Limbaugh Saga – Update


  • 49 companies have dropped advertising on Limbaugh’s show.
  • 2 radio stations have opted out.
  • Mike Huckabee starts his new radio gig April 9 in the same 12 -3 time slot as Limbaugh. Promising a less confrontational approach (same bullshit though, I’m sure), Huckabee’s show might be an alternative for radio stations wanting to drop Limbaugh but still satisfy their conservative audience.
  • Sen. Carl Levin, chairman of the Armed Services Committee, has joined the ranks of those asking that Armed Forces Network drop Limbaugh from their broadcast lineup.
  • Peter Gabriel and the band Rush have demanded that their music be pulled from Limbaugh’s show.
  • Bill Maher tweeted that liberals should accept Limbaugh’s ‘apology’ and move on. I’m a fan of Maher but he’s full of it on this one. To describe Limbaugh’s ‘apology’ as sentiment from a man truly sorry for his actions is to ignore Limbaugh’s complete history. What’s really at play here is Maher’s own past at having used rough language to describe Palin and Bachmann. Lingering guilt had you send that tweet out, Bill? See video at end of post.
  • Limbaugh’s plea to his audience to ignore all that’s happened and know that he is well and happy with his “18,000” other sponsors.

A spot-on description of Limbaugh and his followers from the LA Times.

In the sad slice of America he represents, an America driven by fear of diversity, impatience with facts and an unwillingness to see things in anything but the starkest black-and-white terms, women come in two categories: dirty sluts and pushy feminazis.

“…sad slice of America he represents” I like that. I once asked in a previous post who these people were – the ones who tune in and adore Limbaugh, Levin, Savage and the other liars and hate mongers that dominate right-wing talk radio. A “sad slice of America” answers my query perfectly.

A ThinkProgress compilation of the scumbag’s three day rant.


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11 thoughts on “Limbaugh Saga – Update

  1. I can’t help but be happy for a sad slice of America to disappear from our air waves. I saw the crocodile tears of apology as he was not necessarily remorsed in what he did but was lamenting in his heart the loss of money which represents the American dream.

    We can only pray that such devilish behavior go unrewarded and wish his demise in the near future.

  2. Why is the big fat bastard still around anyway? He was supposed to have moved to Costa Rica if Obama’s health care reform went through! Is it possible that Costa Rica doesn’t want him?

  3. Apology…?????????????
    Excuse me, but that was an “I’m sorry, BUT”…………
    That is the only way conservatives are able to apologize, they cannot give someone a sincere, heartfelt apology because they absolutely believe that they are always right…so it;s always a “conditional” apology…

    So, fatboy apologizes by stating all the reasons why it happened, then at the end there was, what, maybe
    6 words dedicated to the apology…????

    He apologizes because he is losing advertisers…that probably cuts into his $40 mil a year or whatever he makes for spewing forth his hate…

    This guy has gotta go…needs to join his buddy Breitbart…

  4. I bet the reason Maher wants the left to move on is because of what happened to him on ABC. Taking Limbaugh off the air is a good thing, but I too worry that this will be the next play from the right – remove all left voices.

  5. If ever there was a face to put to the term FOBOP (Fecal-Oozing-Bag-Of-Protoplasm ), it is Limbaugh’s.

  6. The man is in the middle ages. I dont care what he says or whether they fire him or not from his promoters.

    He should be ignored. He is just trying to get some airtime. And that he did, so he won.

  7. And now he offers his apology as if this was just a momentary lapse of judgment and careless slip of the lip. Besides, I can’t imagine how he arrived at the conclusions he did about her, based on her testimony. There’s a total disconnect between the purpose behind her testimony before the Congressional committee, and his interpretation of it. He needs to find out what he’s even talking about before he goes off on one of his stupid rants.

    I’ve emailed the general manager or program director of every radio station in my state that carries Limbaugh’s show and appealed to then to drop this show in the interest of common decency. I’ve pointed out that I believe in freedom of speech, but you can get your point across without vile personal attacks against others. I have had several replies, but they are respectful and lukewarm at best, and probably as effective as spitting into the wind. Rush Limbaugh is big money and isn’t doing a disappearing act anytime soon. Discouraging.

  8. Update:

    Ninety-eight major advertisers—including Ford and Geico—will no longer air spots on Premiere Networks’ ‘offensive’ programs. Insiders say the loss will rock right-wing talk radio.

    Looks like the advertising execs are making some serious decisions these days. Their prime demographic is women. Let the free market ring!

  9. Yay — now that’s progress! Limbaugh is counting on the public outrage over his latest tirade to “blow over” in time, as has been the case with his past disgusting behavior. All of us who have had enough of this kind of hate, misrepresentation of the facts, bigotry, misogyny, and smut, have to keep putting our message out there to be heard. Its beginning to make a difference!!

  10. Catherine Crier was on HBO Friday – I’m watching now as I was driving from Chicago to So IL and missed it – and has an interesting suggestion.

    Let’s go with Rick Santorum’s plan – no sex outside of marriage and only within marriage for pro-creation. She then asks, how long do we think the GOP will support that and stop the attacks on women?

    This was done in (I forget now which country) Africa by their women to end the war. It worked!

    She may be on to something. Tee hee.

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