Romney’s Spin On Disaster Relief Is Coming Your Way

Mitt Romney - under water - relief disaster    :

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and the loss of life and billions of dollars worth of damage, Mitt Romney’s statement from last June calling for the privatization of disaster relief services, should spell the end of his presidential dream. But it won’t, even though for-profit disaster relief would be a nightmare of epic proportions. It won’t end Romney’s chances of winning in the same way that getting caught on video dismissing 47 percent of the population as lazy free-loaders didn’t hurt Romney much. Nor did his refusal to release anything other than two years of tax returns create much of a stir.

How about the fact that a man who is running for the office of president of the United States has Swiss bank accounts and tax havens in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands – all for the purpose of avoiding income tax. Was that a game changer? Nope. Nor was his op-ed piece in the NY Times calling for the government to let GM and the automobile industry go bankrupt a big enough error in judgment to dismiss him as suitable for the Oval Office.

Why not?

The fact is that in saner times any of the above would have killed off any possibility of a presidential candidate winning. But not so with Romney. With the help of an influential and morally-bankrupt conservative media that shields this shyster with layers and layers of spin, Romney is still in the running.


Let’s see how Romney spins his way out of his FEMA comments. I’m not sure what he’ll say but whatever it is, it’ll satisfy conservatives. They’re an easy bunch to please when the only true conviction so many of them hold is ensuring that the black guy is a one-term president.


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29 thoughts on “Romney’s Spin On Disaster Relief Is Coming Your Way

  1. YEPPERS! This entire election is about race, and nothing more. Issues don’t count, nor do qualifications. That racist pig, Mitch McConnell, set the agenda four years ago, and has played to the worst motives of the low-info voters, continuously. And Reince Priebus, the Chair of the Greedy Old Party, has his lips glued to McConnell’s anus so firmly, that separating them would take a drone exploding on Mitch’s ass.

  2. Private sector? Can you spell “gouge”? That is his actual vision – huddled masses constantly being gouged by a few rich people.

    By Tennessee Ernie Ford:
    You load sixteen tons, what do you get
    Another day older and deeper in debt
    Saint Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go
    I owe my soul to the company store

  3. Romney will just act like he never said those things about disaster relief. That’ll be good enough for the right wing. And the fact that a whole bunch of right wingers will be getting government assistance because of Hurricane Sandy – they’ll gladly take the help, but ya think it’ll change any of their minds one bit about the role of government? Doubt it.

    Got a Facebook post from my wingnut sister last night. She lives on Long Island, right in the middle of the hurricane. Know what the post was about? “Obama has a lot of explaining to do about Benghazi.” They’re hopeless!

    I just hope that more than half of the voters in this country are smart enough to realize that Obama’s by far the better choice. It’s very frustrating to realize that presenting facts and logic to these people is a waste of time.

  4. I have to say MomCat 8 that the picture you painted in my mind made me laugh!

    Saint Stephen – you only have to worry about the group in OH. If more than 1/2 of them get it…we’re good.

    I’m still advocating giving them their own part of the country to screw up. I’m really tired of the wingnuts.

  5. I can just see a private sector FEMA invest in saving lives when their budgets would never allow it. They would charge states and municipalities usury prices so they can payout billions for every hurricane disaster but with certain pre-existing conditions. Government is concerned about people but private enterprise is concerned about profit. In every circumstance whether hurricane or tornado,human life will be far behind the ledger columns.

    It takes the power of the people to help people and privatizing FEMA would have worse catastrophic results human wise compared to the financial crises natural disasters create.

    Dismantling Obamacare and privatizing FEMA suggest guaranteed hardship for people and we would go down the line of insurance companies and disaster relief not on the side of victims. And that in a nutshell is the greatest country in the world

  6. Diane, not a bad idea. Divide the country and place the wingnuts all together. The only problem is they will screw it up so bad that they will start sneaking across the border. In the end, they will all be back with us, complaining that we don’t do it their way – and in the meantime, 1/2 the country had been ruined. The water won’t be drinkable; oil will have been spilled everywhere; pollution will hang in thick clouds; wars will have been started; etc.

  7. Let’s just build a fence and not let them come back in — I have several hammers and lots of nails…of course, once we start building it, they’ll see how easy it is to slip by and will complain because we can’t keep them out.

    I just want to know what company in all of the world would hire and train employees, buy all the necessary equipment and supplies needed to respond to a storm and then keep meeting payroll while they wait for a storm to hit?

    Methinks Mr. Romney is an idiot.

  8. I do know that Chris Christie just gained a great deal of favor in my eyes. I am also sure that if he chooses to run for the White House in 2016, he will get a lot of cudos for his stand by our president after Sandy hit his state and Obama gave him the kind of support he needed and surely didn’t expect in such a firm and clear way.

    I enjoyed seeing the opened mouths from the “Fox and Friends” crew when Christie let them know just how much he appreciated this president. What an unexpected endorsement.

    Though it’s a tragedy what Hurricane Sandy has done to the East Coast, it has given our president a chance to rise to the occasion and show just how much of a great president he is. The question is; just how much is Sandy going to affect the election, being that so many people in those areas may not be able to vote or else it may be the last thing on their minds on election day with all that’s happened.

  9. Fidlerten.

    Christie is pretty sure Romney ain’t coming in so he is playing his fiddle for 2016. He is announcing his nonpartisan side and he may pull it off if power does not corrupt him.

  10. All I have to say this is:

    How dare President Obama show the GOP how things should be done.

    Doesn’t he know that in the GOP these days ignorance is good, competence is bad, incompetence is good, compassion is evil, and greed is good, lies are the gospel truth, and the gospel truth are lies from the deepest bowels of Hell.


  11. I’m still advocating giving them their own part of the country to screw up. I’m really tired of the wingnuts.

    I am all in !! How about Kansas? They already have such a good start with that state. Sorry if you are a Kansan, but we will make room for you in all the other great places in the NEW US.

  12. You are not thinking this through. Kansas is in the middle of the US. We are going to get hit, too, when they start war with Canada or Mexico. Also, in the middle makes it too easy for them to sneak back in.

    It has to be on the edge, like Washington and Oregon. I realize that those states are very pretty and it’s going to be a damn shame to see the pollution there in a few years, but we have to be able to put up a border that will work.

    On second thought, the SE would be good – Florida, Alabama, etc. They can deal directly with the hurricanes without that bothersome FEMA. It also puts them out there when they start war with Russia – away from us.

  13. I saw a report this morning that Mittens was asked 14 times yesterday about his past comments about Fema and 14 times he declined a reply!! He’s a piece of work!

  14. How about Alaska. It is already VERY red. Then they would be out of the way and isolated, plenty of room, close to other fascists like Putin, and perfectly positioned to watch the northern ice cap melt for good.

  15. We could fence off North Dakota (or both Dakotas if necessary). Let ‘em have all the guns they want, live without taxes, FEMA, no reproductive health care, and let them set up their theocracy – won’t it be fun when they enact the death penalty for adultery?

    After a couple generations e could check in and see if there are any survivors.

  16. Cheryl, that depends on who establishes the theocracy. If the Christian Reconstrictionists take over, it’ll probably be as you say. If it’s the Christian Dominionists, they’ll kill ‘em both.

  17. I like Alaska – Canada would have to build the fence. I live in WA — they already have the eastern side of the state. I refuse to cede the western side of the Cascades to them. Lots of them up there want to secede anyway. And since I blame Palin for unleashing this plague on us, I think that’s the perfect place for them!

  18. We dodged a bullet there, Diana. Lets hope and pray we dodge the one leveled at us in this election!

  19. Let’s hope so. My Ohio cousin assures me Ohio is Obama’s. I sure hope she’s right. The one thing I hope Ohioans learn in the future is to never, ever elect and GOP Secretary of State. It’s a lesson that needs to be learned all across the country, these days.

  20. I heard one of the reprehensible Romney ads accusing the President of destroying the auto industry yesterday which was directed at Ohions. It was totally sickening and repulsive. His lying scare tactic ads are an insult to the intelligence of the voting public.

  21. Dear Karen: I guess we will see how intelligent the voting public is once the election has been decided. (Or how effective the Supreme Court has been in making our Democratic Republic “For Sale” to the highest bidder, eh?)

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