6 thoughts on “Save Big Bird, Vote Obama

  1. And what about all of the other great programming on PBS?
    He acts like doing this and finding and removing loopholes will somehow pay for all of his tax cuts.

  2. I call that nickel and diming a station that contributes to the education of America. It proves again that education will take a big hit with the Repubicans and it explains why the Democrats are on the right track in their efforts to raise the standards in education and have a better educated population. For Republicans,It is so much better to look at violence,thievery and deceit on TV than the grand design of this earth on PBS.

    The rich would like the poor and middle-class to stay uninformed so they can keep voting for clueless Republicans that are ready to stick it to them every time around. Democrats will raise the bar and the country will rise on the world stage in the education of its population..

    OBAMA/BIDEN for 2012

  3. Don’t know if you saw Newt Gingrich’s interview at Pierce Morgan. When asked if he would kill the Big Bird, his reply was, “I love Big Bird, but I think I will kill it”. Pierce Morgan, “How can you kill it if you love it?”. Gingrich, “Well we kill the birds we love all the time, to eat them”. I can see Romney salvating at Big Bird. Reminded me of Mad Magazine’s cartoon where Jimmy Carter was seen salvating on Statue of Liberty that was nude in his mind, after he told Playboy Magazine, “I have seen many a women with lust”.

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