Boycotting Trump

I’m loving this idea from Rice University historian Douglas Brinkley.

We don’t have to blame “the media” for dealing with this issue. We have to blame NBC Entertainment. They need to dump Trump from his primetime news show. He’s a poison toad on the airwaves. What corporate sponsor is going to be buying ad time for Donald Trump’s show. Any company that goes into Trump and is willing to pay is going to find consumer boycott like they’ve never seen before. If you are going to do what Trump did and go after the President of the United States in such a grotesque and disingenuous way you better cough up the goods. Today the Obama administration has shown what a charlatan Donald Trump really is.

Is there a more appropriate move or one which would hurt Trump as much as having Celebrity Apprentice canceled by way of a national boycott of his sponsors? The egomaniac’s head, hair and all, would literally explode. How wonderful would that be?

A threat to boycott Glenn Beck’s sponsors had them remove their ads from his show which eventually led to his firing from Fox. This stuff works and I can think of no more deserving person for a national boycott than Donald Trump. ThinkProgress reminds you that…

Corporate sponsors of “Celebrity Apprentice” currently include: Enterprise Rental Car, Clorox, Sprint, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Walt Disney, and Groupon.

Click on the link above to add your name to the petition.


24 thoughts on “Boycotting Trump

  1. Mario, you have my vote. I think we should have a national holiday when Trump’s head explodes because he gets cancelled. He belongs in the same category (STUPID) as Beck.

  2. please record my comment that trump should be fired, and he in the least should inform the public that he’s either a real candidate or he isn’t running for the presidency of the united states …

  3. Other countries are watching how Americans are treating the first African American President. What fools they must think we all are. And, how dare we try and meddle in their affairs any longer.

  4. I’ll stand with intelligent Americans who know Obama’s worth! Enough of this news seeking idiot. ( At least it gives foreign countries something to continue laughing at us about. ) It’s time we show our strength, and get this MORON freak out of OUR HAIR once and for all! Let the world know, we are intelligent people, who are using our strength to save our country!!!!

    Google: Illuminati aka: “The Elite” – We will not allow the death of our great country, or our middle class, or our poor and elderly. We will show the world what America IS about!

  5. On-line petition!
    Bye bye Enterprise Rental Car, Clorox, Sprint, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Walt Disney, and Groupon – I’ll never buy from or support you again, until NBC drops Trump.

  6. Closing Groupon account at this very moment, and letting them know why. I’ll be contacting Clorox and Disney as well. This is a great idea.

  7. It’s interesting how liberals only get excited about the free enterprise system when they’re using it to destroy someone they don’t like.

  8. It’s interesting how conservatives only rail against free enterprise when it’s used to take down one of their false gods.

  9. On the contrary Benny, conservatives support your ability to use the free enterprise system to express yourself. The ability to boycott a company is the singular difference between the free enterprise system, and a governmental system.

    We have a choice of who we do business with in a free enterprise system, which gives us a great deal of power to influence a company’s behavior. If we don’t like a company, we move to their competitor. Now, if the competitor base has been whittled down by increased government regulation, then our ability to voice our concerns with our wallets has been whittled down as well.

    Try boycotting the government if you don’t like something they’re making you spend money on. All we can do is vote, which usually gives us a choice between Dumb and Dumber.

  10. Boycott is step one. In order to make a significant and lasting impact one needs to follow through in true capitalist form.
    More than NOT buying sponsors’ products, you need to NOT buy their stock, and instead buy the competitors’ products AND stock (imagine 1 share for each respondent and the impact that would make). Do a little research on successful boycott’s in the past. Of special note is the 1990 Miami Boycott of the Hospitality industry that lasted 33months; Miami and south FL lost millions. Find out who the competitors ate if the Trump sponsors and support them. Play to win.

  11. Tommy the amount that you really don’t know about liberals, democrats and progressives is amazing. You like Trump tell us what you think, what you make up during your early morning constitutional and what you hear from others just like you. Then you give it the weight of authority by saying it as if it is a known fact. You have spent enough time here to know better than what you surmise to be our thoughts, our feelings, and our motives but you refuse to see beyond your own notions of who and what we are and how we view the world.

    It is ok not to understand us. It is not ok to pretend that you do and to constantly characterize us according to your own prejudice. Are you here to have a dialog or just to show us how smart you are? If it is the latter you need to spend more time reading progressive web sites and asking reasonable questions of liberals and actually listening and less time thinking up put-downs and snide remarks.

    It’s interesting how liberals only get excited about the free enterprise system when they’re using it to destroy someone they don’t like.” If you think that this is an example of wisdom and understanding you are wasting your time and ours. Maybe you should turn on fox news and relax with your own kind?

  12. dinamic – Hit a nerve, huh. Prove me wrong. Tell me how the left’s penchant for increasing people’s reliance on government programs, financed through taxes on wealthy people, leads to a healthy free market system.

    I’ve asked you many questions in the past dinamic. I can’t remember the last time you answered one. You’ve never “debated” me; you only ever insulted me. On the other hand, I’ve answered every question ever posed to me.

    I’m on this blog to learn about the left. That’s why I’ve read every post, and every comment, for the past 2 years. That’s why I read Huffpost on my IPhone several times a day. I occationally watch O’Donnell, Maddow and The Ed Show. I never watch Hannity or listen to Limbaugh. (On the other hand, Jason Lewis is a great listen. I download his podcasts and listen to them every chance I get. You should give it a try. He leans right, but he’s more libertarian than anything else.)

  13. Tommy – with all due respect you seem to know less about conservatism than you do about liberalism. True conservatism is based on tradition and maintaining the existing order. Conservatives have an inherint distrust of government and advocate moderation on all levels. Suddenly we have a plethory of extremist calling themselves conservatives( they may be social conservative but certainly not fiscal conservative). These zealots advocate more government, more restrictions on free enterprise and the conversion of capitolism to corporatism.

    For the past 30 years our government has placed more emphasis on the rights of corporations and businesses than on individuals. Corporations now have more rights than an individual. Oil companies are making record profits and yet our government still pays them subsidies to drill more using our tax dollars. Insurance companies are making huge windfall profits and still have not paid claims from hurricane damage 6 years ago. American corporations are receiving tax benefits for moving jobs offshore leaving middle class Americans jobless.

    Bottom line Tommy, it’s not the individuals reliance on the 2% of the annual budget that goes for social programs that you should be concerned about but rather the 32% of our annual budget that goes to corporate welfare like farm subsidies, oil subsidies and corporate tax breaks that’s breaking our economy. One example: GE made $5.1 billion in profit in the U.S. in 2010, paid no tax and got a $3.2 billion tax refund from the IRS. So tell me Tommy, who has the penchant for reliance on government programs? Programs financed through taxes on the middle class no less. Your free market system is fucked up..

    By the way Tommy, I’m in the top tax bracket and like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet I say, “I really don’t need any more tax breaks, I won’t spend any different than I do now.”

  14. Ok Tommy I will try to answer you…however it isn’t easy to answer questions that are as loaded as yours. To respond I would have to agree with the premise of the supposed question which is more of an accusation than a question. So I will try to counter your accusation.

    Tell me how the left’s penchant for increasing people’s reliance on government programs, financed through taxes on wealthy people, leads to a healthy free market system“,

    I can only guess what it is that you are specifically talking about, so if I guess wrong ask an actual specific question next time.

    First you are wrong if you believe that I or other liberals want to increase anyone’s reliance on government. What we want is to assist those who are in trouble, to make it possible for them to create a better life for themselves. Pell Grants for example. Our nations place in the world wide market place depends upon a well educated work force. A few dollars spent now on education will pay back many $ hundreds of millions in taxes and purchases a few years down the road.

    Social programs, such as Head Start benefit the whole society, not just those who it serves directly. It is good for the entire society if all of our children get a good education. Healthy, happy, educated kids are the wealth of any great society.

    The same holds for the Affordable Health Care act. We need a strong healthy work force if we are to continue to be a force in the current free market global economy. But beyond the work force we need strong healthy families. If grandma and grandpa are old and sick and broke it is hard on the whole family and it extends out into the society.

    It is all connected and so are we as Americans all connected. If we think that we can become successful on the backs of the working poor and still call ourselves patriots or Christians we don’t understand either of those concepts.

  15. Respect for the troll. That’s a good one. Libertarian plant. I see them everywhere. They ALL sound the same. Really good at manipulation. Sometime shows interest, then goes all high and mighty, often dripping with disdain. Has no real interest but to make themselves feel superior in a place they fake shared views. Scout, and Patrol, go where we go, use us, create weapons from our thoughts, our opinions, weeding out potential flaws, to use as weapons against us, for their true motivations.
    No, it’s not respect they seek, but ways to belittle, ways to gain what they seek in smaller government, no controls. Why do you suppose that is??? Look around. Several states have Governors in place, and all of them are doing the very same thing, to take away our rights, to take away what makes us strong. It’s not about smaller government, but to take away the tools that protect us as a whole. Take away the laws, take away our places to fall in times of hardship. Is that a goal you can respect
    It was my late father that told me quite often, keep your enemies close, so you know when they will strike. I would argue my Dad, doesn’t that just give them the tools to strike? Keep them close, they learn enough about you, all that makes you vulnerable? Then they share with like minded trolls, build a plan, to take from our resources. As people gather, help each other, fight together as one. Did not Mr. Rove, tell us our gathering places, and show who to bring down? Did he not show where our strength lies? Where the money is? With many that fork in a few bucks, we make boo coo $$$$ this way, for our party. Strip that down, you have a fallen nation, with the few very rich, being held up by the fools that really believe they will have a nice big fat slice of their pie. These new Governors to the highest bidder they sell, regardless of well paid salaries through our tax dollars.
    Learn who your enemies are. They are all around us. Circling, ready to pounce at our flaws. These are not good people. They think they are, I don’t know how or why, but that’s the way it is.

  16. Tommy, you said “Tell me how the left’s penchant for increasing people’s reliance on government programs, financed through taxes on wealthy people, leads to a healthy free market system“,

    Check your records! Trump has filed bankruptcies like many Americans have had to do because your conservatives decided to let big business run our country. You conservatives think by denying others basic food, shelter and work makes this country better when all it has done is destroying the workforce that we need. We have been trying to live off a system that thrives off of lack. There is more than enough to go around if we start implementing programs that benefit and support the 98% and stop lining the pockets of the 2% . This slave system of economics and education is what is killing this country! I am happy that we have some diversity in the White House but honestly Obama has forwarded the agenda of previous administrations. He hasn’t upset the balance of this economy or given reparations (or handouts as you all like to call them). He hasn’t “played the race card” or improved the education or welfare system (that most think is used by Blacks when statistics will show that is not the case) so I don’t know what Trumps problem is with him at all. You conservatives have benefitted more than most since his election.

  17. TheCloudDancer – You must not have followed all of my comments. Mario can attest to the fact that I agree with most of what you say.

    dinamic, et al – The basic principle I stand on is freedom of choice. Charity is good, and I take part in it, but I couldn’t contribute as I can without first selfishly working hard to secure a living for myself and my family. And unlike your assumption that I’m “successful on the backs of the working poor”, everyone who contributes to my success, whether employee or vendor, has received commensurate compensation based on voluntary agreements.

    In my view, voluntary contracts are the basis of American patriotism. The government’s role is to enforce voluntary contracts. The social programs that you mention may help some, but at what cost to that most basic human right of voluntary contract. Once government is used to force its citizens to be compassionate to some, compassion is lost to all.

    The way I see liberals, is that they would trash the Constitution to enforce their compassionate ideals. In fairness, I see TheCloudDancer’s description of neo-conservatives as being accurate also. In both camps, the individual has been lost to the idea of the collective. The left promotes the needs of the collective as more important than the individual, and the right promotes the corporation (or God) as more important than the individual.

    1) I don’t support government growth in the name of compassion.

    2) I don’t support government growth in the name of business.

    3) I don’t support government growth in the name of God.

    If you disagree with me on any of this, then you disagree with the concept of individuals who are free to make their own choices.

  18. Attention all those rallying against President Obama’s educational status, wont mention names….begins with T ends in a Rump. How ignorant you are!! It’s an asinine argument that Obama isnt brilliant, of course he is. But here’s food for thought, if you can get into Harvard and Columbia, how do you get out??? You cant graduate if you are not applying yourself. Trump, you are dripping in wack juice. I officially am not watching Celebrity Apprentice, (which I WAS a fan of.) Take that as casting my vote. BOYCOTT ALL THINGS TRUMP WITH ME AND SEND A MESSAGE, its only communicated through ratings and dollars.

  19. I am a bit confussed moontide. The last time I was in Vegas there was already a Golden Nugget Casino and hotel. Was the man on the phone perhaps saaying that the event they were talking about had been moved to the Golden Nugget from Trump’s casino/hotel? Are we even sure that this whole video is for real and not a hoax? It just doesn’t sound right to me. Either way a boycott of all things Trump is a great idea. I gave up the Apprentice a couple of seasons back. Now I wouldn’t give him a second of my time unless he is getting booed at the White House Corespondence Dinner or something really entertaining like that.

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