On Republicans, War and Dung


It would appear that the only true prerequisites for anyone wishing to run as a Republican candidate these days is that they be totally delusional and out of touch with reality – past and present. A sort of leave your brain at the door policy.

Kristia Cavere, from Tuxedo in Orange County, is the Tea Party and a Republican candidate for New York’s 19th Congressional District seat held by Hall. Cavere thinks that the Democrats have co-opted Republican values and claims, among other things, that:

The Republicans are the ones who liberated Europe in World War II.”

Amazing.  Every new Republican we hear from these days is one notch dumber than the previous one. This is the party that has Sue Lowden running in Nevada chattering on about her big breakthrough in health care reform – pay your doctor’s bill with chickens. Don’t have a chicken to barter with?  No problem.  Dr. Quackenbush also accepts sheep, pigs and, as a last resort, a turtle dove and a partridge in a pear tree. Just don’t forget to pack them in your overnight bag when you go in for that lobotomy.

Then there’s J.D Hayworth, the birther whack job in Arizona running against John McCain. If this guy wins, he’ll give Michele Bachmann a good run for her money for top spot in the Really Really Stupid Republican category.

And of course there is lovely Sarah Palin, a permanent fixture on the political scene, who makes a jackass of herself every time she opens her mouth or reads the palms of her hands.

Is there any doubt that the GOP is the party of choice for imbeciles, racists, homophobes, bigots, gun nuts, birthers, militia kooks and teabaggers?  It’s like flies gravitating towards a pile of fresh dung, put in place compliments of their favorite Republican politician. The aroma is way too attractive for this demented lot to resist.

So Republicans liberated Europe you say?  Fine.  I’m sure you’re right. Now please put on that pretty white jacket and get back to your padded cell before you hurt yourself.


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8 thoughts on “On Republicans, War and Dung

  1. Thomas who’s a old freind of my fathers and a Democrat is going to be very discouraged to find that his efforts during WW2 had no vieable effect despite the fact he got shot twice.

  2. This rant should be copied and pasted on ever blog on the net.It is the ultimate description of the GOP

  3. wow, they really know no shame with their revisionist histories. They are even publishing books to replace the current history books in our public schools….If they have their way there will soon be a whole generation of children growing up believing wrong history…

    A fact checker needs to shadow each and every Repub, conservative, teabagger and every time they open their mouth the fact checker needs to respond — with the facts

  4. Other eternal Republican truths:
    – The Democrats crucified our lord and savior.
    – Ronald Reagan healed the economy when it accidentally touched the hem of His garment.
    – The Beatles plagiarized their entire catalog from Glenn Beck.
    – Sarah Palin is not only the greatest woman who ever lived, but her penis is bigger than yours, too.

  5. Oh, Ed, I wish I hadn’t been taking a drink of coffee while reading your point! It took me almost five minutes to stop coughing and to clean my monitor and keyboard.

    But I still thank you. It was worth it.

    Ah, Sarah Darling! You never fail to entertain us…

  6. Today Rush Limbaugh suggested that left wing environmentalists intentionally blew up the oil rig in the gulf to gin up ire against off-shore drilling.
    At least Randle Patrick Murphy kept us guessing about his mental health.

  7. So Sarahs Penis is larger then mine, uuuum I hate to admit it but
    thats not really saying much……….Imagine if Lennon was alive
    what He would have to say about Beck.

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