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Right-Wing Fanaticism Run Amok

Batshit Crazy Republicans  -

Elections do have consequences but I don’t think anyone had this in mind.

Police say a woman who was upset over the outcome of the presidential election ran over her husband because he didn’t participate in his civic duty.

Holly Solomon, 28, chased her 36-year-old husband Daniel Solomon with the family Jeep SUV on Saturday night over a political argument stemming from the fact he didn’t vote… She pinned him between the underside of the SUV and the curb when he tried to run for help.

The husband told investigators that Solomon believed her family was going to face hardship from President Barack Obama’s re-election.

Witnesses told police that Solomon followed her husband in her car through a parking lot while screaming at him. He hid behind a light pole to protect himself while Solomon circled several times. She struck him as he tried to make a break for the main road.

There were no signs Solomon was impaired either by alcohol or drugs, KPHO said.

She was booked on an aggravated assault and domestic violence.

Her husband remains in critical condition at Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Medical Center…

There’s no need for drugs or alcohol when you have Fox News, Limbaugh and most of conservative media to fuel right-wing crazy.


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The Trump Boycott: Update

So you think protests and calls for boycotts don’t work?  You’d be wrong.

Daily deals site Groupon has dropped advertisements from the website for Trump’s show The Apprentice after the online community began a protest petitioning the site to do so.

“Enough consumers have contacted us to warrant ensuring that we don’t place ads on the Apprentice homepage in the future,” it wrote. “It’s the same reason we don’t run deals on guns or abortion…this isn’t a political statement, it’s avoiding intentionally upsetting a segment of our customers.”

And that makes total sense. Why should any company allow themselves to be pulled into a political debate by way of association with a nutcase? The smart move is to blow away the offending party and move on to a place which does not carry the risk of alienating one’s customers. Groupon’s goal is to make money and associating with a hater-monger does not serve their purpose.  All they needed was a little nudging from the customer base.

Here’s a list of sponsors from Celebrity Apprentice.

Enterprise Rental Car
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Walt Disney
Dr. Pepper Snapple Group
Australian Gold
Camping World
Omaha Steaks
Hallmark Collectibl­es
Talbot Teas

and some contact info…

Mark Burnett
Creative and Executive Producer of The Apprentice
Phone: 310-903-54
Paul Telegdy
Executive Vice President, Alternativ­­­­e Programmin­­­­g, NBC Entertainm­­­­ent
E-mail: paul.teleg­­­­dy@nbcu­n­i­.­com
Phone: ASK FOR Lesley Cerwin 818-777-28­­­­88 or Lesley.Cer­­­­win@nbc­u­n­i­.com
Telegdy oversee’s NBC’s unscripted series and special programmin­­­­g, including The Celebrity Apprentice­­­­.

Kathy Kelly-Brow­­­­n
Email: Kathy.kell­­­­y-brown­@­n­bcu­ni­.c­om
Phone: 212-664-34­­­­57
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communicat­­­­ions & Media Relations, NBCUnivers­­­­al
Kelly-Brow­­­­n is responsibl­­­­e for developing and executing NBCUnivers­­­­al’s media relations strategy and serves as a principal corporate media representa­­­­tive and spokespers­­­­on across NBCUnivers­­­­al’s networks and business divisions as well as overseeing special executive projects.

…in addition to the online protest found here.

There should be a price to pay for spreading lies, hate and racist attitudes. It’s time Donald Trump paid his.


The Right Finds Bogeymen Everywhere


The right-wing rag, The Washington Times, finds nefarious motive in the U.S. blocking South Korea from selling vintage World War II MI rifles stateside.

It’s more likely that the administration is seeking to win the admiration of gun grabbers. Mr. Obama has a history of supporting gun control as a state senator and U.S. senator, but he’s been limited in his ability to implement this anti-gun agenda as president. Democratic members of Congress remember the federal assault-weapons ban as one of the lead issues motivating voters to turn Congress over to Republicans in 1994. Senators facing tight races in pro-gun states don’t want to see a repeat of that midterm landslide. Therefore, the best way for Mr. Obama to appease the gun-grabbing fringe is to take actions that won’t bring too much attention to what he’s doing. As long as the destruction of these rifles stays under the public radar screen, he will have achieved his goal.

Too ridiculous.  As the DailyKos notes, if the President was seeking the “admiration of gun grabbers”, why would he keep the ban on MI rifles “under the public radar screen”?  Why not shout it out from the mountain tops?

There’s just no end to this crap.


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Religious Based Ignorance


I knew there was a damn good reason for not answering the door all those times Jehovah’s Witness came a knockin’.

“What’s more important: five, six, 10 or 20 more years on earth? Or living forever?” -DAVID VALDEZ

Valdez is a Jehovah’s Witness minister in Virginia where they have just excommunicated Maribel Perez from the church. Her crime?  Agreeing to a blood transfusion during lung-transplant surgery.

I swear it terrifies me at times to know that I share the same planet with people like this.


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More Gun Craziness



How did the country survive 8 years of rule by wingnuts?

Senate Republicans are pushing a far-reaching gun amendment, which would allow licensed gun owners to carry concealed weapons across state lines as long as they’re following the law in their home state.

The effort is a fairly radical step for the GOP, emboldened by three previous gun amendments they’ve been able to tack on to unrelated bills.

Democrats are apparently “talking tough” and plan on blocking the amendment.  Based on their wimpy behavior of the last many years, I’m not sure that the words tough and Democrat should be allowed in the same sentence.


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