The Age Of Stupid: The Sarah Palin Saga

Sarah Palin - The Age of Stupid  -


There is so much stupidity coming down the Palin pipe, I’m numb.

Sarah Palin was asked by Barbara Walters whether President Obama was lying when he stated that death panels were not in the health care bill.  Her unbelievably idiotic response

“He’s not lying, in the sense that those two words will not be found in any of those thousands of pages of the different variations of the health care bill…No, death panel isn’t there. But he’s incorrect. It’s kind of what Reagan used to do though when he used to talk about, say, the Evil Empire. You’re never going to find ‘The Evil Empire’ on a map of the world. He talked about that in terms that people could understand…Now, had he been criticized and mocked and condemned for using a term that wasn’t actually there on a map or in documents, we probably would have never succeeded in quashing the Evil Empire and winning that.”

Wow. Where to start?

Washington Monthly

Palin thinks use of the words “evil empire” made it possible to win the Cold War. That’s insane. The Soviets collapsed because they ran a corrupt system based on a misguided ideology, not because of an American catchphrase.


I can think of plenty of politicians who are genuinely, unambiguously dumb. I’ve even met a few, and marveled at how they were able to attain any kind of political responsibilities, given their limited intellectual prowess. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a politician as conspicuously unintelligent as Sarah Palin gain national prominence. She represents the very worst American politics has to offer, and the embarrassment she brings to the political system is severe.

The New Republic

…for those wondering why the media likes to mock Palin, the answer is that we will stop insulting her intelligence when she stops insulting ours.

Balloon Juice

Actually, yes you could find the Soviet Union on the map. In fact, you can allegedly see the remnants from your goddamned house. I think I need a drink.

This is the most exasperatingly stupid woman on the planet.

Gotta love Palin week.


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13 thoughts on “The Age Of Stupid: The Sarah Palin Saga

  1. You guys are hysterical.

    Just got through watching Palin’s interview on Hannity. I don’t think she did herself any favors by allowing the interview with that Ninny, pandering Hannity. I’d be interested in seeing how she performs in future interviews. O’Reilly tomorrow night (I think) should be a good one.

    But Palin’s not bad. When you’ve got a hysterical group of people (Liberals) fixating on every word she says, waiting to pounce on and exaggerate the slightest bobble, sure. Blogs like this are going to make her look bad. Probably much worse than she is.

    But if you step back a bit and get a broader view, like it or not, Palin is going to be a thorn in the side of hysterical liberals for a while yet. She’s got a couple of years to hone her game. By then, she very well make a formidable Candidate for the Presidency if she decides to run.

    Personally, I don’t think she is ready for the Presidency today. Nor did I think Obama was ready and I think I have been proven more or less right. Who knows what two years can do.

  2. “she very well make a formidable Candidate for the Presidency”

    huge laugh! That’s a good one!

    She thinks the teabag movement is a beautiful thing…. Well the conservative nutjobs have their head Nut now! I hope she does run in 2012

  3. janine, it may turn out to be a laugh. I’d say most likely not. A little early to be passing judgment I’d say.

    Right now, I’m just enjoying myself watching all (ahem…’scuse me) YOU GUYS peeing all over yourselves.

  4. What is the current obsession with right wing women? Blog after blog all i read about is Carrie Prejean and Sarah bloody Palin – surely there are more interesting things we could be discussing. The more liberals mock and bash these women the more popular they become with the conservatives. Tiresome, boring, dull and really quite sad – and that covers both sides, the lovers of them and the chastisers.

  5. I’m past the point of wondering about Palin in 2012. Now I just feel sorry for her. She’s probably a nice person for the most part. And she can’t help who her followers are.

  6. there is no current obsession with right wing women, people confuse the issue, what really is happening is Palin, Bachmann, Prejean and others say things that put themselves in the spotlight, either through hypocrisy or just plain loony, others like Sen Kay Bailey Hutchison… don’t do anything to call attention to themselves, you may not agree with their politics ( I generally don’t) but they also don’t get mocked or ridiculed and are generally respected.

  7. Defolts, good point. There are lots of Democratic and Republican women quietly doing their jobs as legislators.

  8. @Defolts & @Frances: After agonizing over a newsletter of Ann Coulter’s (it was a, get to know my enemy kind of moment), I couldn’t agree more with you. Someone has to get this country back in shape and actually WORK at their job. It’s not Bachmann, Palin & it will never be Coulter’s advice that will do it. I just hate that one of the first women to get close to the WH is just a “stupid”, “stupid” woman. (psst! It’s me, Anomaly)

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