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Republican shampoo :

Still not convinced that Republicans have lost their minds? Then take a look at this political ad out of South Dakota between Republican Kristi Noem and Democrat Matt Varilek. The Republican Party of South Dakota used the following intro as a teaser.

South Dakotans need to remember that while Kristi Noem was working here on the farm Matt Varilek was gallivanting around the globe in support of radical environmental policies and throwing wild Washington parties.

Watch and get ready to be shocked out of your wits when you discover the nature of those “wild Washington parties.”


Corn dog parties! It doesn’t get any wilder than that. And yes, you are forgiven if you mistook the ad for a comedy video skit.

Kind of sick, isn’t it? Only in the demented minds of the GOP would anyone dare criticize an individual for pursuing higher education, traveling the world and taking an active interest in preserving the planet for all. Yet, these same people seem to have no problem supporting a man who avoided taxes by stashing his millions in foreign tax havens and who was a major player in shipping American jobs overseas.

If the GOP represented my views, I’d have to seriously consider walking around with a paper bag over my head. They’re an embarrassment to everything that is smart and decent in this world. They really are.


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7 thoughts on “News From Wingnuttia

  1. The republican party has done such a wonderful job in demonizing Barak Obama, using racism, fear, lies, propaganda, and 24/7 continuious bullshit crazy media, that no republican is voting for Romney…..they are voting against Obama and all democrats. They have their ignorant eyes on the prize of that totalitarian regime of their dreams of a utopian future. They believe their glittering goal will solve all the problems of the world and they must follow the one true path. These people are gullible asshats.
    And if they actually get to see the sack of bulkshit in action that the republicans have selling, the “rational” republicans are going to be shocked when they realize what they bought.
    If there is any such thing as a rational republican.

  2. Shame on Matt Varelik for getting all that edumacation! That arrogant twit! And supporting cap and trade. Why, the Republicans haven’t supported that in years! And that corn dog thing.

    Are these people for real?

  3. Oh, and also he went to all those foreign countries. Real Murkans don’t need to go to any other countries, because the USA is the greatest country in the world!

  4. I laughed at this more than a SNL skit. I couldn’t believe it was for real.
    Let me get this straight:

    Matt – educated, world-traveled and accomplished – and eats corn dogs

    Kristi – Can shovel horse shit with the best of them, evidently doesn’t know a thing off the farm – AND DOESN’T EAT CORN DOGS!!

    Yep, a clear choice.

    Please note that the sex parties thrown by the Romney supporter that hosted a fundraiser (the one where Mittens was caught talking about the 47%) was OK because AT LEAST THEY DID’T HAVE CORN DOGS THERE!!

  5. I love corn dogs … have been eating corn dogs since I was a kid … still do. Am still a clear-headed Democrat thank God! Rich

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