The Republican Convention – Lies, Deception and Clint Eastwood

Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan / Clint Eastwood    :

The illustration pretty much sums up my thoughts on the Republican National Convention. Lies, deception and just plain nonsense. If you were solidly behind Romney before the convention, then three days of Obama bashing must have felt like an extended Christmas morning . Each new speaker brought out their own crudely wrapped gift of distortions, untruths and wingnuttery. I’m sure it was a joy.

If prior to the lie-fest you believed the Republican party represented all that is wrong with America, then nothing happened in those three days to change those sentiments…except, possibly, to reinforce any thought that, yes, these people are detached sociopaths.

But if you weren’t sure who you’d vote for in November and were hoping to learn something about Romney and how he planned to turn the economy around, you got nothing except vague promises and shiny glitter. No new ideas or policies were presented on the domestic front. But you did learn that Romney is intent on starting a new Middle East war with Iran…and something about reviving the Cold War and putting Putin in his place. Neocons love villains, real or imagined.

You also learned that empty chairs and invisible presidents are best left on a vaudeville stage.


(The Romney and Ryan source photographs are Creative Commons licensed images from photographer Gage Skidmore.)

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30 thoughts on “The Republican Convention – Lies, Deception and Clint Eastwood

  1. The low point of Romney’s speech had to be his dismissal of global warming as an insignificant episode in our lives. He said his focus was on getting Americans back to work. It’s as if he believes the US is exempt from the same environmental catastrophes that the rest of the world faces. Without a functioning planet, our least concern will be jobs.

  2. Romney not strong on original tought. He had to depend on previous Reagan speeches to enhance his spit show. A lot of mirrors but no substance. With the economy as it is and outsourcing on the rise,12 million jobs is a pipe dream and has no basis for completion. You can say a lot of things but action will need to be seen and balance of the books will need to make sense.

    Eastwood should have done his homework. Obama has always looked to bipartisanship to accomplish his goals. He has always allowed debate and arguments and would never tell someone to shut up. He was disrespectful to the President of the United States of America.

    People will remember a forgetful 82 year old stealing the show away from Romney and since the organizing committee put the chair in place near Eastwood, people will realize that Republicans have no regard of the office but seek more what it can bring to the elite in America. This will be seen as the straw that broke the elephant’s back.

  3. Clint Eastman was the perfect representation of today’s republican party. An old white man arguing with an imaginary Barack Obama.

  4. I’m going to prove that I am more advanced then a republican,,, Guess what Clint, I won’t boycott your movies because you’re part of the Grand Oil Party,,,,

  5. There is something good about all this – – – I will save unknown quantities of cash by refusing to ever rent or buy any of Clits artistic endeavors again and that will give me great satisfaction. I don’t buy fried chicken sandwiches from the Mall and now I won’t have to worry about my day being made again by this empty chair. I am the master of where my money gets spent. That is America! I’m lovin’ it!

  6. Eastwood looked like a ridiculous old fool.

    He brought an element of shtick to the convention that really represented the whole event:

    Out of touch

  7. Chris Rock hit it right on the head, but I would extend the premise to the whole convention, not just Eastwood’s disastrous pratfall. I doubt that the democrats could have choreographed a convention for the republicans that would make them look more inept than they managed to do on their own.

    They spent $ millions having special sets and a fool proof stage built to maximize Romney’s leadership qualities [or the illusion of leadership qualities] and enhance his warmth and likeability, only to let Chris Christie and Clint Eastwood steal the spotlight away from Romney. How stupid were they not to ask Eastwood anything about what he had in mind to do? And who vetted Christies speech? I thought they had this convention totally under their control. Isn’t that why Sarah Palin was not allowed her moment in the republican starlight? “No loose cannons here, we have everything completely under control”.

    If they can’t deal with their own people how will they deal with the Iranians, the Chinese, or any country friendly or unfriendly? Oh that’s right they have John Bolton to run foreign policy, what a relief that is to know.

    Now if we can see some really hard pushback from the democrats.

  8. O.C. Liberal is a lot more generous than I am I think. He says,” OC Liberal says:
    August 31, 2012 at 1:27 pm

    Eastwood looked like a ridiculous old fool.

    He brought an element of shtick to the convention that really represented the whole event:

    Out of touch

    My idea is that O.C. Liberal has not described anything less than the whole darned bunch of them!

  9. Oh BTW did anyone hear that the Romney camp bought a hashtag on twitter? Yes they paid money to have their hashtag at the top of the list. Too bad for them the machine still promotes the hashtag with the most participation, so wait for it ….Romney’s hastag was demoted by the Lying Ryan tag hahaha. Don’t you love irony?

  10. *Cringe* Wow, that was embarrassing. I feel sorry for Mr. Eastwood.

    He did help highlight one thing GOPers really detest. In his comments about attorneys, he complained about how horrible it is that they look at both sides of an issue. Shame on them – no one should ever consider anything other than their own viewpoint!

  11. Pity…for an old guy who has seen better days…contempt for those who thought of this…and anger at the media who have failed in their DUTY to this country to properly inform the electorate with the facts and truth.

  12. The main message of the Vulture/Voucher candidates and the republican convention can be distilled down to “N!gger, N!gger, N!gger. Vote for Mitt Romney because he is not a n!gger.”

  13. Dear Sad Old Vet:

    I have always said privately that this is the entire reason for all the Repubikan dislike of The President. He is counter to their precious old Roots that are steeped in the tradition of Old Southern Dominionist Aristocracy – – – roots they want to go back to so badly they can smell the outhouses and the corn cobs – – -I have always thought this but I didn’t ever have the Testosteronic Fortitude to speak it to the vast blog audience. Thanks for making probably one of the truest points I have heard this week….this month…even this year!

  14. If I remember correctly, it was a link on Crooks & Liars’ Blog Watch that first led me here about two years ago. It’s been fun.

  15. one can only hope that eastwood raised a couple of million for alzheimers research at this weeklong telethon.

  16. Wait until you get Joe Biden up on a stage with Ryan before you speak of vaudeville acts. You haven’t seen pathetic until you’ve seen Biden perform. Eastwood is 80 something years old. What’s Joe’s excuse?

  17. Biden doesn’t “Perform” my dear – – Biden “Serves – – – and damned well I might add. His agenda does not include robbing the poor to kiss the rear ends of the rich – – – like most rightie-tighties.

  18. Beautiful John. I don’t know if you have read Robert Altemeyer FREE ONLINE BOOK about the rightwing republicans. Since 1966, he has used scientific studies to understand how they think and why facts mean nothing to them. Please check it out, and you will know what we are up against. Dr. Altemeyer sees the train crash that will happen if the GOP takes power. It’s frightening and it is happening before our eyes,

  19. Actually I have not read that particular book, but then if one wants to truly understand the referenced mind set all one has to do is go to a large public library and check out a handful of books about Europe in World War II and there one can find descriptions of a whole culture that rose and fell on the same types of ideological manifestations that drive some of the extremeists in America today. And when that reading project has been completed, run over to Wikipedia and study up on Right Wing, Right Wing politics, Right Wing Christian Authoritarianism and see where this ideological anomoly lies on the general political spectrum. All this political scenario has happened before. Things like this never really go extinct – – they go dormant until new ways are found to manifest.

  20. Are you guys KIDDING? Biden is the biggest clown in politics today. He’s an embarrassment to democrats which is why the majority of liberals were hoping NoBama would replace him with Hillary.

  21. Uh Oh – – here they come! Remember, folks – – the best defense is to ignore. They seek to argue and to confront. The best defense is to ignore. They want nothing but an emotional response. Don’t give it to them. The best defense is to ignore.

  22. I think Ryan will have his hands full trying to sell his crock of #$#@ to the elderly Americans who don’t want to hear about messing with Medicare,,,, All Biden has to do is show up and watch Ryan self imploded…

  23. I think another volume from the WWII era entitled “My Struggle” covers most of the ground needed to understand the ideology. I think it was written by some paper hanger and struggling painter.

  24. Arthur – My first thought when Romney said, ” President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the
    oceans. And to heal the planet.” was a reference to the “messiah” the GOP has ridiculed him with since 2008. Especially since in came right after his remark on religion.

    I think there was a double meaning at play there that the audience understood very well.

  25. Bobcat Joe – brings to mind the concern GOP has in the debates between Biden and Ryan.

    After all you have Ryan, who has hung around Congress for 12 years and basically has, the naming of a post office, co-writing Todd Akin’s “illegitimate rape” bill and famous for an economy plan, perhaps written by a high schooler, that strips average Americans of their futures by killing Medicare and privatizing Social Security, as his job experience.

    On the other hand you have Biden a highly experience Delaware senator and now Vice President that has held two of the most important jobs in Washington – chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

    In watching Fox News the other day (yes I watch it for a while until I start gagging from the propaganda) they spent most of their time ridiculing Joe Biden. The plan is of course to start the discourse, as Bobcat stated, that Biden is a clown and not worth listening to thereby making Ryan look better in the process at the debates.

    Oh the GOP is as devious as the Devil himself. What else could explain the success they’ve had in manipulating their electorate into becoming full fledged, gullible, sheeple which KNOW they are being constantly LIED to by their party but who consistently vote against their better interest anyways.

    To Mr. Liming’s point – I’ve always said that the concept of “conservatism” is a European adaptation of the GOP. The main premise is, there is a “ruling class” that must be catered to by the rest of the population. This goes against everything the Founding Fathers and all their historical documentation and I find it to be severely Anti-American.

    If Good indeed always conquers Evil – the GOP will be defeated in November and in the future.

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