If Romney Won – His First Day

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Ah yes…Romney’s first day in office was going to be a busy one and sadly (not), we’ll never get to know exactly how much Mitt would have accomplished in those first few hours of his presidency.

A few months back, Stephen Colbert took a stab at prognosticating a Romney First Day. Here’s how he saw it unfolding.

January 20, 2013
8am – noon: Inauguration.
12:30: Appoint Cabinet.
1:00: Take photo for White House ID card.

1:07: Retake photo.
1:45: Repeal Obamacare.
2:30: Examine remains of Roswell aliens.
3:00: Unwrap Oval Office label-maker.
3:15: Label China a currency manipulator.

4:00: Pick nuclear launch codes, maybe zip code + Ann’s birthday?
6:00: Take down Biden’s old Erik Estrada posters.
6:15: Get everyone in America a job.
8:00: Activate self-deportation.
9:00: Immigration solved.
10:00: With Presidency completed, resign and attend inauguration of President Ryan.


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4 thoughts on “If Romney Won – His First Day

  1. A Romney government would have repealed generations of accomplishments in social justice and would have increased the entitlements to the rich and empoverished the 98% even further.If Romney was the beginning,the end would have been the dismantlement of human decency as a society and the american dream lost for many.

  2. Let’s all please remember this when we’re disappointed in the coming months…as with the tepid filibuster reform Harry and Mitch agreed to today.

    Once again (sigh)…”better than nothing”.

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