A Racist Rant

The quote below is a blatant and ugly racist comment written by a reader of right-wing blogger Sister Toldjah. She wrote a piece finding fault with Rep. Bobby Rush for wearing a hoodie on the floor of the House in support of murdered black youth Trayvon Martin. One of her reader’s took the opportunity to lecture on blacks in America.

I fully understand the urge that many minorities in this country feel to participate in our system of government, which is not a Democracy as most people believe, but is in fact, a Republic. I’m not going to mince words here and try to align myself with all the politically correct idiots in the world. I can’t name a more worthless bunch of individuals, than the politically correct idiots we deal with every day.

Yes, this country is made up of many people, from many different backgrounds and many different countries. Given that History of America, the only race that has not been able to assimilate into the fabric of this great country is Blacks. I refuse to call them African-Americans, because they are not African-Americans. They are Americans, just like you and I. But of all the people who have made it to these sacred shores, they are the only ones who have never found their place here. All the other strange people who came here from strange lands, found a way to make a home here. They assimilated. They found a way to make life work in this new country. In doing so, they enriched American life as we know it. Ever go to New York and visit, “Little Italy?” Yes, it is totally Italian, but at the same time it is totally American.

I am well aware of the sins upon black people that my relatives of previous generations have visited upon these people. My question is simple. How long do we, as individuals who had nothing to do with it, have to pay for it?

I am totally sick of this polite game we play with the Black people in this country. They contribute absolutely nothing to this country. Instead, they suck this country dry by their dependency on welfare. They vote Democratic. What a surprise.

Please email me the first time black people in this country actually contribute something that makes this country better. And don’t tell me Obama was something they gave us that made this country better. I could shoot myself.

I publish the racist comments not because I believe every person on the right holds the same views on blacks as the bigot who wrote them. I published the comment because if the election of Barack Obama has revealed anything, it’s that racism is alive and well in America. The only difference between the remarks above and those of many conservatives, those both in and out of politics, is that under the cover of anonymity, racists are more honest in expressing their bigotry.

Fox News personalities and Republicans in Congress don’t have that luxury so their racism is couched in code words and faux rage over liberal angst. If Trayvon Martin was a white 17-year old kid shot by a black vigilante who was yet to be arrested, the right would openly be calling for the lynching of the killer.

I sense that the last three paragraphs of the racist rant I quoted above is one which is more prevalent in American society than many would wish to admit.

(h/t: Atrios)


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18 thoughts on “A Racist Rant

  1. No no no Mario. You’re the one who’s racist for playing the race card. How many times have I heard that one from the dog whistle politics crowd on the right wing fringe?

  2. LiberalScumbag,

    If you don’t think that the comments above are not racist,you better go back to school and learn American english. If the writer and yourself don’t know what the African Americans have done to make this a better country on prejudice,you better go back to school and learn history. A general comment of the type that no black person has contributed anything to the betterment of this country puts the writer and yourself in the worst definition of bigot and should have both your pictures in all dictionaries that defines it.

    Continuing such slants internally hurts this country and reduces America as a leader internationally. What a sorry excuse of a life spent uselessly.

  3. @alwaysoccupy:

    Liberal was being sarcastic in his first sentence. He’s pointing out how those on the right often use projection to deny their own racist ways. Blaming others for what they’re guilty of is a defense mechanism.

  4. alwaysOccupy,

    It was amusing watching you beat down Liberal, even if it wasn’t deserved. A little entertainment.

    I think Republicans are beginning to use this kind of “reverse psychology” that anything we liberals have accused them for in the past (which BTW they have been actually guilty of) they simply find a way to throw it back at us. Such as this idea of reverse racism, and this one; “we’re intolerant because we don’t tolerate their intolerance”, things like that. They’ve also use this “pulling the race card” defense/offense whenever racism is pointed out to them. It’s as though they think we’re as stupid as a Tea Party member to believe whatever “Talking Points” they want to use on us.

    This whole thing with Trayvon shows where they’re at. They’re willing to accept that an armed white/hispanic guy chasing down a black guy who turned out to be completely innocent of being “up to no good”, with a can of tea and a bag of Skittles, is now dead because this armed man decided to pursue him. No matter what happened between the two and no matter if even George Zimmerman was telling the truth, there’s still a kid who wouldn’t be dead if Mr. Zimmerman hadn’t pursued him in the first place.

    As far as the contributions of black people to this nation and to this world; this Sister Toldjah obviously didn’t do her homework before making that statement or maybe she just too ignorant to know. There are black inventors throughout our history that have contributed a great deal to what America is today. She should visit this blog.

    We have black soldiers in every branch of the military who go out and put their lives on the line, so she can sit there and accuse blacks of not contributing to society. The truth is, it’s her who’s not contributing to society; instead she’s doing what she can to help destroy it by her divisive and hateful language.

    I’m also sure if she’d just do a little googling, she’d be amazed at what black people have contributed to the good old USA. And to think they’re ancestors were brought here as slaves and have overcome so much to get where they’re at, and that’s no thanks to people of her kind.

    Sure, the black society in this country has got some things to work out, but they’ll manage to do it a lot faster than Sister Toldjah can figure out what she’s saying about black people is just a crock of bull.

  5. To so brutally discount black Americans enormous contributions to the greatness of our country just relegates this Sister Toldjah to the level of village idiot. At some point intelligent rational reasonable people have to realize that we can’t allow ourselves to be drawn into every moronic argument made by anyone with a keyboard or a ten minute interview in the media. That’s how the whole intelligent design theory garbage was allowed to gunk up the works. They gained whatever legitimacy they had by drawing much greater minds into the so called debate to discuss the so called controversy. They should be patted on the head and kicked to the curb when necessary. But like a petulant child they should never be given attention. Like the village idiot of days gone by, they should be ignored and marginalized for the good of all.

  6. …our system of government, which is not a Democracy as most people believe, but is in fact, a Republic.

    In other words, the plebians had damn well better learn their place.

    But of all the people who have made it to these sacred shores, they are the only ones who have never found their place here.

    They’re also the only ones who, by and large, did not come here by choice.

  7. This “Sister” recapitulates the long time Southern racism arguments about Black folks not contributing anything to our society. Years ago, (before 1960) when I was in the Army I served with many white Southerners and found most, if not all of them, bigoted, appallingly ignorant and who often used this argument with me when I pointed out that the Southern economy was built by Slave Labor. Any inbred fool plantation owner could be successful when he didn’t ‘t have to pay for the labor that made his plantation successful. This drove the Bubbas up the wall and they would usually resort to name calling because they had no cogent answer to this obvious fact. Of course, they argued, I didn’t understand how depraved, lazy, stupid or animal like that Black people were. When I pointed out the inconvenient fact that keeping people in slavery for 200 years and then after the Civil War, keeping them in virtual slavery for another hundred years, is likely to dishearten the former slaves who were repeatedly lynched, raped, or killed for sport, they just shook their heads at my ignorance about the “true” nature of Black people. Racism will never go away. The Southern white culture’s crime against the Blacks can never expatiate the guilt and self-hatred they deserve, so they project it outward. The Southern Antebellum society was truly the rottenest most depraved form of Social System our country ever spawned. It will take probably another 200 years before this awful memory can be purged from our Country, provided the U.S., as currently constituted, survives.

  8. When a right winger makes the distinction between a democracy and a republic, what exactly is his or her point? Does anyone know?

  9. I recall my layover in Houston on my way to MS to work Katrina claims. I went outside to smoke (have finally kicked that habit!) and a Texas woman standing nearby was complaining bitterly about how she was “sooooo tiaaard” of taking care of “thoooooose people.”

    This is the mindset of the south (and much of the Midwest).

    They refuse to recognize that even with the rights guaranteed with the Voting Rights Act and Civil Rights Act passed so recently in our history that African Americans haven’t somehow managed to pull themselves out of poverty in a mere 40 years (at that time). They paint them a lazy, criminal and unable to assimilate all the while working to prevent minimum wages from being increased, enacting laws that are designed to put them in prison, prevent them from voting, fail to support schools in poor areas, screaming about the CRA, etc, and unwilling to accept assimilation due to their own bigotry.

    They refuse to recognize their contributions to this country because they don’t want to. That would require acceptance and THAT is not acceptable.

    Sister Toldjah needs to move into the 21st Century – while our original Constitution was a more Republican form of government, the many, many changes expanding voting rights – including her own – have made us a democratic republic. More men now have the right to vote (those who are not property owners); the 14th, 15th and 17th amendments, as well as the 24th and 26th have all expanded the democracy by allowing more and more of our citizens to vote. Women, minorities, men below the age of 21, eliminating poll taxes, proving the right for ex-slaves to vote and, as previously noted, men who do not own property. Add to that the fact we now elect Senators rather than allow them to be appointed. And all of those changes have altered our form of government.

    But then that seems to be want the GOP wants – an oligarchy in control – that and someone to blame. The GOP would never be elected if they didn’t have their bogeymen. And they’ve now had 50 years of perfecting the art. Lee Attwater’s protege (Karl Rove) is still with us and their will be more to follow him…up until the GOP’s crazies completely blow up their party.

  10. For additional entertainment, replace the phrase “black people” with “conservatives”, “Democratic” with “Republican”, and “Obama” with “Shrub and/or Raygun”.

    Makes it work lots better, because – as with any wingnut rant – IT’S ALWAYS PROJECTION…

  11. @John: In theory, the difference is that in a republic, government is run by representatives instead of directly by the people. In practice, the difference is that in a republic, the patricians run things for their own benefit, and the plebians know better than to cause them too much trouble. I’m pretty sure that the latter is what our modern-day Republicans are aiming for.

  12. did the idiot say if someone told him that Obama made the country better he would shoot himself?

  13. I’m tempted to quote Dan Aykroid and say “Sister Toldjah, you ignorant slut,” but will refrain. If you encounter an Irishman, a Jew, or an Italian on the street, you probably don’t immediately (if only subconsciously) think “Mick,” “Kike,” or “Wop,” as they are not usually immediately identifiable. However, it’s hard not to instantly recognize those with a surplus of melanin, and react as the racist you obviously are.

    Second: we are no longer a Republic, but a corporatocracy, ruled by those who use their wealth to buy politicians that do their bidding. The 1% have bought and paid, not just the politicians, but all those in the power structure; and as a result, they control more wealth than the bottom 90%; and they are busy trying to disenfranchise minorities, destroy unions, and dismantle the social safety net. Incidently, the majority of the 1% are not “self-made.” They were born into families that were already in the 1%, so they were “born on third base, and think they hit a home run.”

    They control the stupid 25% of the population that is racist, fundamentalist, poorly educated and determined to stay that way, by appealing to their fear, greed, bigotry, and love of “gawd” and guns.

    Third: Show me another group of Americans with a 200 year history of institutionally sanctioned slavery, and, since abolition, de jure and de facto Jim Crow laws designed to subjugate them. Yes, de facto Jim Crow laws still exist, as is obvious in our drug laws, and the law enforcement/judicial/prison-industrial complex; as well as the disproportionate number of minorities subjected to stop-and-search harassment, and prison for minor offenses for which a caucasion would get a slap on the wrist. Clost to 50% of the U.S. prison population is incarcerated for minor drug use, and about half of them for marijuana use, at a cost of about $40K a year. We could send them to Harvard for less!

    Forth: African Americans have made major contributions to our culture; for instance, in the only original American musical style: jazz (sorry, at 76 years of age, I can’t include rap “music”), as well as literature, the visual arts, athletics, and virtually every other intellectual pursuit one could name. They are entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc.

    What contributions have redneck, racists, fundamentalist, gun-nuts made to society?

    Oh yeah, I’m a WHITE, 76 year old progressive, with an income that places me in the upper 25%; but I recognize that despite my hard work, LUCK, being born in this country, and growing up in the 50’s and 60’s when the playing field was still level, and my being a caucasion male, had a lot to do with it.

  14. Charles – you are my hero. You’ve nailed every point. And I concur on all of them. — except I’m not a male in the 25%.

    I’d like to think we are a democratic republic, but it is, in fact, long gone.

  15. Correction — I do qualify for the top 25%….barely. Doesn’t count for much these days. Unless you’re in the top 5% you’re really in no position to have an impact on elections.

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