Bill Maher: Voting Republican is an Act of Stupidity by the Middle Class

If you missed Bill Maher’s Real Time last Friday, you missed him delivering one of his most scathing condemnations of Republicans and those who choose to vote for them.

“And before you accuse me of equating the Casey Anthony verdict with Republican thinking — save your breath, I am. I’m equating them. If you’re a working-class American who still votes Republican then you don’t get to bitch about that verdict.”


“[Half of American voters] say ‘I’m with the party that cuts all these programs for real people, for the 99 percent. Planned Parenthood, environmental protection, college, health care, infrastructure, but holds the line on private jets.’ Voting for them is as stupid as voting not guilty for the mom who lost her baby for a month and went looking at a wet t-shirt contest.”


“Yes, Republican base, you are just like that jury. It’s pathetically clear who’s killing the middle class but you keep letting them get away with murder.”

Maher is absolutely right. I’ve often wondered what motivates a middle class American to vote for a party which time after time has shown itself to be a party which cares little for them…party which lessens their ability to better their lives with every piece of legislation they propose…a party whose single aim appears to be to find better ways to keep the Koch brothers and their rich buddies happy.

I don’t what it’s going to take for middle class Republican voters to wake up. What more must be done to them before they realize that the political party they keep on voting for is, in essence, destroying them?

“The money elite in America are dragging a bag filled with your future down the steps and your reaction is, ‘Hold on there, that looks heavy. Let me give you a hand getting it into your car.’ “





8 thoughts on “Bill Maher: Voting Republican is an Act of Stupidity by the Middle Class

  1. That last Maher quote is perfect. They’re literally watching the killer drag the body to the car and asking him to help out. Fox, Limbaugh and the rest have done their jobs well.

  2. With Ann Coulter just an arms reach away, keeping it low key so she can hawk her latest book. Oh irony.

  3. I really missed out on Bill Maher for most of the run of Real TIme ’cause I can’t afford HBO, but thanks to the internet, I can manage to watch it regularly of I’m willing to wait until Saturday. Watching Friday’s program really drove home just how loathsome Ann Coulter is – and I didn’t think Amanda Foreman was much of an improvement. On the other hand, not only does Bill Maher, unlike other pundits, bring people with opposing views ontohis show, he lets them speak out no matter how noxious they are.

  4. First they took your job, then they took your car, now they’re trying to take your pension. Don’t give them your vote, it’s the only thing you have left.

  5. You can’t change their minds with rason, facts, or logic. They aren’t using any. This is faith-based voting. No one using thought and reason could even consider the likes of Bachmann for any office, never mind the presidency (and besides, if you stare into that moonbat crazy gaze, you’re turned to stone). Appealing to these people with reason achieves nothing as they didn’t use any reasoning skills to arrive at their position, and very possibly have no such skills.

    The rich, the Kochsuckers, yeah, I get why they’re behind the Tea Party madness and pure GOP. They want no one regulating, no one watching while they rape what’s left of America. For them, it’s all self-interest…and I guess the first step in that campaign was to convince the working class GOP morons to hold America down while they unzipped. As Mr. Lincoln put it, you can fool some of the people all of the time. God help the rest of us.

  6. There is no doubt in any mind that is capable of Reasoning that the act of voting for a Republican is always an act of total stupidity at all times and in all circumstances. America has proven, with 56 consecutive years of Democrat Administrations that She desires to have Democratic governance. The whole Republican platform is against any of the finer values that define America, most especially in the areas of compassion for the less fortunate citizens. The so-called “Middle Class” Republicans are especially to be pitied because they expect so much more from their chosen party than they receive. They actually get scammed in a manner of speaking because their party makes victims of them. Only the rich elite can actually gain favor in that party. Those who are not rich are considered to deserve their fiscal state because the Republicans think that they lack the necessary “Discipline” to rise above their circumstances. So, the “Common, Ordinary, Everyday non-wealthy Republicans” are thrown under the train by their own. It is deplorable and deserves no place in a Democratic Republic like America.

  7. …if you stare into that moonbat crazy gaze, you’re turned to stone…

    It’s been pretty well established by now that it’s the crazy liberals who are moonbats. Crazy conservatives are batshit.

  8. Yes, Bill Maher brings to this table people of opposing views. There might be some value in that booking practice if reactionaries have too little air time and deserve more, or if equal weight should be given to the fact-averse and to espousers of reality. Ann Coulter is not the latter. On the contrary, hers is a world of Blade Runner fantasy, and the messages she relays from it are delivered at top speed and high volume. Try being calm, reasonable, and passionate in Coulter-like pandemonium. It can’t be done. It’s a waste, and that’s what too many editions of the Maher show are.

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