Truth Takes a Beating In Paul Ryan’s Convention Speech

Paul Ryan - Pinocchio   :

A long time ago, in a make-believe land, this conversation took place.

The Blue Fairy: You must learn to choose between right and wrong.
Pinocchio Ryan: Right and wrong? But how will I know?
Jiminy Cricket: [watching] How’ll he know!
The Blue Fairy: [to Pinocchio Ryan] Your conscience will tell you.
Pinocchio Ryan: What are conscience?
Jiminy Cricket: What are conscience! I’ll tell ya! A conscience is that still small voice that people won’t listen to. That’s just the trouble with the world today…
Pinocchio Ryan: Are you my conscience?
Jiminy Cricket: Who, me?

It appears that Paul Ryan never did find out what a conscience is or, if he did, he has no use for one. He took the stage last night at the Republican National Lie-Fest and repeated every lying talking point that Republicans have been pushing for the last year.

Dan Amira could not have worded it better in stating that Paul Ryan is betting on the ignorance of America to sell his story.

Paul Ryan has a reputation as a nerdy budget wonk, but tonight in his RNC speech, he transformed into an attack dog. Running the gamut on the many, varied transgressions of President Obama — including the stimulus, the jobs crisis, ObamaCare, the debt, Medicare, and, obviously, “You didn’t built that” — Ryan had the crowd laughing, booing, and frequently showering him with piercingly loud standing ovations thanks to a slew of pitch-perfect applause lines. While this is just a hunch, we expect that his focus on Obama’s inability to adequately revive the economy probably hit home with a lot of moderate voters. In short, it was, without a doubt, the best, most effective speech of the convention.

It was also appallingly disingenuous and shamelessly hypocritical.

And then there’s this little fact which turns out to be what the entire Romney/Ryan campaign of dishonesty hinges upon.

But here’s the thing: Most of the millions of people who watched the speech on television tonight do not read fact-checks or obsessively consume news fifteen hours a day, and will never know how much Ryan’s case against Obama relied on lies and deception. Ryan’s pants are on fire, but all America saw was a barn-burner.

If you didn’t hear the speech, Amira has a long list of Ryan’s lies including his claim that Obama and the stimulus were responsible for a plant closing in Ohio…in December 2008! This was a month before Barack Obama took office and a bunch of months before the stimulus was passed.

If Jiminy Cricket was referring to conservatives and Republicans, he was right. They stopped listening to their conscience a long time ago and it’ll be evident again tonight in even grander fashion when Romney takes the stage.


(The Paul Ryan source photograph is a Creative Commons licensed image from photographer Gage Skidmore.)

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24 thoughts on “Truth Takes a Beating In Paul Ryan’s Convention Speech

  1. What is the only issue for which Mr. Romney has not flip-flopped? He stands firm on not releasing his tax returns. Why so firm on this issue?

    Mr. Romney is running for President of the United States.
    This is a position of Trust.
    Ronald Reagan said, “Trust but Verify.”
    Mr. Romney has said, “Trust me,” re his tax returns.
    It is not unreasonable for voters to want to “Verify.

    It is not just liberals who want to see Romney’s tax returns.
    It is 63% of American voters who do.

    The longer Mr. Romney delays, the more suspicious it appears.

    Obama released 8 years of tax returns
    GW Bush 10 years
    Clinton 12 years
    GHW Bush 14 years
    George Romney 12 years.

    What is the problem, Mr. Romney? Release your tax returns.

  2. Thankfully even a Fox person called him out…Andrew Sullivan…network “news”!?!

    All I have to say is his Mother should be ashamed of him.

    Remember…POTUS has the last say next week.

    There’s still room at the table to make calls to help WIN those pesky battleground states….just saying.

    Visit and sign up…JUST DO IT!!!
    Your President is counting on you.

  3. When you couldn’t possibly win on facts and specifics, your only recourse is to misrepresent everything you stand for and lie through your teeth about your opponent.

  4. Thank God that their convention was first. The Democratic convention can then counter with arguments against their lies. It will get ugly but the Democrats need to respond ASAP against misinformation when it comes out.Took not much imagination for a theme ”We can change it ” versus Obama’s ”Yes we can”. But then innovation has never been part of the Republican party.

    The Paul Ryan that I saw last night was cocky,overconfident and a downright liar. He is a young buck who shoots from the hip but is an inaccurate gunslinger. If he doesn’t understand that changing eight years of Bush spending is a monumental task to change in four years on top of a global recession,he will learn very soon that Congress is a huge but snaily slow governing machine. Changing in Washington takes time and changing administrations often is a recipe for slower progress.

    Condoleeza Rice exuded an intellect superior to the norm but she along with Bush ( no intellect here ) unfortunately were under the thumb of Halliburton’s war monger Dick Chaney. She didn’t have the power as Secretary of State to override Chaney and to this day,it is still surprising that she was duped into the IRAQi war and took authorship of the lies therein. Last night she had no choice but defend what Chaney has always promoted: A national defense that is the best in the world (but at an extraordinary cost). She would never go back into politics because she must be ashamed of what she was part of.

    Obama will need to understand all the issues for the debate but I have no fear that he will delight americans on the way to the future. Communication in the media will be a vital tool that can never be overstated.

  5. The sky is blue
    Water is wet
    Rush Limbaugh makes racist remarks.
    Used cat litter stinks
    Captain Rufus T. Spaulding once shot an elephant in his pajamas.
    The gostak distims the doshes.
    Republicans lie.
    What else is new?

  6. E. A. Blair,

    > Republicans lie.
    > What else is new?

    Exactly. Its the absolute norm. If they dont lie, their brain dead base doesnt get what they want to hear. Its the only way they sustain themselves. Facts just are liberal and that cant be acceptable.

  7. Republicans lie.
    What else is new?

    And democrats don’t lie? This is the reason we’re so fucked as a nation. Liberals lie but deny they do. Conservatives lie but deny they do. You’re getting screwed from both sides and you don’t know it. The closest thing we have to an honest politician is Ron Paul and he won’t be on the ballot. We are so fucked.

  8. bobcat Joe,

    > And democrats don’t lie? This is the reason we’re so fucked as a nation.

    Are you a moron? Where the fuck people like you grow up reasoning power of a dead turtle. Hint: There is no relation between two statements you are comparing. It may be true that democrats lie, but you cant deduce it from a republican lie.

    We are fucked not because of Ron Paul’s absence but because of neanderthals like yourself in our universe.

  9. There are two big problems with Ron Paul. The first is that for every reasonable idea he has expressed, he has also come up with two more that are so crazy that it should qualify him for heavy sedation, a straitjacket and a padded cell*.

    The second is that pitiful excuse for a son, Rand Paul (or, as someone has called him, Ron-Paul II). He’s even more wacko than his father.

    *That needs to be a big cell, because anyone who believes either Paul is a reasonable choice should be in there with them.

  10. I noted both Ann and Mittens failed to mention anything about the poor (women or otherwise) in either or their speeches (not to mention the war – or women soldiers or wives left behind trying to cope through so many deployments). They spoke to the middle class – I guess they assume we don’t care about anyone but ourselves?

    Romney spoke of the high cost of college and student loans, but (of course) failed to mention he wants to return that to the banksters so they can charge higher interest than the government).

    He offers jobs – but not a single plan to get us to them other than “he knows how to do it!”

    He talked of seniors being taken care of but failed to mention when the reduce Medicaid, grandma’s going to need a room with her children and one of them is going to need to quit work to stay home with her – reducing the family income even more.

    As I recall, he made some remarks about us dirty masses that go no response whatsoever and something that sounded suspiciously about government helping people rather than pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps. Doubt that got much of a response. Hopefully, the transcript will be available tomorrow.

    In all my years I’ve never seen a “though the looking glass” campaign such as this. What is frightening is the number of people who believe it and the number of people who are being disenfranchised from voting.

    There were some other points of interest in his speech, but I was staining the deck and didn’t write them down. I’m going to have to go back read his speech.

    I was astounded at McCain’s 5 country war strategy — wonder how we’re going to pay for that with already borrowing 40 cents for every dollar they expound upon every day. And now Romney wants to get on that bandwagon?

    Funny how there’s always enough money (or borrowing is okay) when we want to thump our chest, but our own children going to be hungry, just isn’t that important.

    And, what the hell was that with Clint Eastwood? I missed most of it, but it appears he flipped out and even the campaign is disavowing most of what he said.

    These people can’t run a campaign or a convention and they want to run a country? LOL

    As for Ryan – he’s a lying sack and should never be elected to any public office again. Has anyone checked to see if he’s still running in Wisconsin in case this gig doesn’t work out?

    Would be funny if he’s off that ballot and loses this one. Couldn’t happen to a better loser.

  11. @ Diana: Ryan’s running both races…

    Pity the great Clint Eastwood…I don’t know who wanted him to come on but as he demeaned the presidency and our President, he demeaned himself. Sad way to end a brilliant career. When I remember him in a political frame, it will be the iconic Super Bowl ad, proclaiming support for the President’s policy, NOT to let Detroit go bankrupt…and eloquently describing the soul of America, the original “comeback kid”.

  12. Ron Paul lied about having no responsibility for the racist comments is his own newsletters. Sorry, bobcat Joe – he lied for political expediency, he is not the Libertarian Messiah. He is an old Southern white man who is enamored with the fiction he believes about Ayn Rand, a real person who mostly worshipped a Darwinian, “Survival of the fittest” philosophy of economics. As it turned out in the end she was a hot mess.

    Question: If, “They all lie,” then when did Obama lie?

    We will be “Fucked” if Romney wins and we deploy troops to Iran and Syria. That is the real power of the presidency. Vote for the guy least likely to get us into more wars, Obama.

    Next year Congress will continue to obstruct the president (either party) and our economic problems will get worse as a result. The country is terribly polarized and this is not getting better.

  13. I think Ryan’s decision to stay in the race for his congressional seat is interesting, in that it says that he’s not 100% confident in the Ryan/Rmoney ticket and needs a fallback position. His district is iffy; it went for Bush in ’04 and Obama in ’08, and he may take it on favorite son grounds, but he’s not well-liked outside the first, so there’s no guarantee of statewide support.

    It’s too bad that Wisconsin election law allows him to keep his feet in both races rather than make it an exclusion; for the most part, running for more than one office is not allowed by Wisconsin law, but the national presidential and vice-presidential elections are an exception. What I do not know is what would happen to Ryan’s seat if he were to (may all the deities of all pantheons in history forbid) win both elections -whether it would default to Rob Zerban, his Democratic opponent, or be up to the Governor to appoint another wholly-owned Republican subsidiary of Koch Industries.

    People in Milwaukee do not like Ryan, Republicans or Kochsuckers. The entire city is in Wisconsin’s fourth district, and also includes a few working-class Democratic suburbs (in ’08, Obama took 75% of the vote), and the incumbent, Gwen Moore, is running unopposed. However, Ryan’s district is another matter. Despite his pose as a fiscal conservative, he has brought in a lot of pork for his constituency and that’s what’s kept his career alive.

    Maybe the best outcome (from my point of view) would be for him to lose the national race but keep his seat. It’s not that I wouldn’t like to seem him out on his butt, but it would keep him in the public eye. Until the Republican primary season and debates got going, I would never have thought that Gingrich and Santorum were anything but has-beens, but their time out of the spotlight gave them time to retrench and build a small but fervent following. One thing about Republicans – they always let their failures take another bite at the apple.

  14. OC – the only way it will get better is if the GOP can be marginalized, by voting in more Dems. I noted the GOP is attempting to take back the party from the Ron Paul Libertarians –shutting them out and changing the rules – will these people become disgusted with the GOP? They want war – Libertarian’s don’t. I would think that would be a big issue with them. They also want drug legalization – the Dems are moving more in this direction (at least here in WA), so they may find more in common with the Dems than the GOP. The main divider is the deregulation and no sensible person can possibly believe we can turn this country back over to the corporations with no regulations in place – a Google search of the Ohio River burning is all one needs to know about that (although there are thousands of other examples).

    I think the establishment is pretty unhappy (but scared to death) of the Tea Party freaks. That will be the next war within the GOP – I don’t think they can live in harmony — regardless of their blaming Obama for the downgrade in our credit rating — Wall Street knows exactly who did it. They’re not going to tolerate that again.

    If it weren’t so dangerous, I’d almost turn the place over to the the GOP, so these folks who vote against their own best interest will actually see how screwed they’d be under GOP rule again — especially this GOP rule. They’ve jumped off a cliff, however, and I’d rather not let them drag the country over with them.

    I guess what gets me about them is all the BS about family values — and they simply don’t have them. Eastwood – 5 wives, 7 kids, Gringrich has had his share as well. All the GOP gay bashers who turned out to be gay. They claim to support families, yet they don’t want to do anything for poor families to help them get ahead with better education for their children. They want to allow parents to choose charter schools – but what about the kids left behind in poor schools they don’t want to support. They claim to like teachers and firefighters and cops, yet hate the very unions that help their members get decent pay and benefits as well as protective gear and better classroom sizes.

    They vilify the education system – but don’t recognize that No Child Left Behind has done more damage to the education system than anything and somehow try to pin that on Obama who has Duncan out there doing much (some of which I’m not thrilled with) trying to do reforms to make the system better. Not to mention that 90% of all decision making for schools is done at the local level.

    Their statements have little basis in reality. I heard someone yesterday talk about the “death panel” again. What nonsense – their either stupid or dishonest and the latter is undoubtedly the case.

    And with all their dishonesty, how would anyone in their right mind entrust them with the government. And then I remember Florida voting in Rick (I take the 5th) Scott,.


  15. the only way it will get better is if the GOP can be marginalized, by voting in more Dems.

    I certainly agree Diana. I think there is no reason to believe there are enough clear-minded Americans out there to do that. You mention what the Tea Party did to our credit rating – then the voters in some states nominated even more Tea Party candidates. Low information/stupid/superstitious voters are not going to go away. They will believe their fabricated truth and look only for politicians who support their idiotic fantasies.

  16. Oh, I just heard Jeb again — now I remember — Jeb was pushing the meme about his brother “kept us safe.” Really, Jeb — then what was it that happened on 9/11?

    These people are simply in denial.

  17. He kept us safe…then exactly as Diana states how safe were the folks at Cantor-Fitzgerald that morning, never to see their loved ones again? SAFE!!!? Vaporized!! Richard Wright trying to get ” Dr Rice’s attention about the material increase in intelligence “buzz” suggesting “something big involving airplanes”…a week before the attack. She has stated that she has no recollection of Wright accosting her. No recollection.

    And perhaps saddest of all, Bush placing the Presidential Medal of Freedom around the neck of George Tenet on whose CIA watch nearly three thousand citizens lost their lives. SAFE??!!?? And Tenet provided, as Cheney kept demanding, an intelligence basis for our attack upon Iraq…when there was no credible basis to launch such deadly folly…other than the German intelligence asset, an Iraqi drunken mental case known as “Screwball”.

    And the disgraceful work of Rumsfeld’s hand-picked attorneys John Hoo and Douglas Feith in providing legal cover for our torture practices. Rumy said “Squat”; they said, “What color, boss?”

    And make no mistake George was looking for a war with Iraq, as witnessed by Bush’s first Treasury chief, Paul O’Neill who heard the din to “Do Iraq” from the neocon half-wits with whom Bush surrounded himself from the first days of George’s presidency.

    I agree with that former Los Angeles DA who prosecuted Manson when he writes a book suggesting George Bush and his traitorous colleagues should be indicted and prosecuted for the murder of the thousands of our sons and daughters who followed them to their deaths in these pointless wars, wars for which Bush provided ZERO means of being paid.


  18. The Republicans have artfully packaged a message that can be sold to the least intelligent half of america. The message combines ideas designed to appeal to religious extremists with a set of policies wrapped in jingoistic language to hide the fact that the policies are designed to benefit an elite few. Talk of “Family Values” pulls in the religious extremists. The are the Some of the People who you can Fool All of the Time. They do not have critical thinking abilities having been taught to accept with unquestioning faith a doctrine handed down to them. Meanwhile, the Republicans are run by Big Oil and Big Weapons and Wall Street. It’s not too difficult to wrap up policies that help these constituents make Big Money. The policies are sold using slogans that evoke patriotism. And the audience the policies are being sold to lack the analytical ability to understand how they are being lied to and manipulated.

    Certainly Democrat lies and mis-steps occur from time to time, but the Democrat audience is much more college educated and much more capable of analyzing the Democrat message to point out the lies.

    What’s the best way to extend Republican power in America, even though it hurts America? Make a quality education harder to achieve so their are more people who will uncritically accept your lies.

  19. Certainly Democrat lies and mis-steps occur from time to time, but the Democrat audience is much more college educated and much more capable of analyzing the Democrat message to point out the lies.

    This wording shows someone who has absorbed Republican framing of talking points.

    It’s the Democratic Party, not the “Democrat Party”. It’s “Democratic lies”, a “Democratic audience” and a “Democratic message”. The Republicans started using the term “Democrat Party” and “Democrat this” and Democrat that” years ago as a petty and childish attempt to demean their opponents (read some Lakoff to find out how that works). If you internalize their framing and start using their language they’re well on their way to winning.

  20. Now that Romney has taken the stage and “thank God” the RNC is over and we can get to the more important convention: The Democratic National Convention and I’m excited. I’m looking forward to Obama’s speech most of all.

    So let them tell their lies and then Obama will straighten them out then and on into the debates. The momentum then will be in the Democrats favor and the wind will be at their back. Truth also tends to come out when the debates come out. Mitt Romney’s going to have to give more specific answers than he is now, and so will Ryan.

  21. If you are a God-fearing Christian believing in the book of Revelations be afraid, be very, very afraid of the Republican ticket. WHY…Because:

    1) — Taking the first letter of the trinity of “Romney, Ryan, Republicans” equals RRR
    2) — ‘R’… is the 18th letter of the alphabet.
    3) — With ‘R ‘equaling 18, and subsequently is divided by 3 (as in 3 being the trilogy of Romney, Ryan, Republican) one comes up with the number ‘6’.
    4) — Therefore Romney, and Ryan, and Republicans… equal RRR … which can be decoded mathematically as …. “666”… and exposes this UN-HOLY trinity as “The Sign Of The Beast”.

    The God-fearing should take note and vote to prevent this villainous pretender from attaining the Office of President . Let this go Viral…your neighbor needs to know!

  22. Gee, and all this time I thought that Ronald Wilson Reagan (with six letters in each) was the Beast.

    If my house number is 668, does that make me the Neighbor of the Beast?

    Is 999 the Number of the Beast in Australia?

    What about 00666 – ZIP Code of the Beast?

    666 – Area Code of the Beast

    666-555-1212 – Information about the Beast.

    If Romney is the Beast, does that mean his tax rate is only 6.66% – filed on a form 10666?

    If he’s elected president, will he change the name of the plane to Air Force 666? Will it be a Boeing 666?

    Does the Beast watch “666 Minutes” on Sunday nights?

    1-900-666-6666 – Live Beasts, available now! 1-on-1 pacts! $6.66 per minute! (Must be over 6+6+6 years old!)

    666-66-6666 – Social Security Number of the Beast

    There’s lots more on line. I’m sorry, but I just can’t take hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia seriously.

  23. E.A. Blair,
    Being a Christian myself, I believe Revelations concerning the mark of the beast which is mostly sited from Revelations 13. It was one of my grandmother’s favorite scripture because I remember her reading it to me often.

    Let me propose a theory concerning the mark of the beast. I have no idea if I’m right or wrong, it’s just a theory, as would be anyone’s interpretation.

    What if Ronald Reagan was the beast and he will someday be reincarnated? That’s a little far fetched I realize, but here’s another idea; what if the spirit of Reagan lives on in his policies, such as trickle-down economics? Can anyone think of anything that has hurt this country more?

    Maybe in some way he will return or at least people like Republicans will believe it’s him and he will bring in a new Republican control that will strangle the economy and everything else that’s great about this nation.

    I do know that Republicans almost worship him like a God even to this day. And, even if their policies are a long ways off from his.

    This of course, I’m looking at it from an American viewpoint so I quickly see an American president fitting the role but there are many evil men all around the world as we well know who could fit the role.

    The number 666; I’m not sure but I think it will have something to do with security, probably online security. We know the world is moving to such an online world in every portion of our lives, eventually online will rule. Money will finally disappear an be replaced with some kind of accounts.

    Computers will be controlling so much of our lives and yet there is still no perfect security, and security is constantly having to change and grow to fight off the never-ending onslaught of computer crime. Maybe, if there was some kind of way that the number 666 ties into all that… Just a thought, at least it is for me.

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