George, Mitt and Tagg

Mitt Romney - water   :

Three related quotes that tell a story.

George Romney, Mitt’s dad, on why he released 12 years of tax returns:

One year could be a fluke, perhaps done for show.

Mitt Romney

We’re going to put out two years of tax returns and we put out one already. As soon as the most recent year is complete, we’ll put that out.

Tagg Romney, Mitt’s son:

I’ve always been proud of my late grandfather’s legacy as a governor and a presidential candidate. And I’m prouder still to see my dad follow in his footsteps.

Sure about that, Tagg?


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6 thoughts on “George, Mitt and Tagg

  1. So, when the relatives get together and Mitt isn’t in the room do they whisper, “He will never be the man his father was”. Seriously Mitt will never be the man his father was, even though George Romney was born in Mexico and should not have been eligible to run for president in this country, but that was long, long ago in a country far, far away.

  2. Yes and his great grandfather had five wives. When they came back to the USA they were compensated by the government to the tune of 10 thousand dollars which was the seed money for the prosperity that they enjoy today. But in teapot land…….this is OK.

  3. What is it with Republicans’ kids’ names? Tagg (Actually, Taggart)? Did Sarah Palin buy the naming rights to the eldest Romney son?

  4. Yes A.E, democrats get dogs and republicans give their kids dogs names hahahaha

    Sydney isn’t it great how they get on the dole and then want to keep everyone else off the dole?

  5. A,E. I have had some wonderful cats and some wonderful dogs in my very long life and I can assure you that they were all way smarter than humans and way too smart for politics. I did like the cartoon though ;)

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