Minor Rant

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I’ve been on the phone with our web hosting company for the last two days. They’ve migrated to new servers and posts and comments from the the last few days are missing. As well, material from other sites I’m involved with have missing data. Frustrating and totally unprofessional.

Now I’m being told that my site is being seen from two different IP addresses – the old one and the new. I’m not sure some of you will even see this post.

I’m on hold as I write this and I think I’m ready for a vacation. This hosting business, a nagging head cold and other personal issues have left me totally drained.

Sorry for the minor rant but I did want to let you know why there hasn’t been much action on this site over the last few days. Is it 2013 yet? I need a new year.


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12 thoughts on “Minor Rant

  1. Just to let you know that I got your message and was able to open the site. December seems to be the month of adjustment for greater happenings in 2013.

    You’ve worked hard all year so take a break and energize for 2013

  2. Mario: You deserve a pause, some peace of mind, chicken soup. You are very much appreciated and valued. It was this website that got me through the election, and now, general GOP antics in Congress …the posturing and hysteria, fear mongering … all that stuff. I admire you Mario …your kindness and service. You will be fine. Rich

  3. Mario, I highly recommend http://www.lpwebhosting.com/ I’ve used them for years beginning when they were a much, much smaller company about 10 years ago. Down time is virtually nil. They have real people who actually live in CA who can help you with any tech problem you have and they are knowledgeable and professional. Rates are very reasonable, too.

    I’ve had a dozens sites or more up on the hosting at various times – and all have had no problems.

    Get well soon!

  4. Rich Berryman express my thoughts exactly – get well and I sincerely appreciate all you do, Thanks Mario !

  5. I echo the other kind and caring folks here — take a well-deserved breather, Mario, and we, your loyal fans, will be back here again when you are ready to roll. I’m down, too — with a cold, sinus infection, or virus, so our bodies are giving us a message that we need to come to a screeching halt, pour some hot tea, snuggle into our beds, and pull up the kivers! That’s what I’m gonna do, and I hope you can afford yourself the same luxury. Give yourself a much needed rest and I hope you feel better soon!

  6. Well, I see the latest post with that cute picture of Leena is back. So things are looking up. Hope you’re feeling better. Step back & recharge. There’s going to be a wealth of material for someone with your graphics talent as we approach the fiscal slippery slope and I look forward to your viewpoint. :)

  7. Mario…we so encourage you to rant to your heart’s delight…AFTER you recover!

    Agree with the chicken soup…and the kivers.

    Then…when you’re feeling stronger and feel another of your incredible illustrations coming forth, eager to share and anxious to comment, we’ll be right here, happy to respond.

    Be well.

  8. Running a website can be a pain in the ruckus, I know from running mine.

    Holidays are also are a hectic time for things to go wrong. Hang in there Mario and 2013 will get here before you know it, that is unless the Mayans were right and the world ends on Dec. 21st.

  9. Dear fidlerten:

    Couldn’t help overhearing the conversation and I would like to say that in my opinion the only way the Mayan prediction about the end of the world could possibly be true is if the Mayans were closely related to Extremist Right Wingers in their political overview.

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