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On Guns, Rancid Meat and Floor Lamps

Wayne LaPierre - Winger in Space  :

Over at Wonkette, they had a few choice words for Wayne LaPierre (“incoherent sack of rancid meat“) and David Gregory (“a dead floor lamp with a nice head of hair”) after LaPierre’s Meet The Press appearance last Sunday.

The other LaPierre comment that had us yelling at David Gregory’s blank-eyed visage on our laptop screen was his pooh-poohing of the way AR-15’s have become some sort of bogeyman. Why, the AR-15 shoots .223 bullets, which are so weak they are only good for target shooting! Hunters won’t use them to shoot deer, and are in fact banned from doing so in some states! Why David Gregory could not point out that .223 cartridges may not be great for bringing down a ten-point buck but sure did seem damaging enough to all those six-year-olds gunned down by Adam Lanza is beyond us.

The reason that so little progress has been made on the gun issue is directly related to douchebag “journalists” of the David Gregory variety who refuse to challenge drivel of the sort spewed by the rancid meats of the world.


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What A Romney Win Would Have Meant

Mitt and Ann Romney - the Tragicomedy Ends  :

Rachel Maddow lists the huge implications of what an Obama win means…or more precisely, what a Romney loss means in terms of what is not going to happen. There’s some pretty big stuff here and a good reminder of the tragedy that could have been.

We are not going to have a Supreme Court that will overturn Roe vs. Wade.
There will be no more Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alioto’s added to this court.
We are not going to repeal health reform.
Nobody is going to kill Medicare.
Nobody is going to make old people in this generation fight it out in the open market for health insurance.
We are not going to give 20% tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires and expect programs like food stamps and kids health to cover the cost.
We are not going to make you clear it with your boss if you want to get birth control from your health provider.
We are not going to redefine rape.
We are not going to amend the United States Constitution amendment to stop gay people from getting married.
We are not going to double Guantanamo.
We are not eliminating the Dept of Energy, the Dept of Education, the Dept of Housing at the Federal level.
We are not going to spend 2 trillion dollars on the military that the military does not want.
We are not scaling back on student loans because the new plan is you should borrow money from your parents.
We are not vetoing the dream act.
We are not self-deporting.
We are not letting Detroit go bankrupt.
We are not starting a trade war with China on inauguration day.
We are not going to have as President, a man who once led a mob of friends to run down a scared gay kid to hold him down and forcibly cut his hair off with a pair of scissors while that kid cried and screamed for help.  And there was no apology, not ever.
We are not going to have a Secretary of State John Bolton.
We are not bringing Dick Cheney back.
We are not going to have a foreign policy shop stocked with the architects of the Iraq war.  We are not going to do it.

We had the choice to do that if we wanted to do that as a country, and we said no.


(h/t: thanks to Steve M. for providing the Maddow transcript)

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Shaking Up CNN

CNN   -

Diana McGinness originally published the following at Politics Unspun.


CNN doesn’t need a shake up in their leadership, they need a shake up in their programming.

I’m tired of all the partisan hacks — including John King and Wolf Blizter. About the only show CNN has that’s worth watching is GPS. State of the Union is better with Candy than John King, but it’s just another forum for the political hacks to spread more BS.

Here’s some free advice CNN.

How about educating the public on the facts contained in the bills and the consequences of them by the non-partisan wonks who can report facts not lies and spin.  Instead of having the politicos smearing them with their ideological spin, how about interviewing those who study the bills for their impact from, say, the Congressional Research Service — you know those really smart folks who write up the reports that apparently many members of Congress don’t bother to read?  Or someone from the Government Accountability Office, or some non-partisan think tanks that actually understand the impact a bill will have?

Let’s go behind the scenes and expose the back room deals and fund-raising meet-ups with the lobbyists!  Let’s raise some questions about the abuse of power, whether it be by Democrats or Republicans.

If we want D.C. to be cleaned up, then we need the media to get out of bed with the political class and start doing some real reporting. Who cares what the pols have to say — when it’s spin, CYA, or out and out lies? I’m tired of it — I love Rachel cause she goes after all of them with real facts and she takes on Democrats and Republicans.  She’d spend more time on the Democrats, if the GOP didn’t give her so much fodder.

If you want me to tune back in, ditch the pundits, commentators, politicos and start dishing out the truth and nothing but the unvarnished truth. We’ll never straighten out the mess we’re in, until we can agree on the facts and demand solutions.

Example — instead of all the spin about the health care bill, they should have brought in people who study the problems. There was a great white paper The Cost Of Lack Of Health Insurance by the College of American Physicians and by who wrote The Cost Conundrum in the New Yorker. No one ever asked them a single question to explain the problems and discuss solutions.

The media is pathetic. Cronkite would cry.  And to my shortened post on this over at HuffPo, one response was “Murrow would puke.”

The American public is craving honesty in D.C. — how about setting a new trend CNN?


Interested in how you can unspin the right’s political spin? Read Diana McGinness’ Unspun Zone


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A Madman and Fox News

From the papers captured last year at Osama bin Laden’s Pakistani hideout comes this.

Like any public figures, bin Laden and his advisers were mindful of the media. Adam Gadahn, one of bin Laden’s spokesmen, provided a summary of his view of U.S. TV cable news.

“From the professional point of view, they are all on one level except (Fox News) channel which falls into the abyss as you know, and lacks neutrality too,” he wrote.

Obviously, even murderous, psychopathic madmen recognize trash when they hear it.


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Iraq, Iran and Wankers

Thomas Friedman was named Atrios’ Wanker of the Decade precisely for saying stuff like this.


That was back in 2003 and lest you think that Friedman learned anything from telling other countries he doesn’t like to “suck on this”, here’s the advice he had for Barack Obama in 2008 in regards to Iran.

“Mr. Obama’s gift for outreach would be so much more effective with a Dick Cheney standing over his right shoulder, quietly pounding a baseball bat into his palm.”

Yes, because warmongering insanity worked so well last time around.

Wanker of the decade – a much deserved award.


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