Christian Prisons


The struggle toward the creation of a theocratic state continues…

Corrections Concepts Inc.’s effort to establish America’s first all-Christian prison in Oklahoma has hit some roadblocks, but it is still continuing to move down the pike.

And while the proposal might still be a pipedream for Bill Robinson, the founder of Corrections Concepts Inc., it appears to be inching ever closer to reality.

Robinson recently told the Tulsa (Oklahoma) World that a bonding company had expressed interest in his project — a private prison administered by Christian officials, attended to by Christian guards, adhering to Christian programming and stocked with Christian prisoners — and that full funding for it depended upon states agreeing to send 285 prisoners to the facility.

Wonderful, except that…

“Tax payers should never be forced to support religious indoctrination,” said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United. “This scheme is fraught with constitutional problems, and no state should subsidize it.”

In the letters to corrections officials, Americans United attorneys — Legal Director Ayesha N. Khan and Staff Attorney Ian Smith — noted that in 2007, a federal appeals court struck down public funding of an evangelical Christian program at an Iowa prison. The Christian prison in Oklahoma, they say, would likely meet the same fate.

“If the Department were to provide funding to Corrections Concepts’ prison, indoctrination would be the inevitable result…,” Americans United asserted. “And, just as inevitably, the funding of such indoctrination would violate the Constitution.”

How about also introducing Muslim prisons, Jewish prisons and prisons for atheists?  And if you’re going that route, then why not have prisons for blacks and others for whites?  A Hispanic one would be nice too for all them illegals running around.  Once that is done then prisons could be segregated based on sexual orientation.  A prison for white, gay, Christians sounds appealing.  And here’s a novel idea: why not set up prisons based on political affiliation?  I’m sure conservative child rapists would be relieved to know they would never have to shower in the company of filthy libruls.

Sigh.  Another screwed up idea courtesy of the clowns at the Christian Taliban…

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7 thoughts on “Christian Prisons

  1. When I finally get caught I want to go to that “Beatles and nothing
    but Beatles” music prison.

  2. I suppose I will be locked up in the wine and cheese prison and listen to string quartets for the length of my sentence. God forbid, I am from Tennessee, that I mistakenly be placed in the Jack Daniels and barbecued groundhog prison where Hank Williams Jr. is blasted over the PA system 24/7.

  3. I take back that Beatles thing — I wanna go to that
    Daniels/Williams prison that Charlie is talking bout.

  4. The Prison Industrial Complex in all its Christian glory. I would like to say I’m surprised by this, but considering the rapid privatization of prisons that has been occurring the past decade — and the inherent corruption that is ingrained — I can’t say that this even makes me bat an eye.

    This is not a terribly foreign concept given that all prisons have a significant christian presence already. From the prison chaplains to the 12-step recovery programs, it is already ingrained within the prison system itself.

    Perhaps they can pray to Jesus to: lessen the punishments for non-violent offenders; stop incarcerating minorities at obscene rates compared to whites; and actually start giving the poor better options than selling drugs to make a living. Of course, these would be wholesale systemic changes taking into account years of racism and class antagonisms — so I won’t hold my breath for Jesus to solve these problems.

  5. I have always wondered why someone who does something for a profit can do it cheaper than someone who does it for administrative costs only?

    The government has already shown that it can administer the Medicare program with less than 5% of the cash going for administration costs while the average insurance company uses 11-30% of their cash flow to administer their programs.

    Are the prisoners being properly cared for? What is their recidivism rate? Are we tax payers being screwed?

  6. “I have always wondered why someone who does something for a profit can do it cheaper than someone who does it for administrative costs only?”

    Charlie – Those that do it for profit have an incentive to improve the system to attract more customers. More customers means more profits.

    Those that work only for administrative costs have no incentive for improvement. That’s the old soviet model. Their “incentive” was national pride driven by a government generated paranoria of outside invasion. Without private property ownership, the vast majority of the population lacked motivation to improve any of the work place products or systems. China didn’t turn into an economic juggernaut until it allowed free-enterprise and private profits.

    Now, having said that, do we really want to turn incarceration into a profit motivated system. Private companies want to grow. That’s the nature of free-enterprise. The only way for privately owned prisons to grow is to have more “customers”. They’ll be automatically incentivized to want an increase in crime. Imagine the private prison “lobby”. They’ll want more laws on the books so that a larger percentage of the population qualifies as a customer.

    Wait a minute…. Isn’t that already happening?

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