals in particular.

    No law-abiding American has lost any freedoms as yet.

  7. John, I have no idea what “Cob-Servatiff” is. I do know that the Homeland Security law was enacted under the previous Republican administration whose “War On Terror” has become the raison d’etre in embroiling the American people in a constant state of war. If you think we are leaving Iraq and Afghanistan with President Obama’s plans for withdrawal you badly deceive yourself.

    Some would argue that delivery of 35 million Americans to the rapacious healthcare insurance cabal is a good thing. I believe that our president faced with the threat of the insurance cabal remitting one million dollars to each of the -what is it?- six-hundred thirty-eight members of both houses made a pragmatic call, perhaps the best deal he was willing to push. With regard to my personal healthcare costs, these have gone up of late -in particular the cost of medicines.

    And on what facts am I in error on NDAA ’12? Mine is not a “lying mouth of the radical right”; nor am I a “propaganda artist”. I am an American citizen who is deeply concerned over the demonstrable abrogation of our US constitutional rights and I would respectfully urge you to look into the undefined word “belligerent” used in the Levin-McCain NDAA ’12 signed into law by our president. And if you do not then share my concern, I will not engage in an ad hominam error in logic in refuting your ill-advised position. No. I will simply pray for you.

    By the way, the presidential powers enabled under the Homeland Security law continue within the purview of President Obama, including enhanced interrogation -read, torture. Recall also that the bright legal minds of John Hoo and Douglas Feith who provided Rumsfield et al. with “legal cover” for torture were decided not to be prosecuted by the Obama administration, in spite of the view of many that these men facilitated war crimes.

    Oh. Are you saying that wiretapping, unwarranted srrveillance and suspension of habeas corpus have gone away under President Obama? I am sorry to report that these unconstitutional measures continue to be deployed against the lawful interests of our fellow citizens and then some with the latest brouhaha over drones.

  8. My Dear Funguist: “Cob-Servatiff” is a cob-wiping psuedo (pretended) conservative much the same as some of my own flesh and blood have become and I believe it is a treatable condition.

    I would be willing to bet that if the cost of your medicine has gone up lately it is more due to normal inflationary trends than it is to the old “doughnut hole” in the Medicare coverage. Whadda ya wanna bet?

    You still haven’t told me which of your “Constitutional Rights” you have lost, when you lost them and who took them away from you. What is it that you were free to do last week, last month, last year or yesterday that you cannot do today without the threat of being incarcerated or facing a fine? Is it church attendance? Is it purchasing choices at retail markets? Is it the area of a city where you are permitted to live? Will you go to jail today if you write a protest about your government on a blog comment somewhere? What freedoms have you lost? Enmerate please so I can understand.

    Stop with the six dollar words, please because I have had ad-hominam – – both white and yellow – – and I simply do not like it. I prefer creamed corn.

    I guess you were unable to get around to reading the article in “Mother Jones” that refutes the right wing lies and errors about the NDAA so I am including it here again:

    And for God’s sake please do NOT pray for me! I’ve got enough people praying for me as it is including a lot of former friends who are now members of The First Church of Better than Anybody and I do not need more “Prayers.” I can, in fact, pray myself and often do and here is my favorite prayer: “Dear God! You asked us to pray for our enemies. So Lord I am praying for my enemies this day. I pray that you, in your limitless mercy and goodness will open the doors of Heaven to them all at the soonest opportunity that they may enjoy the eternal promise of everlasting happiness without further delay.”

  9. Excellent Prayer, John. That goes right up with “Dear Jesus, please save me from your followers”.

  10. Dear John, Sixty cents for thirty to $4 fo ninety has to do with negotiation of a union contract.

    Thank you for your act of corporal mercy in instructing the ignorant, but I still do not understand how “Cob-Servatiff” could pertain to me, my progressive bona-fides going back as far as the late 1950’s when for the princely sum of a dollar I street-cornered election day circulars provided to me by a lady from the local Powhatan Club, the Democratic Party organization of my childhood. Let’s see, at age thirteen in 1960 at my mother’s behest I placed my father’s paid-up union book in his trouser pocket before Tom Farley the local undertaker closed the casket for the ride to Calvary cemetery under a snowfall the day before Christmas eve that year. Let’s see…oh yes, the summer of the riots in East Harlem when snipers were shooting firemen and other white folks from rooftops I spent working out of a storefront -the Addie Mae Collins Center- located on Fifth Avenue at 129th Street in Harlem, work similar perhaps to what Barack Obama was doing in Chicago before he became a politician.

    What else? Lately, as I mentioned in this thread we knocked on doors for Mr. Obama in North Las Vegas ’07, voted for him for ’08 and again in 2012. There’s other stuff that would suggest BasicFunguist is a progressive, but who knows.

    With regard to the loss of constitutional rights if you cannot agree with me that the Homeland Security law, Levin-McCain, the constant state of war promulgated as the war on terror, and various findings of our Supreme Court do not augur a path endangering our liberties -if not under this chief executive but some future one bought by monied interests inimical to the American people…well, we share differing opinions.

    Six dollar words? Ad Hominem is an error in logic one learns studying Rhetoric, one of the Liberal Arts. It means attacking the person, rather than his argument. I am at a loss with regard to your words concerning corn.

    “Mother Jones”? By which you mean the left-wing equivalent of Fox News?

    Finally, I am joyously pleased that I cannot but pray for you because prayers are for all that is good.

  11. Wow! ACLU, Jon Stewart, Salon’s David Sirota… Interesting to note the varied political stripes of the last 24 hours expressing support for Sen. Paul’s position on the constitutional dangers inherent in excessive power accruing to the Executive Branch of our government.

    Of course, this would be an “argumentum ad auctoritate”; another rhetorical error in logic.

    Of course “it” cannot happen here. This is the United States of America. We do not do authoritarian take-overs.

    Sailors in the waters of the Gulf of Tonkin, weapons of mass destruction, remember the Maine…make the world safe for democracy with a war to end all wars, December 6th 1941, a day that shall live in infamy and that day in late November in Dallas when the question should have been, “who didn’t want to kill him?”

    Nah! Cannot happen here. Not in Amerika.

    BasicFunguist respectfully urges vigilent skepticism on the part of all fellow citizens.

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