Carl Paladino And His Hallowed 9/11 Cloud Dust


The talk has been about Christine O’Donnell’s victory in Delaware but another teabagger-backed nutcase who won on Tuesday was Carl Paladino, the Republican candidate for next governor of New York.  Paladino was criticized during the primary for having sent out numerous emails to friends and colleagues depicting images of bestiality, hardcore sex and derogatory and racial images of President Obama.

Now, in true Republican fashion, he puts forth his mix of lies, hate and idiocy in an interview with CNN.

“I’m talking about an Imam who made prior statements about bringing in sharia law to America, and having the Muslim community practice under the American constitution their sharia law,” Paladino said. “That’s not kosher for us.”

As for what he would do with the proposed Islamic community center project…

“We will go in there and we will put a restrictive covenant on the property and all of the property in the Ground Zero site.”

Then he defined what he meant by Ground Zero:

“Ground Zero for me is the extended site over which the dust cloud containing human remains traveled,” he went on. “That Ground Zero site will be protected in the memory of those who fell at the World Trade Center, as well as the memory of the thousands and thousands of soldiers — of American and Allied soldiers — that fell in the ensuing wars, and the 150,000 troops we still have over there defending our right to speak like this today.”

Lovely.  So a cloud dust would now determine where anything Islamic can be built.  The Party of Stupid just got stupider.


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2 thoughts on “Carl Paladino And His Hallowed 9/11 Cloud Dust

  1. Whatever happened to freedom of religion. I guess “we the people” has become absurd and something to be removed from the Declaration of Independence?

    We are all immigrants including the American Indians, who migrated from Asia.

    So what is the big deal with our melting pot and the idiosincracies of each race? What is wrong with accepting each other because of our differences? This world would be so so boring if we did not respect diversity.

  2. Given the previous antics of the two candidates, try to imagine a 2012 ticket of Carl Paladino/Christine O’Donnell.

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