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Contributor John Liming has a few things to say on the Republican Party and the “blank-eyed moronic robot clones” it creates in its wake of delusional politics.


First of all, you don’t do the working classes or the poor any favors with a plan that cuts programs designed to help these folks by as much as $5.3 trillion and then giving tax breaks that amount to as much as $4.3 trillion to the very wealthiest of all Americans, that fabled 1% you might have heard of.

In other words, you don’t help the poor by taking away their food so that the highest residents on the food chain can have cheap slop for their hogs.

And why would some of the more radical Conservatives push such programs?  What is a justifiable reason for robbing the poor to enrich the already rich?

Some of the stories I have heard tell me that some of the Righties believe that austerity forced upon those who have little and have great needs is a lesson in, of all things, moral development.

It seems that some crazies feel that taking away the support system used by the very needy serves some kind of insane idea that Spartan deprivation leads to stronger moral fiber and character development.

My Dad, himself a fanatic Republican til the day he died, believed with all his heart that it was an honor to be poor and struggling and that to desire improvement in his personal wealth was some kind of immoral thing.  He had learned the reverse psychology of his Right Wing masters well.  It was, somehow, alright for his “Betters” to have the wealth of the world, but it was shameful for him to want a share.

It is that kind of aristocratic elitism that is, even now, trying to get it’s grubby, grasping, greedy hands on the reins of American Government again in 2012 and I think their entire motivation is based on a desire to rob, to loot and to pillage and plunder because I sure as Heck haven’t seen much evidence that they have any kind of substantial plans to help those who need help the most climb up out of despair.

Instead, the idea seems to be to cut as many American anti-poverty programs down to the bare bones and then beyond and to shift the money that supports those programs to tax breaks and incentives for people at the top of the food chain who have absolutely no need of much of anything at all.  I think this kind of attitude is, at best, barbaric!

But some of them have been selling the dickens out of this tripe and the gullible seem to be jumping on their bandwagon of lies, deceptions and treacheries in growing numbers.

Because bloggers like myself have been blowing the whistle on some of these draconian agendas from the Right and the Radical Right, some of them are calling us “Brainwashed.”  Look who is talking is all I can say to that!  The Rightie Myth Machine is the greatest brainwash mechanism invented in the modern age of electronic communications in my opinion.  It is, in fact, so efficient in it’s ability to create blank-eyed moronic robot clones of itself and it’s progenitors that it’s victims have no idea at all of what has happened to them.

So what I think I am looking at is a bunch of poor deluded souls who have listened to bullcrap from the Right for so long they have started to accept it as Gospel and I believe the day will surely come when they find themselves totally betrayed by those in which they are misplacing their trust and what a day of mourning that will be!

This one particularly obnoxious Right Wing idiot that used to like to haunt my blog and taunt me asked me, “What will all you Libs do when all your government entitlement programs fiinally come crashing down?”

After thinking it over, there was only one answer I could think of: “When our government entitlement programs come crashing down, I believe it will be because of something the far right extreme has done or engineered and once the Public understands what has happened and who is responsible, there will be one Heck of a political price for Righties to pay for their treachery against The American People.

And make no mistake about it, folks, it is my firm belief and opinion that Radical American Conservatism, 2012-style, represents one of the most insidiously destructive threats to American Democracy of any ideology in a hundred years.

I think the whole Extremest Political Machine runs on bitterness, hatred, feelings of inadequacy, gall, and that like most such things tends to not only consume itself but everything that crosses it’s path.

And I think it tries to do the whole act on the pretense of Faith, Family and Moral Values and I think that it has done more to expose itself to the light of truth this time around than ever before… because… it is desperate.  I think it is losing steam and it has become dangerously desperate to justify itself and perhaps to even survive as a viable political ideology in Modern America.

Let’s all prove them to be right about themselves.

Let’s vote Democrat in November, 2012.

That would frost a few willies wouldn’t it?


John publishes The Liming Liberal Democrat.

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11 thoughts on “Radical Conservatism

  1. The land of the free has been transformed to the land of me,myself and I. The greedy rich have been given their tax breaks and we still have 23 million out of work. Social justice is far from the minds of the conservtives and to them,helping those in need is helping them stay on their behinds and enjoy welfare. The American dream has been granted to the 2% of America and if they look behing them they will see 98% struggling to get there. The many of our society has made comparatively a few rich but the rich conveniently forget about the many who want to reach their american dream. We applaud success by the generosity of many to encourage a new idea but expect tax fairness from the few to help pay for education,innovation,research,infrastructure etc….Strengthening the middle class is a good start but we must not leave the 14 million poor behind.America never leaves anybody behind. Using intellect and cooperation with the United Nations to deal with world problems with dictators does not make America weak but rather smart and utilizes other countries’ assets to fight wars and releaves pressures on our debt load.

    Democrats and Obama understand the true meaning of government of the people and voting has to be for a party that promotes sharing values of America. GO DEMOCRATS ! Obama = mc2 + poor

  2. Some of my ideas about the republican thought process.
    1. The red states republicans that vote for this austerity, believe that the GOP is talking about SOMEONE else when the scream about the “foodstamp, tax-sucking lazy welfare queens” that are living off of the hardworking Americans.
    They believe that they will be fine, because they are deserving.
    2. The republican politicians KNOW that they will be OK with their $180,0000./year plus benefits, so what’s there to worry about? Just throw in a few words about Jesus, saving fetuses, undeserving brown and black people, and you are a shoe-in with the sheeple.
    3. The republicans know that if they can win using their new stradegy of “lying and buying” the election this year, Their in like flint, and never have to campaign on what their real plans are again. They can buy the government and hold it for decades. Maybe forever.

  3. No tyranny lasts forever! People eventually rise to throw off the lash of their oppressors. Oppressors may establish themselves in the heat of a passionate moment, but once the people have suffered enough, righteousness and common sense will prevail again. That is how America was born and that is how America shall persevere. If there is, but for a moment in time a hiccup in the process and the despairing clouds of radicalism close over the nation – – – it shall not be forever. Good always wins in the end. One cannot fear fire until one has suffered a burn. The flames of Radicalized Psuedo-Christo-Dominionist-Conservatism may lick around the feet of a nation for a season, but in the end the refreshing torrents from a higher place descend to wash it all new again. It is the cycle of Mankind and it’s collective experiences. Fear nothing! Everything has a time and a purpose! Maybe it is time for a renewal but remember that iron must pass through the fire before it can become steel. But oh the purity of the steel once it has been tempered!

  4. My grandpa use to say, the difference between a Democrat and a republican is, that a Democrat will pull his head out of his @$$ and look around once in a while and ask questions… a republican wont.

  5. John, I love reading your posts, but I think that you have a hard time accepting the GRIP that the republican party has on their followers. I don’t doubt that when foodstamps and healthcare and welfare programs are cut off that we will see many people take to the streets when they realize that they don’t want to watch either their children or others starving and homeless on the streets of ” the wealthiest country in the world”. But I’d do believe that when a republican government tells them how smart they were with their vote and how they understand that these social programs need to go, and that, in fact, is what they DID vote for, they will believe and accept what is happening to them as a necessary evil. THey will turn to the only person they have left, Jesus. The churches will provide enough food to keep them alive, and they are so brainwashed, that they will count their blessings and thank god for the can of beans they had for dinner. And if the minimum wage goes by the wayside, they will praise the lord for that part time job that pays them $1.50/hr.
    I know that it is hard to believe that these people won’t feel betrayed, but I think they will accept everything that happens to them quietly. That it is all gods plan.

  6. I do not have a hard time accepting the GRIP they have on their followers because I saw the GRIP their predecessors had in Europe in WWII. The Allies fixed things however. None of this sort of thing goes on forever.

  7. John, nothing lasts forever, but a republican government can last our and our children’s lifetime. And we are on our own here. There is no one that is going to help us. In fact I think most nations would love to see USA get its comeuppance, with riots and demonstrations and unrest, because god only knows we have spread those same thing to many countries in the name of shoving democracy down their throats. We are alone. We have no allies, to come and save the day, in fact, in our own country, the republicans have convinced their people that half of the American public are their enemy, out to destroy this country. If Obama loses, if the GOP stradegy of lying and buying political elections is successful, I would say that we are not only alone in our power to change anything, we are hopelessly alone, and that will last a long long time.

  8. A couple of years ago I got an e-mail out of the blue from someone I had known when I was in high school. It is always nice to hear from old friends, but it seems that he has become a poor rightie and the exchange of e-mail only lasted a few days. My first mistake seems to have been when he told me he had owned a small screen printing business, but didn’t make a lot of money and was now living in Alaska operating a B&B with his wife, in retirement. I wrote back that success isn’t just measured by money alone and that from the pics he sent of the B&B and his wife and dog he looked happy and I considered that successful. That was when the shi** hit the fan. Long story short [not that long, but no fun at all] he said “I was afraid that you were one of those” he meant a liberal. That e-mail was dripping with venom as if I was too vile to even talk to. Funny thing is I wasn’t even talking politics, I thought, just pleasant conversation between old friends trying to catch up after many years. His problem was my giving value to non-monitary happieness, that made me some kind of “liberal-commie-socialist”.

    Little does he know ;)

  9. Dear Sydney – – the sad part is that what you say might be the God’s honest truth to some degree. There were some Peoples in The Bible who wandered in their particular deserts of affliction for quite some time; even whole generations in some instances.

    But guess what? Deliverance always came didn’t it? Deliverance came somewhere down the road. That is how God is.

    So I guess we are all going to have to do the best we can with what we have and hope that no one decides to put Liberals, intellectuals and scientists into Labor Camps or something. It may not get to that awful point, but you should try to remember that some oppressions end in other ways – – – Look at the plight of the common people in Russia in 1917. Look at the plight of The Early American Colonists – – – all these were disorganized, rag-tag populations who seemed to have no hope at all and something intervened to bring new light into their lives.

    This sort of turmoil has gone on throughout all recorded History and I don’t think anything is likely to change very much as long as Human Nature remains what it is.

    Cheer up and grab whatever blessings you can find along life’s path and help others where possible.

    Remember that God hears the cry of the righteous and His Ear is open to the suffering of His Children. Nothing evil can last forever and if you have a sense of yourself as a spiritual being, nothing can by any means harm you either.

  10. Dear Dinamic – – I had an eerily similar experience with an old school chum just this very month in which we are living. He came out of nowhere inviting me to a school class reunion and then went on a tirade of trying to convert me to his rightist extremest ideology. He tried for a few months and failed and finally told me that I too was a communist and that he had nothing further to say to me and I haven’t heard from him since. I guess the power of ideological brainwash is great indeed sometimes. Of course we lose nothing in these encounters – – -when they dump us we are the winners. They are stuck with their dark miseries. Rejoice and be exceeding glad when men shall revile you and say all manner of evil against you for righteousness’ sake – – for so persecuted they the Prophets which were before you. When you are rejected by such as these, I think it is a sign that you are on the right track because the good of this world do their share of suffering. It is like steel being made in a fire. Feel blessed because it is you who are the winner.

  11. John, Actually, contrary to my usual reaction to being dumped, I felt relieved and maybe just a little superior when he said that he didn’t want any further contact with me ;) I know that doesn’t put me in the greatest light. I think it is Paul Ryan who brings out the need in me to be totally honest.

    P.S. I really enjoy your posts, keep them coming.

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