Republican Cannibalism

I suspect there are a ton of conservatives secretly agreeing with Begala and while it’s too early in the game for Dems to get cocky, it’s difficult to not smile while watching the Florida mud-slinging, super PAC, primary. Romney and Gingrich are doing a serious number on each other and Republicans are going to have one hell of a healing process to go through when this thing is over.

Smile while it lasts.


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2 thoughts on “Republican Cannibalism

  1. Mario,

    What tickles me pink is that Republicans actually think either of these guys stands a chance against Obama.

    Obama I’m sure is enjoying himself and also realizing how much easier it’s going to be taking off Romney, or especially Gingrich if the tides turn, in the general election.

    But hey, let Republicans keep hopelessly dreaming that their guy will stand a chance, even as the economy is improving; even Romney had to reluctantly admit that. Of course, we’ll get four more years of viral, no compromise politics from them, even thinking that maybe they just didn’t move far enough to the right again.

    The fun continues!!!

  2. I am glad I have no plans of traveling to any other countries this year. In the past it has been difficult to try to explain America’s foreign policy but having to explain American politics would be totally impossible. The last time my son traveled to Europe he told anyone who asked that he was Canadian. He said that he had spent enough time in Vancouver that he could pull it off even if a European was familiar with that city.

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