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With the election over, political humor isn’t what it was for those many months when the writers had Romney and Ryan as a source of inspiration. The jokes literally wrote themselves. It appears to be a lot more of a struggle now for the late night comics to come up with anything that even resembles funny.

I went through the week’s compilation of late night jokes (via Political Humor) and had a hard time picking out more than a handful that were worthy of this page. And even then…anyway, here’s what I came up with.

“Where did we go wrong? The Republicans had everything going for them – a terrible economy, an unpopular incumbent, and a positive message for the American voter: ‘less than half of you are parasites.'” –Stephen Colbert

“Video game-maker Atari has filed for bankruptcy. Atari fans are so upset they’re organizing a massive letter-writing campaign to President Reagan.” –Conan O’Brien

“Firearms groups across the country have declared today the first annual Gun Appreciation Day. So don’t forget to set your clock back 100 years.” –Seth Meyers

“The NRA made an ad saying that Obama is elitist because his kids have armed guards. Yeah, that crazy Obama thinking his kids need special protection. I love the NRA accusing anyone of being paranoid. It’s like a septic tank saying, ‘You need a mint.'” –Bill Maher

“The best advertisement for torture is not Dick Cheney and people like that who support it, it is Hollywood. At the Golden Globes, it’s movies. Ben Affleck won for playing a CIA officer, Claire Danes won for playing a CIA officer, Jessica Chastain won for playing a CIA officer and of course, Julianne Moore won for playing Sarah Palin, a master of counter intelligence.” –Bill Maher

“In a recent attack ad, the NRA claims that President Obama cares about his own children more than he cares about other children. In response, President Obama was like, ‘Yeah, that’s how families work.'” –Jimmy Fallon

See? And those were the best of the lot…but I did kinda like this next one. It fit in so well with my last post.

“Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant on Wednesday asked state legislatures to declare President Obama’s new gun control proposals ‘illegal,’ though I’m not sure if the Mississippi state legislature has that kind of power since it’s just thirty hissing possums in a barn.” –Seth Meyers

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2 thoughts on “Late Night Political Humor

  1. The comics just aren’t trying. The Republicans are always good for a stream of ignorance, just begging for satire. We have Mitch, The Orange Man, Lyin’ Ryan, and all the rest of the goobers that give new material every day. The statement about “if only the blacks had been allowed to gave guns, slavery would have been different” (can’t remember exact words) alone was gold.

  2. A lot of comedians were rather frank about the notion that a Romney win would be a real jackpot for them, even if it would not benefit most of the rest of the country. The fact that the new season of Real TIme with Bill Maher started up last week is good for a few additional yucks – we’ll just have to make do with ridiculing the lesser lights of the RWNJ faction. On the other side of the (platinum?) coin, there’s no such thing as a conservative comedian*, so we can’t expect any good laughts at Obama’s expense.

    *At least there are no intentionally funny conservative comedians – just the actual wingnut pundits and pols who are trying oh, so hard to be sincere but end up being pathetically ludicrous. P.J. O’Rourke had his good moments back in his Harvard and National Lampoon days, but hasn’t said anything laughworthy in thirty years. Dennis Miller was never funny, just insulting, and we can see where Fux News went with their conservative ripoff of The Daily Show

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