This Is How You Handle Lyin’ Ryan

Lyin' Paul Ryan - Malarkey   :

Joe Biden set the tone in the first five minutes of the debate.

Ryan: [blah, blah, blah]…unraveling of the Obama foreign policy…makes us more weak…[more blah]

Biden: With all due respect, that’s a bunch of malarkey.

Moderator: And why is that so?

Biden: Because not a single thing he said is accurate.

Moderator: Be specific.

Biden: I will be very specific.

Boom! And that’s how you do it. Biden never looked back.


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4 thoughts on “This Is How You Handle Lyin’ Ryan

  1. I am on Facebook with a few Republicans who have all gone ballistic about all the lies Joe supposedly told and what an oaf he was. If Joe were here right now I would give him a pizza shop hug and congratulate him on a splendid win in the debate.

  2. I loved how Biden explained that America is leaving Afghanistan in 2014 and there is no weakness perceived as it is organized with many other countries. The Ryan argument that by reducing our troops,our young men are facing a stronger teliban was false. Biden explained clearly that our withdrawn troops are replaced by Afghani soldiers. That shut up Ryan real good. America is committed to leaving in 2014 and this announcement does not enbolden the taliban but it empowers the Afghans to come up to the plate and offer security to their population as it should. That shut Ryan real good.

    Obama and Biden are working with other countries on Syria and Iran and are using diplomacy instead of sending American sons and daughters to another war that will indebt us even further. The world leading USA will not send our young in harm’s way until it is the last resort and we want other countries to foot the bill also. That shut up Ryan real good.

    Lybia responses have to be true but they should reflect the reality of the ground experience and with a new democratic government in Lybia,it must not be that easy to get to the truth with the current government’s non cooperation. I hope Obama and his staff have had a conversation with Lybian authorities and are preparing for answers on Lybia. Romney wants the Lybian experience to be Obama’s downfall.

    President Obama needs to continue the revelation of his policies and attack Romney on the lies that are spewed out. Romney has to feel the same punishment as Ryan did.

  3. Pretty hilarious how the conservatives are calling Biden a liar today. Did they all miss the Romney show last week? “Oh, Biden was rude and out of control !” Keep it up and I will surely wet myself.

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