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Some background:

When Leonard Cohen wrote “Hallelujah” back in 1984, the world didn’t take immediate notice. And the song only began its journey toward becoming a classic when it was later recorded by John Cale and Jeff Buckley. Now, it’s one of the more widely covered songs out there. Rufus Wainwright, k.d. lang, Bono, Willie Nelson, Alexandra Burke – they’ve all paid homage to the song. So have lesser-known musicians too, like this street musician, Petr Spatina, who recorded a version with crystal glass. Be sure to watch it all the way through.

<story>Many, many years back I dated a young woman who worked as a special needs teacher. Catriona was also a gifted poet and writer. A few months into our relationship, she penned a beautiful poem which she lovingly said was inspired by me. I was touched. Wanting to say something special in response, I noted how her composition reminded me of one of Leonard Cohen’s finer poems. In fact, I had just finished reading Cohen’s book of poetry, Death of a Lady’s Man, so his work was fresh on my mind.

Well, that didn’t go too well with Catriona. “Leonard Cohen?” she asked, “The same Leonard Cohen who writes music and poetry to slit your wrists by? That Leonard Cohen?

I was taken aback by her reaction to my well-intended remark and while rejoinders are one of the things I usually do quite well, not this time. The best I could offer her in response was a weak, “Yes, that Leonard Cohen. We were both born in Montreal, you know.” Not one of my finer moments.

In any case, we both laughed but, strangely enough, Catriona never did dedicate another one of her beautiful poems to me. Not sure why.</story>

The truth is, I’ve never really cared what people think of my taste in music or books or film or people or food or whatever. I love what I love and have never felt a need to have to justify any of my eclectic likes to others. Whatever anyone thinks of Cohen and his brand of music and poetry, I happen to love it.

By the way, no one covers Cohen’s Hallelujah better than Jeff Buckley…and k.d. lang.

Happy Sunday.


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2 thoughts on “Hallelujah

  1. Thank you Mario – a bit of Cohen is a proper way to celebrate a Sunday. Truly one of the great songwriters –

    One of the great lines abouty Leonard Cohen goes something like this –
    Cohen to Dylan – love your song man, how long did it take you to write it
    Dylan to Cohen – about 10 minutes – love your work too, how long did it take you to write your last song
    Cohen to Dylan – about 5 years.

    it may be true, it may not be true but ….


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