Remember this?

Donald Trump - Orangutan : http://mariopiperni.com/

Well, Bill Maher has finally responded. It’s Maher at it’s best.


I’m guessing that Trump will double down and drag this thing out for as long as he can. Publicity is publicity no matter how ridiculous one looks…not that Trump comes close to understanding how idiotic he comes off appearing in this matter. Narcissistic Personality Disorder will do that to people.


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3 thoughts on “Orangu-Trump

  1. Surely we all realize that Donald Trump is a clown, which I think Lawrence O’Donnell coined, but it’s very true. I also think that people who know him as a TV personality, once they see what kind of political games he likes to play, all for popularity and for ratings for his TV show, they’ll get wise to listen to much of what he has to say, but as nothing more than entertainment.

    He is about as real as the hair on top of his head is. LOL! Let us all get a good laugh as Donald Trump enters and exits the stage, because that’s all he’s good for.

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