3 thoughts on “Republicans ask, “Can I burn down your house?”

  1. You can’t reason with stupidity. Stupidity is stubborn because somebody else carries the message and one has no incentive to verify the truth.

    Burning America and it’s people’s will is not acceptable. Go play in another corner

  2. I forced myself to watch Jay Leno talk with Gingrich last night…the old blowhard had all the talking points down pat. Thank goodness Kathy Giffords confronted him on some of the nonsense he was spewing…and the audience went wild…until Jay hushed them.
    Searching for some sanity from the original shutdown king was a waste of time and breath…just as trying to “negotiate” with these tyranists.
    If I heard right, Boehner will forego the phony Hastert Rule on the Debt Ceiling…and he wouldn’t do that if enough members didn’t have his back to assure him he’d still hold the gavel.

    Do we dare to think this mini era of insanity will come to an end?

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